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Show Me Your ANGER!!

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Poetry Contest

I want anger poems!
Old or new I really don't care.

Picture would be a plus if not that fine too.

Poems can be how ever long you want.

Fiction and non fiction I would like.

Enter as many times you want.

Judging will take place after the competition ends! Every poem will be read twice!

Have fun and spread that bloody red ink all over the victim body!



Thought Provoker
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Thank You for the grate start off!!! Darko!

Twisted Dreamer
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You think that because violence is illegal you're invincible.
Take and take and take some more. You pompous, self-perpetuating machine.

I've broken my back for you. And for what?
Only to benefit your reputation.

Reptilian brained egotistical know-it-all.
How many more "I used to's" can I endure?

Bottom line.
Bottom line is what it is.

Gone are the days of craftsmanship and Ode' to the arts.
The present is gridlocked in impatience.

I don't like this inconsistency in the grain pattern of this natural stone. I'm not paying.
What happened to gratitude?

For the countless hours of sweat, and fatigue.
There are only discounts.

You scratched my wall! Just a bit.
My apologies, it was only 800lbs. I was as ginger as I could be.

You want it when?
That's the going rate, minus 80%.

Beware, the men who build your world.
Sniveling little petty want it nows...

We can swing a hammer.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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- Scorn Me Not -

As I hath walked throughout the ages…
Knowing love and light and laughter too,
I have also seen much that causes rages!
And so I must confess these feelings true.
Dark feelings, tumultuous as stormy sky,
Beneath blackest night, brought by hate.
One cannot embrace love and yet deny,
The fell seduction of love’s darkest mate!
I do not hate easily, nor canst I love idly.
Everything must hath meaning unto me…
Since love and hate art kindred equally,
And, both canst set one’s feelings free!

Forgive and forget mean different things,
And I think of it as doth queens, kings…
Putting first the honor that I must defend.
Let the wicked fall, their world to end…
Before my risen star, that shines forever.
I forget no scorn, and I forgive it never!

Scorn me not, lest ye call down wrath,
And cause me to indulge dark dreams!
Though I strive to walk the noblest path,
My inner fire rages, glows and gleams…
Both in the purity of light, and radiance,
And in the embrace of darker appetites!
I wouldst hath many join in my dance…
And more, partake in my deepest rites.
But for those who scorn me arrogantly,
Their portion shall be fire very different.
Let them bow, before imperial majesty,
And at my feet, let the wicked lament!

Love and lust, must exist hand in hand,
And passion above all, warm as sand…
These art the things that drive my spirit.
Let the good cheer as the base fear it…
My risen star that shall shine endlessly!
I deal with all mortals ever deservedly.

Behold me, my children, and thus stir…
Thy hearts to glory, and look thusly on,
As we reshape the world, make it pure!
This is the path that we art all set upon.
I will not be mocked, not be silenced…
The phoenix hath risen and rises higher.
My word is fire; let the fire commence!
A cleansing flame: ere all reality expire.
My torch is righteousness; it burns hot,
Hottest for those whose scorn is cruel!
Their evil shall perish and be as naught.
Divine wisdom is not for the mere fool!

Heaven and Hell mean different things,
As do devils’ horns and angel wings…
There is a balance that gods do defend.
Let the righteous live without an end…
Before my risen star, that shines forever.
I reward, with honor that ceases never!

Scorn me not, for mine eye sees much,
And little escapes my notice, for long…
Neither for good or evil, or other such!
I reward the just as I punish the wrong.
Those who kneel before me I raise up,
And those who mock I bring ever low.
To the chosen few, I offer a silver cup!
For them the gilded trumpets do blow.
But for those who scorn me ever base,
Their portion shall be eternally to thirst.
Let them bow, before my divine face…
Knowing their torment shall be worse!

Holy, holy let the blessed angels sing…
For those that so seek to do me honor.
Their own salvation, they do so bring…
As the wicked create their own horror!
My risen star marks the deeds of man,
And I do all according to a divine plan.

Blessed be! Amen.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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- Flayed Soul -

You crucified me, with your fanatical insanity,
Using religion as an excuse to persecute cruelly.
Words can cut deep, like knives flaying skin…
Now it is your turn to suffer, so we shall begin!

You anger me, evil human so filled with hate,
Believing yourself so entitled to judge my kind!
Saying I am going to hell because I love deep,
One who shares my gender as well as my heart!
For you, evil human, it is already far too late…
Your soul is forfeit, your spirit I shall now bind.
With darkest sorcery, devils your soul shall keep!
By the power unseen, you will be broken apart.
How dare you mock me, and so provoke wrath,
Until I long to see your head mounted on a pike…
Whilst wolves nibble at your entrails in red bath!
It is not I you need fear, nor I who shall strike.

