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Met The Devil In The Night (dark write as requested)

standing in a small apartment
myself, a woman and a child
in the hallway is havoc
an evil demon banging on the door
tormenting the silence of the night

trick is keeping him on the outside
scratching the door with razor claws
shrieking evil howls echo thru walls
screams from those who let him in
blood dripping thru cracks of ceilings
6:00 was supposed to have been
the hour of which all would be safe
silence suddenly gave way to peace
as the clock chimed magically 6 times
minutes seemed to be hours passing by
slowly opened the creeking door
took a slow step across the threshold
felt his hot breath across my neck
as his claws sank in my flesh down my back
effortlessly he thru me against a wall
dragged by my hair into the apartment
remember screaming...."get out"
while bouncing off another wall
then a breaking window he tossed me thru
felt cuts and my back snap as I hit the ground
quickly he sprang upon my torn corpse
plucking my eyeballs with his sword like fangs
could hear him crunching on my beautiful green  
revolting pain I could feel in my chest
warm blood dripping as he ripped out my heart
all went silent for just a few seconds
felt claws tearing my face and flesh
picked me up and I went sailing in the air
more bones broke as I cracked the ground
then he stomped all over me breaking what was left
again minutes seemed like hours passing
couldn't hear or feel his hot evil sigh
heard many voices around me crying
bleeding and barely a live I laid there dying
off in a distance I heard his evil laughter of victory
(This was a real dream I had. Call them night terrors.
It's when diabetics sugar drops too low. They hallucinate,
and become delirious to all that is around them. I always
dream in full color and sound. It's like watching a video.
It was terrifying!!)
Written by flowergirl
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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