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Show Me Your ANGER!!

Fire of Insight
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Primal Scream at Monsanto:

Peel back your synthetic eye lids


At the deepest depth of perversion that has yet to emerge a disfigured grimace in these our days of toxicity

Do you know what Bio-piracy is?

It is the Ghost of corporate greed and vile capitalism attempting to rape the nurture from our own Mother Earth

It is a deliberate attempt to pry the soul from humans and to sever the purity of our cycle with nature

It is distorting the food supply of Animals and Humans on a genetic level

If you do not feel a deep seeded burst of anger swelling within

Are you even human?

Or has the plastic already overtaken the feeling from your fingers?

Selling away the last shreds of humanity

Subduing the fight awash in a constant bath of chemicals

How can we stand by?

As these merchants of poison try to infect the sacred seeds of India

Weaving stalks of fruit into hideous chains of bondage

How does the world stand by and allow this molestation deep within the wells of our own biological veins?

Europe has spoken in a definitive roar of a noble lion

They will not peddle death to the mouths of their children
They will not allow perverting the life of the family meal
They say no to the obvious profiteering monopoly this beast is the mechanism of
They say they will not be mutated into soulless worker androids and be fed  artificial feed

Farmers have always been our most intimate link with nature
They are honorable
They are not slaves
They are not tools for profiteering
They are not pawns for your filthy, greedy games

Too many lines are being crossed
Much too strong is the sway of the push
Too clouded is that which is divine
Much too quiet is the heart and voice

Thought Provoker
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Thank You everyone for the grate start off!! Keep them coming!!


Is It Poetry
Twisted Dreamer
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Innate consciousness of ethics,
or for some is provided training for
the spiritual life.
It should be observed as long as one
is subconsciously alive.
Legalistic ethics it is similar to
spiritual values.
Real ethics and biology,
whereby it is greatly influenced by
modern scientific ethics.
According to the latter this is,
whatever is conducive to continuous
good of all individuals.
It's survival is necessary for all.
Ethics exist for the purpose of
and to protect society's most
vulnerable from those without.

Thought Provoker
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Thanks For the poems!!

Thought Provoker
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Um....Maybe soneone got a little carried away when you said;"enter as many times as you want."eh?Why bother entering?

Thought Provoker
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Well you enter? What that tell you? I want poems that can give me more than one thought. Enter as many times you want, i want people to have a better chance than normally do to win. And it is my competition. Hate to say you no like you no have to enter.

Thought Provoker
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War Strategy

when rushing into battle, don't focus on your enemy
watch where you step, there may not be solid ground
beneath your feet
it may be your demise and your defeat
get a sense of your surroundings
through your intuition
Feel the lay and the sway of the plan
walk with caution and precognition
on your enemy's land
conquer your fears and your doubts first,
then conquer your blood lust and your blood thirst

Dangerous Mind
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I bet you think this poems about you ! extreme content !

So shut the fuck up
Sit the fuck down
No one really cares
Youíre full of hot air
So stand the fuck up
Youíll get knocked to the ground
Youíre not worth my words
Youíre not worth a breath
End of fucking game
Youíre worthless

So come up with something
Iíll come up with nothing
Because I donít fucking care
Donít even care to fight
But youíre a fake ass bitch
And Iíll scream it to the sky
So shut the fuck up
And sit the fuck down

Blah, blah, blah
I just need to vent
Get some shit off my chest
Just know youíre the worst fucking person
Less than dirt to me
So go fuck some earth
Go fuck everything you see
Guess Iím not the only one
Guess you fucked many men
And women?
Guess your sluttiness knows no bounds
But whatever, itís over, Iím done
Just a reminder that I still fucking hate you

So bitch say something
Iíll chill the fuck out when your bodyís chilled the fuck out
Dead at the end of my feet
Yeah I know who I am
But do you?
I donít think so
So do yourself a favor and pretend we never met
Donít need peeps like you
Donít need to be abused
Getting used everyday
Seeing how you do the same to others
My eyes are open to your lies
So go eat shit and die

Thought Provoker
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If only my mind
could express my fury
with power to explode
other people's heads...

my thoughts grenades
my anger volatile fuel
my emotion cleansing fire
my pain waves of mental force
my understanding guiding direction
my existence a power to cull the offensive
my reproduction a means to create an army
my judgement unchallenged in it's inherent bias
my purpose defined through qualifications all my own
my endgame to be appreciated by few other than myself
my punishment to be delivered by forces i never believed
my dying wish that the world start anew and be better than before
my employment creation in clean-up alone enough to change the economy

Thought Provoker
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Thanks For all the Poems!!!


Dangerous Mind
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One more

I Will Fall ! extreme content !