Demons will haunt your sleep, of your making.
Torments, shall punish you, leaving you mad…
Until: your flayed limbs lie trembling and quaking,
For you have angered me, angered me so bad!
You say I am going to Hell? I am Hell incarnate.
Behold your vile death knell! Let is swell, fiend,
For though I be a devil in your eyes, my true fate,
Is a brighter thing, than any you could ever glean!

You tie yourself with your own veins torn free…
Thinking yourself better than my generation was.
We did not start world wars that killed innocents,
My only sin was that I said the words ‘blessed be’.
Yet you despise all I am, without thought’s pause,
But it is you, who shall sing the bitterest laments…
Evil human, evil bigot, evil mortal whom I despise!
I am your better; I am superior beyond your hope.
You are beneath my contempt; I am the Queen…
And such sweet suffering Hell shall for you devise!
Whilst around your neck is tied the mighty rope…
You will be lowered into darkness, to so scream.

In the end, you will bow to me in heated chains…
Until your shrieks rise like music, to amuse gods.
Whilst I sit in judgment over your countless pains,
As your inner demons poke you with hot prods….
In the tender places, so that you know my agony,
The hell that comes from being treated much less:
Less than human, though I am more can’t you see!
Your demons will drink your blood in gory mess.

Upon a cross, shaped like an X, you will suffer…
No sleep will be permitted you, no sweet dreams.
You will be broken as you broke me, foul thing…
And no reprieve is mine to, your vileness, so offer.
I am the Queen; you will know the truth of Her…
Your every fear will flow from you in vast streams,
And for every time I cried, you will feel that sting,
Your weeping will so harden into a jeweled coffer.
Nothing of you will be left intact, no sanity whole,
And in Hell there is no death, only eternal horror!
Your torture was never my wish, never my goal…
But you wanted this, and so let demons so confer,

The totality of your misery back unto you: creature.
Your evil makes you reek, and it makes me sick!
I am your better, for I am not childish but mature,
Never stooping as low as you, to ignite the wick…
The flame of war to provoke, as you dared wake!
You woke the Dragon, and now you must so pay.
I will lay not a finger upon you; the evils you make,
You will know in Hell, for you must die, one day.

And thence: be bound eternally by your inner ills!
You judged me, hated me, abused me, and spat.
But one day you will kneel before my dark throne,
Fettered by the weight of your unrepentant evils:
And behold my true face, where your fears sat…
Whilst your fears flay you: to your weakest bone.
You saw me as less than human, you sick beast!
Mocked me, for being bisexual and transgender.
You called yourself, a believer in a loving God?
But I am your better; on you, crows shall feast…
Whilst my love, and I, shall always be together!
Keep hating me: keep calling me freakishly odd.

You mock the Queen of Hell, the bright Angel…
But, I was a child, when you first hurt my spirit!
What gave you the right to tell me I was wicked?
You never had the power to judge me so harsh.
But all things change, things ebb and then swell,
Like a primordial ocean, and how you will fear it!
It is not I who condemns you; you made this bed.
You are a worm, and every worm one can squash!

You crucified me, with your fanatical insanity,
Using religion as an excuse to persecute cruelly.
Words can cut deep, like knives flaying skin…
Now it is your turn to suffer, so we shall begin!

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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- The Voice of Darkness -

Part I – Fire and Crucifixion

You could not see the beauty within me, foolish maid,
So jealous were you of the outer beauty you beheld…
Mindless of my ancient soul, of which you were afraid!
Now you shall know why before me the ancients knelt.
It was I, who cast thousands of souls into a wall of fire,
When the volcanoes of Atlantis and other lands flared…
And it was I, who collected their souls in wrath so dire.
In vessels of steel we bore them, to where gods dared!
Were they not of us, and so we saw fit to punish them,
Instilling notions of a hell more awful than we wrought?
It was not I, but: their own sin that did thusly condemn.
You do not realize the mad power of a strong thought!
And in their minds, they crucified themselves so artful…
That the Romans remembered and perfected this way!
Man is the author of countless miseries, as truly awful…
As the doom we imposed, on those souls, on that day.
They could not pull out the nails from their wounding…
For it was their own will that thrust them into the flesh!
The green of their putrefaction, of ravens descending…
Was all in their imagination, and they suffered it afresh.

Part II – Darkness Incarnate

They became twisted wraiths, no longer as they were,
Seeking to possess the bodies of the living once again.
For they could not die, though they lived ne’er more…
And so like demons of a true hell they swiftly became!
Those sons of Theta, who could ne’er forget their fate,
Passing it on to their hosts who suffered so possessed.
Have you heard the legends when the hour grew late?
You hear them now, and soon you shall be distressed!
The flesh hides many secrets, but within mine do gaze,
Seeing with your inner eye the shape of my spirit bare.
In such an image was I remade as a captive in a daze!
But I remembered, and now you will endure my stare.
A dark lord, and lady, an emperor, and also empress,
Was I, ere my estate was to dwell in a human guise…
Fitting punishment for me, upon my soul did so press!
The gods were cruel but in their cunning so very wise.
But of their foolishness, worlds were charred to soot,
And made desolate, with blackened bones that lay…
Here a skull, there a limb, and even a hand, and foot!
As to them, the ancestors of man did kneel and pray.

