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International Day of Peace

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Tomorrow, Sept 21, is International Day of Peace.

Write one * new * poem about what Peace means to you OR how you will observe/promote Peace.

—All forms accepted: written, spoken, and visual

—Length is optional, but try and keep it under 250-300 words.

Please, no erotica.

You have one week; best of luck.

Tyrant of Words
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non-entry entry  

Dangerous Mind
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Not in the sights

Hold out hold out and bite your tongue
the heckles rise that is so wrong
sing a hymn, a lamp that shone

And we should heed the candle flame
its transience, flickering  in hopes proclaim
 and war not spoil the whole domain

Ploughshares from the melted guns
the ammunition quiet not the screaming thud
the graveyard still, not turned a sod

No eye to line the sights that point
 treaties signed with handshakes  joint
and conflict never come to haunt

The doves of love go flutter free
sprigs of olive twig, healing a bleed
each dawn, small peace decree
Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
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[ IDP ] Peaced out and in

---a morning ritual      
of logging into the        
best. poetry. site. ever.        
only to be greeted        
by more of the same        
unsubstantiated rants        
from the usual attention        
starved dullards who gave up        
on being wordsmiths years ago        
blessed to converse with your        
Best. Friend. in. the. Universe        
for an hour or so        
before becoming waterlogged        
in an epsom salted bath        
taking a sorely needed nap        
running hours into overtime        
returning in the evening        
to said place as the same        
unsubstantiated rants are now        
gaining attention from associates        
who have no idea that such writes        
are about you---    
attempts to crawl under skin        
occupy headspace      
cause sweat n fret        
on a furrowed brow       
and STILL not giving a shit        
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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non-entry entry


Thought Provoker
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Drone Strike 7

Bring da buzzzzz;    
let the violence cease    
No more murder hornets!    
The time is now for unity    
It's a call to action    
raise your vibration    
of inner satisfaction    
despite disharmony    
in and around the hive    
we are witnessing    
droning out the dissonance    
with healthy work ethic and song    
leaving the sting of waspy ways    
behind where they belong---    
in the distance    
let the violence cease;    
bring da buzzzzz    
bring da noise    
Let's get to it, Boys!    
Written by PsycoticMastermind
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non-entry entry

Fire of Insight
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[ IDP ] We come in Peace

was the exact phrasing from the Scalies  
declared by a mouthpiece of their race      
standing outdoor at a makeshift podium    
before their turtle shell shaped, shock      
absorbered, subatomic particle-to-wave    
phasing ambassadorial spacecraft    
Ever since Mary Shelley illustrated    
humans created their own monsters    
two hundred years of Science Fiction    
literature as taught us to be distrusting    
but when technology has failed us    
and the manmade world is rusting    
all around in a ruinous heap    
you dig deep for a potato clock    
existence couched in the belief    
God's designs are inherently good    
and that Mister Lizard moving    
his family in next door to you    
may have an awesome mancave  
to righteously get primal in    
Written by Magnetron
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non-entry entry

Fire of Insight
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Welcome to the Dominatrix ( Babes In Rubber Toyland )

She knows no bounds    
prefering not to leave me    
tied up in knots, but rather    
in sudsy suspension of    
natural oils and fragrant soap;    
opera music extracted from vinyl    
with a painless needle working    
me into a dancing native groove    
meditative as dispensed beliefs
lather away concerns for yellow
armada surrounding perimeter    
of my weightless, naked    
flotation devices    
and I am nothing more    
than a hors d'oeuvre    
devoured by her    
Written by MaryWalker
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non-entry entry

Twisted Dreamer
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[ IDP ] I wrote five po'ems ta'day

Peace is bein productive  
in work or play since the day begin'd  
And I wrote five po'ems ta'day  
It's the fabric of silence  
lettin you sew your say upon a wind  
So I wrote five po'ems ta'day  
When they corners me with The Question  
What'd ya complish so far?  
I tells'm,  
Wished upon a shootin star  
When it comes to what I axed for  
in their neediness ta know  
I replies,  
Ta write five po'ems t'morrow  
Written by Anarchitect
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non-entry entry

Fire of Insight
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Peace is not Silent

Shared humanity
not hateful speak
words of forgiveness –
required speech

Acts of kindness
empathy, grace
hostility and malice –
compassion shall erase

In service of others
tolerance proposed
sensitivity, sincerity –
trust reposed
Written by mel44 (Melgar)
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Thought Provoker
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The Power of Peace

