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Poetry Contest

THANKSGIVING: REFERENCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving is celebrated each year on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Because of the longstanding traditions of the holiday, the celebration often extends to the weekend that falls closest to the day it is celebrated. Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. Historically, Thanksgiving had roots in religious and cultural tradition. Today, Thanksgiving is primarily celebrated as a secular holiday.

Can be old or new
Any length
Any genre

Some ideas....historical Thanksgiving, Canadian Thanksgiving, American Thanksgiving, personal Thanksgiving, dread of family thankgivings, holidays are hell, similar celebrations in your culture........and so on
Thank you for submitting

alon aLion
Dangerous Mind
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Everyday is Thanksgiving
Everyday is Anniversary
of All Birth
of All Union

is one of Atonement
is one to reap benefits of Rajib
is one of voluntary Lent

Each Day
Precious Second:
End of Suffering





Positively Navigate

Tyrant of Words
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I thank God

I thank God for the life I have
The breath I draw each day
The sun rays that hit my face
Each time I wake at dawn
I thank God for my health
That I still have today
Each day is thanksgiving
For me...

poet Anonymous

Drivelicious and Grace....thank you for supporting the competition by your poem.....Kitty

poet Anonymous

“Them Pilgrims”
I think about them every day.
Living under the thumb of monarchy,
they escaped on long treacherous ocean voyages,
survived bodily diseases, brutal winter storms, and crop pestilence.
Some locals lent them a hand, not all were so friendly, they killed many.
The folks back home thought they were insane, but they did not complain,
they believed in better days ahead and freedom, too.
I know why they were so thankful, but, what about us?
We make such a fuss about the color of our socks, our lower back problems,
who’s doing what to so and so, headaches, power outages and such.
Oh, and where our next buck is coming from!
Holy Cow, imagine how screwed they’d feel if they could see us now!

No Thanks
Thought Provoker
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thanksgiving is just a excuse to shove
food down are throats.

Golden Bird
Twisted Dreamer
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twistedgirl said:thanksgiving is just a excuse to shove
food down are throats.

haha lol true to dat.

my thanksgiving poem thing:
Crowded house full of family,
I'd rather have a group of strangers,
Than these people who know me,
A drunk uncle crashing on the couch,
Loud mouthed aunt going on about the house,
Random people grabbing me into a random hug,
Dad burning his fingers while cooking turkey,
Cousin dropping pies on the floor,
I'm excited already.

We finally sit after four hours,
We'll pray for what we're thankful for,
Remember the holiday isn't all about food,
Or drunken uncles and big mouth aunts,
Good thing no one asks me,
What I'm thankful for,
Because I'm thankful when thanksgiving is over,
And everyones gone till Christmas,
And then this holiday game starts all over.

Twisted Dreamer
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thought about what i have
imagined it all gone.



it's a buddhist thing.
supposed to make you thankful
for what you've got
some people cry when they think
of losing family friends
power jacuzzi
it's a lot to take in.

didn't feel any different
i'm ungrateful

or maybe i just have a crap imagination

Dangerous Mind
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This Thanksgiving

I was 
eating cold turkey
thinking about how 
I went to bed that night
and it was the first of many 
that I didn't pray
in fact I had sinned

People say
things happen for a reason  
and I guess as a good Christian 
I should too
but then I think back 
to when I hugged your still body wishing to feel
your diseased chest stir once more 

it didn't
and I can't help but believe 
this has no reason  

I was 
eating cold turkey 
wishing you had gone cold turkey. 

Dangerous Mind
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Thanks was given

I got to
finger bang
a turkey today

four play
out of this world

Its the one day
I can get away
fucking an animal
then eating it.

Like a child to candy
I couldn't get enough
stuffed myself
blood and guts.

And the glory hole
the icy cold
crying of a
headless bird
made the
table of worth today
worthy of thanks..

poet Anonymous

Thank you for your poems so far.....More are invited....

Fire of Insight
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Thought Provoker
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Thanksgiving Together

Thanksgiving impales me with joy
Piercing through my heart
Ever since I was a little boy

Unlike any family gathering
I've ever experienced
Food, family, and laughing

Once again we're reunited
After a whole year being apart
I'm overwhelmed and excited

Aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews
Mommy, brothers, sisters, cousins
Every year feels more special

Mommy the matriarch head of the table
Requests we join hands in prayer
Expressing to the Lord that we're thankful

For allowing us to stay in touch
Despite distance between us
I love my family very much

poet Anonymous

Thank you all for submitting.  The competition has been extended for 1 more week....

Marcus cooke
Dangerous Mind
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" Greed Takes A Holiday"

We held the line the best we could  
we held hands and sang songs  
our doom approached  
we drowned in tsunamis of fear  
the enemy came at night  
armed to the teeth  
with evil and bad intent  
lint and spiked clubs  
and the odd hidden handgun.
i cast my mind back to the night before  
last night was peaceful  
we gave thanks with friends and family  
a one day cease fire  
but now the war continues  
"Hold the line, man your battle stations"  
rang out the voice of our captain  
"we will serve and die by our uniform".  
without warning the attack begins  
Black Friday is here.  

The doors of the store fly open  
the first wave annihilates  
our first line of defense.  
we were overrun so quickly  
are senses are shattered  
we never stood a chance  
the enemy camped outside  
drinking coffee in flasks.  
death destruction,  
flying body parts  
the isles of this store have become a battlefield  
its floors have become a mausoleum  
"Hold the line" that's easy for you to say,  
when customers vs customer  
in a race to purchase  
a marked down frying pan and barbecue set.  
one woman elbows a staff member in the face  
another steals the managers brief case.
staff and customers are robbed at gunpoint
people are knifed for much less.  
we hold the line but the line becomes slack  
all this destruction for a "tickle me Elmo"  
and a pack of ballpoint pens.  

We fought to the last man  
victory was ours  
as was there bounty.  
the store is empty  
all stock depleted  
we collapse on the ground  
are spirits defeated  
as the fat cat  
counts in his counting house  
way outside enemy lines.  
the battle has been won  
but the war sadly  
limps on.  
Greed never takes a holiday after all.

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