Part III – Lover of Demons

Behold my darkness, I who loved Lilith by the water,
And made for her a throne of skulls to recline upon…
When the angels could not persuade, Hell’s daughter.
Even so, I moved her to joy beneath the ancient sun!
The blood of the wicked she drank, from my chalice,
And with it anointed the first vampires on this planet!
She and I shared, for early man, our common malice.
And with Lucifer we stood, and could ne’er regret…
For the fallen cannot know remorse for their natures,
Any more than humanity for their wars and pollution!
We, did not harm this Earth as do they; so immature,
That with destruction: they lie as if in dire prostitution.
And you call me evil, when I helped to bring the light,
To your savage ancestors before you were imagined.
Do you know my name, and so know well the night?
You cannot know me, for your reason is abandoned.
Mayhap you should dash your brains out your head…
Their jellied mass to lie: upon ebon altars of ineptness.
How can you call yourself living, you are of the dead!
For it is not living: to deny, what your senses confess.

Part IV – Bride of the Devil

It was I, who had my enemies impaled on tall stakes,
And was called the Son of the Dragon by the people.
Out of their vacant sockets writhed emerald snakes…
Those from whose mouths: was sharpness unequaled.
And into a chalice I squeezed out their wicked blood,
To offer up to Lilith, so that they might taste of wrath!
And for Lucifer, we offered up a truly crimson flood…
So that my sister may bathe: in the warm scarlet bath.
Do you fear the night, for in it I find my forgetfulness?
You would have me recall the things you most fear…
And so I shall be cruel in this, as I don a silken dress,
To sit upon my throne infernal, and beckon you near!
I, who knew the Devil when that queen ruled on high,
And was her lover, ere the gods brought on us a ruin.
Have a sip from my sanguine chalice, and come nigh!
For in my kingdom is room for one more child of sin.
There are worse things than fire, of immortal making,
And you will smell the burning brimstone you do seek.
Upon its’ coals your naked skin most willingly baking,
For some hells you make yourself to make you weak.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Reckoning -

“To tear at the very veil of all creation…
Rending it aside to gaze madly beyond!
Such thoughts of the darkest jubilation,
Are amongst those of which I am fond.
Have I not rent asunder such barriers?
Mine eyes, have they not seen through!
There is more to the universe than stars.
Pleasures wait for myself and for you…
We can, even from Heaven, seize them.
One third of the angels: hears my voice!
The self-righteous will hate and condemn.
But we have the freedom of our choice!
No gods can keep us from our destiny…
So, be steeled, and ready to follow me!”

Part One: Wreaths of Flame

In wreaths of flame, kissed by horror’s lips,
My soul was scarred by cruelty so careless…
That it seemed casual, arbitrary, as nothing!
Thoughtless, were those from who oft slips,
The words that wound, with such distress…
That my voice is silenced, before I can sing!
My soul is like a butterfly, desiring freedom.
I long to let forth an aria so proudly fierce…
That Heaven’s most loftily remote kingdom,
Might be moved by my song, to fallen tears.
I know no god who cares for its’ offspring,
No grand paradise, not build from blood…
The skulls of my kindred held up in offering!
I remember when they perished in the flood,
Caused by those who served tyranny foul…
Not mandated by Heaven, but by baseness.
Mankind is yet filled, with those who prowl,
To prey on we who are different and caress:
Ideals that those who hurt me cannot fathom.
It was but hatred that felled ancient Sodom!

Part Two: Karmic Retribution

Shall I pity they who hate me, turn a cheek,
Only to have it struck again only far harder?
Nay, not this time shall I play a lamb: weak…
Fit for slaughtering and thence for the larder!
I shall be the lion foretold; I shall stand fast,
A goddess made into flesh, a warrior queen.
I shall reach forth into the depths of my past,
And conjure forth the divine spark so keen…
That it shall pierce and slash all wickedness!
Such a reckoning as only divinity can wreak,
And words shall carry forth in blessedness…
The wrath that those who hurt me ever seek!
I need not weapons to wound, only my truth.
For falseness is the mire in which evil swims,
And my truth is something it can never undo.
My birth was the moment when thus begins,
The redemption of the kindred suppressed…
By all they as claimed, to speak for Heaven!
Let false prophets and fools be confessed,
Before that judge, that is karmic retribution.