The world would be such a wonderful place  
If we weren't constantly fighting over religion and race  
Instead of building bombs, we built bridges instead  
Instead of people dying, we feed them wine and bread  
If we used our resources to stop poverty and disease  
Leaders looking for power would find the power of peace  

Look at the destruction war has caused over the years  
Look at our people cowering in fear  
What have we accomplished, what have we lost  
What have we become, look at the cost  
What we need is for all wars to cease  
We need our leaders to find the power of peace
Written by TimWombles
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Harry Rout
Dangerous Mind
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Dangerous Mind
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The quiet yet to come

When all the Gods of war have been appeased
flawed mankind find true sanctuary
and value life as mortals should
reflect on faith, no history of shadow cast
old battle scars not be pursued
and all old wounds be healed at last
the river of all graveyard tears be dried
tipped headstones bid a brighter sky
the thorn of pain to give new birth
bright hope; for each and all, our self interpret
arrive, and wisdom open up our eyes
inheritance, the give, the gift of compromise
Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
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Peace is Waiting

Peace is Waiting
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Guardian of Shadows
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Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I
unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid
.—John 14:27  
not as the newborn babe
knows from the uterus
imposed with pain from torn umbilicus
       not as the sturm und drang
       of rocky childhood daze
       transitioning through every fickle phase
           not as wild pieces strewn
           across life’s desert floor
           where men have stumbled after death's dark lure
                  not as the fear of death
                  that clutches human hearts
                  when from the soul the last faint breath departs
                      not as the silent grave
                      whose mysteries portend
                      a long death's sleep that has no future end
                          i furnish unto you
                          that passes human nous
                          when love shall occupy, where now, abuse
© Copyright 2020 September 25
by Clyve A. Bowen♫
Written by cabcool
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Tyrant of Words
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Firstly, thank you to all who contributed to this competition over the week. Now more than ever, peace is vital for survival, and I don't mean overlooking wrongdoings with that statement. There must be accountability; however, the hope is that it will be a peaceful resolution to today's troubling times.

I know it sounds like a pipedream, but unless reminded with competitions such as these, then I am afraid peace will fall by the wayside to violence instead. Peace begins within ourselves and what we pay attention and spend our time on.

That being said, the only criteria I had for judging this was outlined in the guidelines: Write one * new * poem about what Peace means to you OR how you will observe/promote Peace. I don't care about spelling, grammar, form, or the like; I cared only about the message from the heart; thus, congratulations to our winners:

slipalong: Not in the sights

I totally enjoyed this offering. The imagery, the vocabulary, and most of all, the dream. It's just a lovely promotion of hope. Thank you so much.

Mel44: Peace is not Silent

I really enjoy your Emily Dickinson style of writing. Your brevity demonstrates a command of words and the value of placement. Tolerance is indeed an avenue we should all take. Thank you for such a purposeful proposal of Peace.

TimWombles: The Power of Peace

Tim, I really enjoyed your heartfelt plea of needs in order to accomplish peace. Especially in regards to our leadership. We as a people cannot hope to accomplish peace if our leaders are warmongers. Thank you for such a genuine supplication.

Harry: War Tears

Harry, this was a very powerful post. I could genuinely feel your frustration that so much positivity and light containing love are seemingly cast aside for the darkness of conflict. It truly evoked strong emotion to consider the alternative to war. Thank you for submitting such an observational post in regards to how war not only damages each of us, but our society as a whole.

slip: The quiet yet to come

Slip I truly enjoyed this one because I have children and a grandson who will be inheriting this earth. Mankind has truly forgotten the earth is organic, just as we are, and can be destroyed, just as we can, by careless behaviour. The gift of compromise to secure inheritance is wonderful. There is always a middle ground if we seek to find it. Thank you for such an inspiring entry, and congratulations on your placement.

Wally: Peace is Waiting

This is an absolutely beautiful piece; I loved the cloud and the small figure before it. Peace within ourselves truly does feel as though we are floating on clouds and can get no higher. Sharing that peace with others is imperative. Thank you for sharing such an uplifing poem and image, and congratulations on your placement.

cabcool: peace

This is another beautiful entry both visually and definitively. I love how you started from the womb and ended with a rebirth to accept Christ into the heart for the ultimate peace. Thank you for sharing such a biblicly profound entry of truth, and congratulations on your placement.

Thank you again to all entrants. And may Peace Reign.

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