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The New #lovematters Movement

Twisted Dreamer
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He Owns the Sun

Her sweetness is the purest kind
Organic, filled with tranquil thought
With beauty far within her mind
Could not be sold, nor love be bought

In calm and confident array
She wins the winds from winter's way
She springs the summer sun to stay
And warms the heart; a better day

She brings to mind a subtle ingenuity;
A lovely gratuity

Who knows her? Who finds her?

A king holds his maid and begs;
Aye, begs! He is poor
As love beats upon his door

In her arms, he who owns all
Owns none
And he who owns none
In her arms, owns the sun
Written by EleazarSwan
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Thought Provoker
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Itís not the color of our skin
But the integrity that lies within
Good and evil are always at war
Is it our responsibility to even the score

Love, faith and forgiveness is all we need
Is the stone in your hand worth more than those that bleed
We all walk alone in a day of our own judgment
Unknowingly itís to late go back and make any adjustment

So itís a choice we all have to make
To judge those and their mistakes
To find strength in the Kingís message from the mountain and hill
To find the power to burn, loot and kill

Have we forgotten, is it still just a Dream
Are we liviní a nightmare with an evil gleam
The grass is never greener on the other side of the fence
Itís just a hurdle at our own expense

Maybe if we all drop our stone and steel from our hands
Listen to our hearts without demands
Love one another with blessings, as promised to you
Integrity is the cornerstone of a life anew
Written by buddydog
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Joseph mcmanus
Strange Creature
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Tight Rope

Hung out there
Between two impossibilities
You did laundry and
Calculated your demise.

Time well spent, you said.
Death being no option
So you made me love you
In all your ineptitude.

"It"s fun!" You screamed
Above the wind, pummeled
By harsh reality
"Ok hang on'". I stammered.

To be a bird, and spread
Eternally, not cowed.
Not scared, just....
Existing.  Man....

Really, don't you wish
You were...
Just like us?
Nuts and very stoned.

Thought Provoker
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Love Everlasting

Death all around I see now    

But the love is still there † †  

Would as one †  

Entertwined souls Everlasting † †

Into forever † †  

It all makes since some way †  

Somehow † †  
† †  
Love is magic † †  

Oh yes † †

It is true † †

Stronger than life itself † †  

Even after death  

Love makes it's way through † †
† †  
Powerful iridescent beauty †  

Love everlasting †  

Our souls are free † †  
Love is what makes us † †

Love is you and me † †

You and I † †  

Just we...... † †
† †  
And someday †  
† †
It will all make since † †

Oh yes † †  

The unexplainable † †  

Irreplaceable † †

Irrevocable † †  

Love † †

Will make since eventually
Written by KrystalG
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Fire of Insight
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True Love

I thought I'd seen it all
And then I saw you
And I knew you would be mine  
And I would be yours
If there is such a thing as an equal relationship
Then we've managed to build it
Since there is no leader or follower
Only two on the same path
At the same time
And fully enjoying each others company
It's a miracle in this day and age
But true trust is what binds us
And what will see us through
A modern miracle perhaps
Our personal miracle
True love
Written by thinlane
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Strange Creature
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It's Time

Say it loud, say it proud
Let me hear a f*** yeah if you're black or you're brown

White America steady tryna take off your crowns
They stay shooting you down

Blood in the streets
Too many bodies to count

They try to dim your shine and brainwash young minds

But united we stand and scream for justice
  † † † † † † † † It's Time

Rise up and fight the power
Every minute, every hour

And we won't stop till we overthrow their corrupt towers
Take back what's ours

It was never theirs in the first place
They stole it from the first race to inhabit this land, we're the immigrants of these broken states

I may have a white face, but my heart is every color of skin found in this earth space
So dont you dare group me with those disgraces
Evil parasites that continue to live off of the Black race

Killing for profit
I know we can stop it
We're fighting till it changes or they nail the lid on that coffin

I can't breathe

Written by AutomaticEmC
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Tyrant of Words
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Difficult as usual

Moving list!

Congrats! Aspergerpoet, Buddydog , and Madame Lavender!

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