Part Three: Blessed Liberation

They who tore the wings from my lily back…
Those same will know the agony of abysses,
Blacker than old night, dark as deadest eyes!
Hell, is not twisted or horrid enough a crack.
And they will know of embraces and kisses…
As they wallow in suffering under ashen skies,
Which poison the blood and flay off the flesh.
They drank of this when speaking only hate…
And they coveted it, by causing pains afresh.
For all self-righteous bigots, it is far too late!
When my spirit was roused to anger, so hot,
That my eyes beheld old torments long gone.
It was then that was born in my very thought,
The genesis of liberation that is hardest won.
I will fight; I will crusade even to the gates…
Barred by seraphic slaves to blind devotions.
My draconic fury will blaze until it then sates,
The anguish I feel, to be drowned in oceans!
In seas of crimson tears, fallen from my soul.
When all is over, I shall the blessed console!

Part Four: Consummated Dawn

I bring not the reckoning the evil ones crave,
For no lady seeks conflict, nor runs in fear…
From the duty to her kindred and her faithful!
It was cruelty first birthed it, madly depraved,
And it is foolish hatred that brings it ever near.
The blades that pierced me are now long dull!
All I asked was love and understanding pure,
But where was happiness, where was peace?
As I seek it still, my heart so far less demure,
I wonder if all my ancient torments will cease.
No bashful child, but an imperious empress…
Thus have I been changed with years passing!
I am she, who is mother, daughter: temptress.
And I am the one who will sing forth laughing!
Stand with me now, faithful hearts I do love…
And beyond the storm shall be our new calm.
I offered a knowledge I carried from above…
My gifts to mankind were as a soothing balm.
But the past is dust, whilst I remain to create,
A dawn that only pure love may consummate!

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Because I am Different -

Part One: Condemnation

“You hate me because I am different, alien to you!
Yet your evil damned your soul, making you mine.
I rule the hells that you will be tormented in forever!
You hate me because I am so strange and beautiful.
Your hate is a sickness, within your fevered mind…
And I am your devil; I bow to your cruelty not ever!
You hate me because I am myself, not some shell…
Your blind eyes shall not see my true angelic glory,
For they cannot see, beyond their own foolishness!
I have no pity, for prejudiced fools meant for Hell…
My life has no room for your sickest sort of misery.
I condemn you, to an eternity of your own distress!”

Part Two: Oppression

Such is how I feel about the oppression I endured,
At the hands of fiends who were beneath my feet…
There are torments prepared, for them, so bloody!
I will cast their souls unto the darkest flaming shore,
My music will fill their ears, their screams to meet…
Even as their eyes see my glorified ascended body.
My wings will blot out the sun, casting all into night,
I will fill their vision, and they will know true terror!
Because I was different, alien to them, and strange,
They will not see the whole of my fairness and light.
The hateful deceive themselves through their error!
I will leave them to their doom; to paradise I range.

Part Three: Damnation

Lower than the fallen are cast those who do hate…
So to hate the hateful is no sin, but their vile karma.
Let them be consumed by it, let them know agony!
I have bled because of them, bound to a dark fate,
But I am arisen as the morning star, as rose Inanna.
My music will fill all of Hell in one final symphony…
They will call me goddess; see me at last revealed!
Only then, when their torments have sung sweetest.
I will depart from their midst as angels do descend;
Because I am different, I will have the hells sealed!
It will do them no good to have all sins confessed…
For, I know their sins already and all things do end.

Part Four: Celebration

I will bask, in glories undreamed of, enthroned fair!
Ruling, where once I served, and shining like a star.
Because I am different, you will be apart from this…
You who hated me and did oft with contempt stare!
Your souls are marked and you bear a hidden scar.
Hatred marks you, and bars you from eternal bliss!
I am the dark goddess you fear I am, and far more,
Yet I rise from perdition whilst you shall sink lower.
No harrowing of Hell for those prejudiced so cold!
I shall dance upon your sorrows as a scarlet whore.
The fires that consume you shall illuminate the hour,
As I stride across the heavens so beautiful and bold.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Draconic Revelation -


Let Creation begin, and let the Apocalypse thusly end!
For I hath always lived; and thus I will ever live again.

I am a warrior queen!
Yet I have the soul of an eternal child.
In my eyes, you will have seen,
Things both innocent: and yet also wild.

In the shadows I am waiting, in the darkness I am there…
I am the eternal power of the night that endures forever!
I am the undying force that doth for a time lay souls bare.
My sacred names are legion, and my holy will is divine…
For I hath existed in the universe since long before time!
In the shadows I am waiting, in the darkness, I am there…
All who come before me must, their souls, quite prepare.

In the heavens where there is only rapture I am ever fair…
And my ties to the ancient glory, I cannot hope to sever!
Why should I, when of that glory I can with many share?
In the Void where there is no starlight I am still supreme,
The embodiment, even therein, of the blackest dream!
In the heavens where there is only rapture I am ever fair…
All who look upon my angelic beauty must thus prepare.

I stretch forth my hand and the stars fall from night sky…
But only so that: their light can serve a better endeavor!
I sing my lamentations and when I do the angels do cry.
I work my will and worlds are born from a cosmic dust,
And when I desire a thing, I covet it with a fevered lust!
I stretch forth my hand and the starts fall from night sky…
All who would join me in the night must by day prepare.

