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Mood Swing Zero: Carnival Of Carnivores

at the tip of the iceberg?
shit..we haven't even landed yet..still on cloud 9
trying to condense years of metaphysical musings
into moments of physical inquisitions
the carnal has been seething with envy  
our carnivorous creatures need to get acquainted now
feed off of this raw desire reeking through our pores
our eyes..our tones of speech
we're like open sores... infectious  
we wanna have our cake and eat it too i suppose  
appease the ego and satisfy the soul
to fuck or to make love?
can we have all of the above..and below?
there's so much to this..this thing between you and i
the depths of feelings..the heights of ecstasy..
the fuckin high  
the immensity..the intensity
the density of it all..heavy vibes indeed
burdened between my legs thanks to you  
like a pendulum my phallus done swung to your many moods
on some strictly instinctual type shit
i feel the need to stroke an epiphany inside you
strike a chord within me
get in tune with your nature
feel your river flow as the afterbirth of us
the aftermath of mixed lust is just the beginning
our love isn't even born yet in this reality
still lingering in its third trimester so we fester
savoring in the laboring  
our inner beings nothing but voyeurs  
watching our desires molest our bodies
shameless how we flaunt such wanton behavior
but we're more than just sexual savages  
unable to salvage our potential
this is just another layer of us that needs to be peeled
so close to heaven  
yet fully aware of what we're doing down here
adding to our repertoire of sensations  
deeply engaged in this renaissance of the human experience
experimenting with each other's genitalia  
like wayward alchemists stirring hips and thighs
with hopes of blurring the line
between the sweat of flesh and extraterrestrial vibes
searching for that next compound to add to our formula
we call the elixir of the gods

Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 12th Jul 2017
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