When Iím taking off my heart
Iíll say whatever the fuck I want
If you get lost it ain't my fault
Iím a crazy mother fucker who was destined to fall
Let it be taken as blasphemy, elegantly, obviously
Hoping for love to lift me up
When they let me down Iíll fall, fall, fall
For every pretty face fall, fall, fall
For every second chance fall, fall, fall
For the thought of romance I will fall

Who said Iím a fucking monster?
Oh thatís right, Iím a fucking killer
Take the blade go cut your wrist and die
Still donít give a fuck for your fucking life
Sorry, itís all a head game
The one I was tricked to play
When you disconnect from me you become just so meaningless
For every stupid fight fall, fall, fall
For every hopeless soul fall, fall, fall
For every lost love I will fall

Demons have me staying up all night
So tired of pussies to scared to fight
When you judge me, fly eat shit and die
Youíre an ass kissing fake fuck that should end his life
Jealous haters, constant masturbators
Like a girl stuck in a mindless cult
So ugly she makes the mirrors shatter
Covering that arthritic hand with gooey matter
For every asshole fall, fall, fall
For every what ifs fall, fall, fall
For every silly shot I will fall

lĎll put my heart back in place
Caring for those that stay
Building them up like they carry me on
Will only turn back to flip the haters off
Yell fuck you! as there army falls
But for me Iím already in the mud
When you hit bottom you can only go up
For every silly attempt fall, fall, fall
For every hateful word fall, fall, fall
Being shot back ten folds as you fall

Thought Provoker
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                   Sex slave
It was a fight... It was fine.. Just a fight.
There's no harm.
That's what ya told yourself this much I am sure.
You touch me in places where it's all secret inside.
You told yourself it's okay to throw chairs at your partner.
It's okay to hold up a silver knife.. And threaten her life.
It's okay to break hearts within a day.  
It's okay to lie, and break all of your promises...
You tell me your a killer...
You tell me you hate me..
But I know the truth..
You couldn't even kill a fucking fly in your sleep.
Did you think it was okay, to make me your sex slave?
Your just a lonely boy.. Who wanted some attention.
So don't you show your bloody tears to me.
I won't be your confessor.
So go ahead tell yourself it's okay to touch me..
Tell yourself it's okay to take my life...
Because the next time you do..
I will kill you before you can even come near me.

Strange Creature
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How can i think i loved you?
your attractive
with gleaming eyes and a devious smile
beautiful face
stunning really , like a wild stallion running on the wind
but hell
untrustable-selfish-self destructive
you deserve loneliness and sorrow
because its your fault that you feel the way you do
your fault that you're lonely degraded and jaded
foolish mouse of a man
i could stomp my foot and you'd jump
oh, selfish lover ,who made you like this but you
just because i'm female doesn't make me weak
but around you
you turn your eyes on my and my knees go weak
you awaken a hunger that i've never had
a hunger to make you happy
because its a task impossible
a smile never crosses your beautiful mouth
lest preceding action  
i hope you know
that thats not all i wanted from you
your complaints ring in my ears like bees
savage words
i was there by your side , bold,beautiful ,and gentle
yet you claimed you had no one to love
and pushed me off like i was a child
not yet to understand the great complexity of your shallow mind
of your problems
think again
you've blown your chance foolish boy
i speak of mice and men
of coragiouse cowards
you are pathetic where i thought you strong
a dick where i thought you a gentleman
the lion thought she had lain with one of her own
strong,beautiful , brilliant
but instead with an ass in lions clothing
everything i thought of you
all i had for love is now for shame
i cannot say i hate you
but i cannot help you
so go
with your words unspoken
i cant bear to hear more lies part from your beautiful lips
like hail from a storm cloud
you errode my soul
like a river on a bank
twisting my trust and my love
using me
bending me to your will
go you leech
find someone else
to seduce ,entice , then break
i cant do that job anymore
i will look elsewhere
leave if i have to
to ignore your petty advances
so get lost in your women , your booze , your drugs
i wont be your crying shoulder anymore
i vow to be civil
i wish you not harm ,nor death , nor heartbreak
i just hope you regret not the decisions you've made
but the way you chose to deal with them
i hope you regret casting away a woman who would have loved you
and loved to care for you
out of fear or whatever was on your senseless mind
i hope you miss me when i'm gone
i hope i come to your mind often
doesn't the ass now wish he had a force of power to back him up ?
a lion as an ally that would support his every endeavor
not anymore
doesn't he wish he was more of a lion himself
i hope you miss the graceful way my hips sway
the line of my body in the dark
and my blazing eyes
you always loved my blazing eyes
i hope you miss the sweetness in my voice
when i whisper in your ear
cause its gone now
i need a lion to roar from the tops of mountains
to run wild through the rain
to be brave with me
so no longer will i blemish your perfection
no longer will i vow to treat you like a king
lover , dearest , you no longer own me
you're on your own now

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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Thanks so much for awarding me the trophy for this awesome contest! I very much appreciate it and am highly honored. Congratulations to ilovescarystories and DevilsChild for being named as the runners-up too, you both did amazing jobs with your poems, as did everyone who entered. See everyone next contest! :D

Thought Provoker
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No Problem you earned it and deserve it i love your poems!!


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