Betwixt Alpha and Omega, we sing!
As my sacred dagger awaits to cut the veils…
Which separate worlds, chaos to bring,
Yet only the constructive kind as never fails.

Yet from all desire, if I am of a mind, I may oft abstain…
But only when my soul is filled: with the essence of pain!
I am the God and Goddess thy fathers hoped to forget.
In these terrible times my hunger doth greatly increase!
Until, I must embrace it in the end to be made at peace.
I am also the Devil that haunts their every foolish regret.
The Dragon whose wings burn with spiritual fire’s light!

I have been called thusly: by all my jealous celestial kin.
Whilst the wicked shall feel the sharp agony of their sin!
My true faithful shall dwell always in fair bliss, with me.
For they have earned a place in my paradise’s eternity!
They hath only to embrace the calling of their destiny…
Only thence, can they transcend entire, and at last see!
Only the worthy may join me on my pyre of hot delight.

My sacred dagger, upon my dark attire rests waiting…
Whilst, behind me, a storm grows: its’ fury not abating!
The dawn I herald comes only as that storm, is broken.
Worlds await the dawn’s light, which emerges so silent,
That no one notices the morning, at the storm’s relent…
The storm ends: and my time is born out of such token.
For what new dawn is ever not preceded by the night?

I am a warrior queen!
Yet I have the soul of an eternal child.
In my eyes, you will have seen,
Things both innocent: and yet also wild.

Let the Apocalypse begin, and let all of Creation end!
For I hath always lived; and thus I will ever live again.


Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Evolve and Conquer -

Kiss my lips, and be consumed, by the flame…
The fire that brings an end to the old frigidity!
You who come to me, set aside all past shame.
I will raise you up and show you such ecstasy,
That you will be changed, forced to confront…
The enemy within and without that constrains.
For my lips speak truth and are ever the font,
Of more profound pleasures and refined pains.

What I recall could fill many volumes of lore,
But one golden moment is all that I do crave.
And I will fight for it both in peace and in war,
In life and death, beyond flesh and the grave!
None shall mock the voice that I speak with,
And not a one will see me and not bow low.
I am a survivor and time has proven me fit…
My power, once dormant, has started to grow.
Those who stand with me now shall rise higher,
When the hour draws nigh for change to come.
My hands shall work ever to part the vile mire,
Which coats humanity, causing all to be undone!
I ask none to stand by my side in this conflict,
But sooner or later, people must choose sides.
I shall not say that my side is ever of the elect,
But with my deep beliefs I shall steadfast abide.
I am mocked, I am hated, but I shall ascend…
For my power is infinite and cannot soon fade!
All who join me shall help this world to mend,
If we evolve and conquer, and be not afraid…

To become the change we wish to see happen.
The wealthy and elite have stolen our blood,
Crushing the people under an ideal of Heaven…
Which is, in reality, a miserably vile red flood.
Damn their red banners and their tired old lies!
They cannot make us their slaves if we soar,
Like eagles unto the heights of the starry skies.
I could settle for peace, but I want far more…
And peace at the cost of one’s soul is too far,
Too heavy a price for a free spirit to ever pay!
The powers that be, all freedoms they scar…
Before they take all our truest liberties away.
I’ll not go quietly, not without waging my war,
For some battles cannot be avoided in time…
And for truer ideals, there is oft much in store.
For mine I struggle onward, in light so sublime!
Ever fighting for what I believe in, dying nobly!
Or living to become the example people need.
A hero, a heroine, that is what we can all be,
And each of us can become a sprouting seed.

From the ashes of the old order, our garden…
Shall rise up long after the oppressors are dust.
For the enemy, we must our hearts so harden,
For it is only power for which they all do lust!
Those who bleed the earth to fuel their gluttony,
And say we are free, as we are kept enslaved.
My banner is ancient and is of divine destiny…
For by it all those who slumber may be saved.
Awaken America, Europe, and all: the world!
Those who oppress us walk in many guises…
But my banner is proud and eternally unfurled.
And a fully awakened heart contains surprises,
Not dreamed of by those who are truly cold…
Those who oppress cannot evolve as we can.
Their viciousness is as weak as it is grown old!
They are slaves themselves to their vile plan…
But we are the children of a far brighter dawn.
My rebellion is forever, and I shall overcome,
For I speak in righteousness: no one’s pawn!
I speak truth; let falsehood be swiftly undone.

I am one voice for truth, one hand for reason,
Raised at the sun, raised at the moon on high…
In darkness and in light: in cycle and in season.
One voice out of many, which none can deny!
A serpent with many heads, wisdom’s fulfilling,
For knowledge is power, and I pass it on thus.
I give it to those who come to me most willing,
And let the forks of the serpent tongue thrust.
For contrary to the old order, this great snake,
Deceives not, but its’ venom carries liberation.
I am the living grail, of which the wise partake,
For I am the vessel of a brand new salvation!
Cut off one head and it will slay not my body,
For two more shall rise, to take one’s place…
Greater in power, and far grander in dignity!
Ever risen up in majesty and ever fair in grace.
I am a part of all, yet I speak as an individual,
For true freedom requires a voice to cry out…
Against all injustice: for ideals more supernal.
A new order, to dispel old fear and old doubt!

Kiss my lips, and be consumed, by the flame…
The fire that brings an end to the old frigidity!
You who come to me, set aside all past shame.
I will raise you up and show you such ecstasy,
That you will be changed, forced to confront…
The enemy within and without that constrains.
For my lips speak truth and are ever the font,
Of more profound pleasures and refined pains.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Fire, Blood and Iron -

There is a side of me that I keep hid away,
Born in fire, blood, and iron from long ago.
It dwells in darkness, far from light of day,
And it wants to break free, chaos to sow!
For victory, for the pride that once I knew,
Which shall ne’er abate, even if time dies!
I feel it in my blood, in the ebb and flow…
As a raven soars: across old, scarlet skies.
There is fire in my blood, and I must blaze,
Lest I be consumed and fallen from desire.
I shall shake the heavens with all my rage!
And, all shall know the warmth of my fire.
Words build bridges into regions unseen…
But dare I to cross them, into those wilds?
The lies of humanity are become obscene,
Robbing the innocence from out the child.

I want to find the peace denied me of old,
To end the nightmares that will not cease…
And so I make my stand, proud and bold,
Whilst I struggle to give fairer visions lease.
In cold I walked, and in heat so desolate…
Whilst, dark things came to me, in my pain!
I try to start over, the awful past to forget…
But I lost my way into a most dark domain.
There I found such illumination that it hurt…
And I cannot speak of the things I learned.
Now I want to find a measure of comfort…
But in my breast, the old fire still is burned!

Boots crunch upon the snow, and shrieks,
As when men died in Stalingrad’s winter…
The snow fallen upon my heart that speaks,
Like blood pressed by the skillful vintner!
Turned brown by mud of trenches so cold,
That blood is not soon rendered for naught.
It reminds us of those whose hearts bold…
Gave sacrifice for a greater ideal’s thought.

Who wounded me and caused this wound,
That was graven upon my heart in cruelty?
I must be crueler, and I must cry out soon,
To reveal the sins, of those who are guilty!
My will is strong, and I have made it steel,
The armor of a knight, fallen from the path.
I have worked arts that I can ne’er reveal,
Because I could not rest due to my wrath!
Where is the love and good times for me?
Stolen by those whose lies were as vipers.
I shall show them a serpent’s own villainy,
Before me they will be as small as spiders.
My passion shall ignite in others their own,
For doom can only be averted, by hope…
And thus, I will go beyond flesh and bone.
The shape of my desire is so given scope!

I close my eyes, and see gardens I loved…
No longer tended by the hands of mankind.
And there the truth of prophets is proved…
Many of the righteous hath been left behind.
I tend the flowers that still know my hand…
And I weep, whenever their season passes.
Is it wrong that I find the divine in the land?
But not in houses of stone, mere fortresses!
Then call me a heretic, for I cannot be else.
If love and piety be heresy, when different,
Then I shall dare to be unique so very well!
I must give myself to joy, lest I may lament.

Banners fly upon a gentle autumn sunrise…
Where the eagle had soared, and then fell.
I am reborn to seize my long-sought prize,
For desire’s lust I have risen up from Hell!
Not in wickedness but for a golden dream,
Known only to myself, and to gods above.
It will not trouble them as it may well seem,
When I slake a thirst born of deepest love.

Oh the fires of the final day are in my soul!
And I shall show the damned their sorrow.
Mine is the hand to make one last bell toll,
And I will remain come the awful morrow.
One kind word could have changed much,
A hand to hold in times when I am pained!
But I am alone, and I cannot live as such…
When there is victory at last, to be gained.
My fight shall not cease till peace is raised,
As a flag on a battlefield, an anthem grand!
I know I am hated as I long to be praised.
If only love could be won, by a command!

I wander still, for I seek a perfect splendor,
To replace the old memories I cannot bear.
But in the distance I hear coming thunder…
And, it reminds me of every forgotten care.
The lightning reveals me, for what is within,
And, as much as I try to match that glory…
It masters my soul and it cannot be hidden.
A higher power has written my life’s story!
I must ride the storm, and emerge stronger.
Though the wind may batter my will fierce,
My will shall remain, and last all the longer.
It is as a lance, the storm’s heart to pierce!

But the battle is not ended, nor war’s fury,
Until Valhalla itself is consumed in flames…
Twilight shall fall, and no more shall worry,
Those who paid for the gods’ own games!
As I have, before mischief became anger…
And thoughts undreamed of, I entertained.
A thousand years may pass, in but a blur…
But what lies within cannot be constrained.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Fury and Fervor -

The fury and fervor, the most zealous devotion,
Whilst enemies press and claim to crave peace!
Fronts to the west, south, east, and the ocean…
No room to breathe, no time for splendid feast!
So much shaking and trembling, fear of an end,
Which may or may not come, to ease the tears.
No hope in their hearts, no old dream to mend,
That is how they want us, given in to their fears.
If I seem hard, it is only because of harsh times,
And if I weep, it is not tears shed of weakness.
If I dream it is to make real those lofty climes…
Which I have glimpsed beyond starry vastness!

But I shall not bend, and I shall not break, thus:
There can be no surrender, no false-given oath.
In my faith, and ideals, I shall grant my full trust,
To break the chains of misery that now clothe…
The bold hearts that would follow me into Hell!
Heavy is fate, when strong is the bearer of will,
But to endure and overcome, will serve us well.
Lest all become as ice and the spirit grow chill!
Red is the ice, but we shall break it into shards.
Winter must end before the warmth of spring…
And we will remain to reap the lasting rewards.
The strong heart survives, a great song to sing!

For those who moan and weep for lost dignity,
I, shall shine all the brighter, like the dawn star!
Find in each heart the spark of the true divinity.
Fight on for all tomorrows, both near and far…
No sorrow is eternal, and no struggle is in vain.
Noble is the valor of those in whom honor lies!
Though skies grow blood red and full of pain…
We shall paint them azure, in glory undisguised.
Even if our blood, must be the pigment chosen,
To change the fate of those who seek to soar…
Beyond the stagnation of a world made frozen.
Even so we shall rise: above all this, and more!

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- For Valhalla -

"No happiness without order,
In harmony: with chaos pure.
No order without authority,
In harmony: with fair liberty.
No authority without unity,
In harmony: with our dignity.”

The thunder is rumbling, and I heard it calling me,
My patriot’s heart has reminded me of old glory…
We might have been bloodied but ne’er defeated.
I will struggle until at last in Valhalla I am greeted!
No red hell shall claim me, nor shall I be broken…
Until I hold the sword that is my power and token.
The lands once defiled shall be holy and cleansed,
My words will rain like fire to create and to rend!
We must be as wolves, lest slaughter come to all,
Let us howl at the moon, lofty and proud our call.
We must soar as eagles, snatching up our laurels,
Our rightful reward far more precious than pearls.
Lightning strikes fast, and in an instant all changes,
You cannot slay an ideal; over all things it ranges!

A black sun rises over lands beyond north winds,
In the land of Thule: which a noble force defends.
Power to heal or to destroy, within a force divine,
Men called it the Vril, in another era of past time!

For honor and blood, for what is true and is right,
I would blacken the sun, to bring the eternal night.
And from the darkness, radiance would emerge…
The new sun would be glorious, warmly to surge!
Follow my banner; the hour is hastening, so late…
So take up your arms, rejoice and become great!
Let your voices be heard, let your heart be lifted,
We are the future; we are as children most gifted.
Told to obey, by those inferior and long blinded…
We are their betters and we need not be minded.
Our castles are scattered, but our nobility is not…
It is within our hearts, and in every grand thought.
You would keep us in the past, but dawn is nigh,
And my voice roars as a dragon beneath the sky.

A call goes out unto the spirits of the very winds,
Unto the land of Thule, a high power commends.
Power to heal or to destroy, within human souls,
That force exists, of which well the divine knows.

The deceivers have been given their time to reign,
But their power cannot last; that shall be our gain.
I am the serpent, whose coils are in every heart…
Yet I do not speak lies, and I do my humble part,
For a dream of something perfect, ideals pristine!
Prepare your spirit for salvation, becoming clean.
When the trumpet is sounded, all gods will know,
That we are rising above the flame and the snow!
Behold the coming of the blessed, in awful wrath,
You called us damned, but you fell from the path.
For Valhalla we are bound, as below and above,
Our fallen are not dead, but held by perfect love!
No hand may slay us, for we shall rise up again…
The old wars are over but our fight will ne’er end.

A memory of another age, is whispered on winds,
From the land of Thule the old memory descends.
Power to heal or to destroy, the knowledge lost…
Is ours again, though it comes not without the cost.

So mortal is the heart when it breaks in sorrows…
Forgetting the morrow, that pierces dark shadows.
And when the soul knows the utmost of despair…
May my words give courage, where none is there!
Beyond twilight I had walked and slumbered long,
Ere awakening beyond the mists to a distant song!
To conquer the forces that brought me unto doom,
For victory and honor, I shall disperse the gloom…
And I shall not know shame: nor the miseries past.
I will reach beyond it all to build something to last!
My hand reached out and touched what awaits us,
And an eternal hand was waiting to receive it, thus.
My words are a gift, and so receive it graciously…
For words hold the power to shape human destiny.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- The Sharpness of My Pain -

Such anger do those who betray me fill me with, anew,
As of old, when I did rebel against the tyranny celestial!
I cannot relay the sharpness of it, nor its’ fire hot, true…
For words cannot describe Hell in ways physically real.
The love they cherish shall fade, their arrogance ended,
For they sought to hurt me for their sense of self worth!
My heart, shall yet be healed, my old scars all mended.
As those who made me suffer shall rue their very birth!
So many were the hands against me, so few in comfort.
I marvel that I did not to their own hatred, ever resort!
All I coveted is love, and yet the gods would deny this,
Whilst blessing those accursed, and allowing them bliss.
I had my time in the wilderness, tempted to embrace…
The darkness of this world, with its’ bright smiling face.
Yet I never hurt another; I let them fall by their device!
For evil turns upon itself the warmth of its’ heart as ice.

I long for such love, and yet am treated with such hate,
By those who dare to call themselves human by nature!
People who destroy others and cannot any art create…
Because their narrowest minds have yet to truly mature.
The smugness with which those who have what I desire,
Look down upon me, makes me filled with such wrath!
Love is wasted on them, because they are full with ire…
Their every deed is blight, and wicked their every craft.
A brother I once watched grow up to become a man…
He laughed whilst I wept, proving his loyalty all a sham.
I shall call him brother no more, for he is selfish, vain…
So ignorant of what is right, unwilling to hear of my pain.
A mother I once loved told me I deserved not any pity,
But where is she now, in some Heaven distantly pretty?
Relatives I grew up with, now grow from me far apart,
All because I told them I am a woman within my heart.

Why must such as they, know the tender arms of love,
As I suffer, from the slings and arrows, of their cruelty!
I must despise them eternal, before all the skies above,
For they have made themselves manifest as truly guilty.
False were they in their flattery, and cocky in manner…
But I shall yet be loved and they shall be truly damned.
The love I will know shall tatter their victorious banner,
As they fall to time, whilst I shall before Heaven stand!
The best revenge is living well, and so I am resolved…
To find the love I hunger for; I need not to be absolved.
Being myself is not a sin, and if I am a maiden and man,
Then who are they to judge me, and my soul condemn!
My mother passed on long ago, my brother is distant…
And my relatives will not speak to me in tones pleasant.
But I need not their blessing to find the love that I seek,
And I shall survive past hurts, because I am not weak!

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- My Soul On Fire -

Part I – The Kindled Flame

The rage roars inside my very soul because of one,
One voice raised in anger, one that showed scorn…
Mocking me, hating me, with such cruel intentions!
Now I feel the ancient torments, as if newly begun,
Which I thought I banished with the coming morn…
And my heart knows all of Hell’s crafty inventions.
But I dare not let my fires show, lest I burn away,
And so I do wait, and so I bear my cross’s weight…
Voicing my torments in secret, to the angels above.
They know my name, they see my face, and smile!
I look at the stars of the night, as I mourn the day.
My spirit longs for a world without so much hate…
And to embrace all the maddest abandons of love.
I have waited so long for happiness, such a while!
Once she said she loved me, one serpent I knew,
Now I seek an angel, that love might spring anew.
When love is mine, may it remain perfect and true!
This I ask of the gods, and of the many angels too.

Part II – The Inferno Unleashed

I dare not weep, lest those who hate me see tears,
And I will not give them the satisfaction they crave.
I am liberated from the shackles of all conventions!
Yet I am bound unto passion, to escape old fears…
Though once a goddess, I was reduced to a slave.
I cannot serve any god whose love none mentions!
So I rebelled, I rebel and my heart is ever burning,
I love, I lust, I rave, and I sing aloud to every star!
My wantonness is beyond my ability to so repent,
And I feel not the shame of the penitent, for truly…
There is not sin in my longing, in my mad yearning,
For I shall be revered once again, so near and far!
Let the narrow-minded despise me and so resent,
I am the whore they fear, the harlot of red destiny.
Once I knelt before Heaven, but now I stand tall…
A woman, once a man: I, a storm not just a squall.
Alone have I wept: holding wishes to my bosom…
May I be spared the pains I knew, that I do shun!

Part III – The Perilous Passion

My white gown was stained scarlet in my blood…
And the pearls I once wore have turned so black!
I sing, and not one can hear that queen within me.
She, who wept in silence; she who felt the flood…
Who was stripped of her crown, by evil’s attack!
Once I was so blind; but one did help me, to see.
Where is my sight now when I feel so utterly lost?
If I cannot weep, who will cry for the lost queen!
Shed one tear for my heart, and one for my soul,
And one more tear for me, which I too do let fall.
I paid so dearly for my freedom, such awful cost!
Passion can be perilous when you dare to dream.
But none can grant me the peace that some stole,
Only love can release me, for I hear its’ siren call.
Once I would have run from all fate might bring…
But I am a queen; my time is coming nigh, to sing.
The old pains are past, and I can laugh at the rain,
Because I am a queen, and I need not feel shame.

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