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Poetry Contest

For this competition, you are to submit a love poem - happy or sad, long or short - with some interesting restrictions
Submit a love poem - happy or sad, any length, any format, really anything. The only rules are

You may not use the following words:

It must contain the following phrase atleast once, anywhere:
"And this is it".

Be creative, let yourself loose, be bold, and enjoy the process

G.L. Emz
Dangerous Mind
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Two decades
Such a long time
It took us that much
Wasted time
We touch

Young adults
Push and pull
Turned away just to
Grow and live life

For granted
Not forgotten
Waiting in vain?
More like
Resigned to a memory
Of what could have been
Us, together

It took just a second
The moment you said your name
And this is it, the stranger
That never was
Becomes someone
As finally

I lived, I toiled
I traveled and traveled more
Away, in sharp curves and rough roads
I didn't cry
Never blinked
Even in grief
But today, I feel like

If happiness could wretch my emotion
any more than the loud beats that it blinds
Then, sorrow and pain, is just a pinch in the gut
Do I want you?
My answer will be the same as all those years ago
I don't think so

This is way more
Than what I can say in words
Nor express in deeds
Numbness that hurts
And I go crazy
And angry

For the time
That we lost
To what?
Like a regret that I don't want to regret
but regretted that I don't, but still, I don't
Do I want you?
I don't think so.

But more.

poet Anonymous

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Strange Creature
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when you were part if me,         
we were in a continant made for us,         
And this is it, a feeling recapitulate with in us.         
we stick together, in a unconciuos world,         
from the time you split from us,         
without disclosing anything.         
I was dislocated from this world,         
Fed up with the shivering cold,         
that penetrates through my minor viens.         
As a asylum wandered through          colors that hurts,
beside blues you bring at unreachable heights.         

Lost Thinker
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"And this is it"

One not quite touch
I cannot quite feel
One smile thrown my way
And my mind shall kneel

And this is it
The end and beginning
The fire and ice
Enclosed within feeling

And this is it
Beginning and end
Not yet a lover
No longer a friend

It's not quite the edge
Yet feels like I'm falling
Not quite the name
I imagined calling

And this is it
Surrender and fight
Give in, give up
Seek voices at night

And this is it
No other way's right
I give and I take
This wine made of light

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What is the strongest drug in all of mankind
Without any doubt I much stronger then weed
What meth herion its pure child's play
One taste of me I promise forever u are mine
Their is nothing more powerful then what I will do to your mind
Whatever i ask
your  powerless don't eve don't  try
I've been around longer and touched and destroyed more lives  then any of your street drugs your worthless money can buy
From the strongest to the weakest
From the richest  to the poorest  none are ammune  to my Devine high I am coveted by all who try
I can be the best or worse thing that you  will ever try
you think the things I say can't possibly be true . But I am willing to bet your looking for me now you don't even know it. But I'm always in the back of your mind
If you use me right I promise I'll treat you right but beware if you abuse me it is you who will be in despair try and try to run and hide not even in your dreams can u hide
I can turn your best friend into your worst enemy trust me that's easy have you heard of me yet my name it's so easy
So easy to say and so hard to forget you can find me almost anywhere keep your money
I'm  one thing you can never buy although many have tried.
I am the most powerful drug in all of mankind

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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In wombs of white bedsheets  
fingers entangle my flaws  
placing them carefully  
upon an altar of lungs  
rising and falling
in euphoric repetition  
a hymn of forgiveness  
vibrating the heavy dark,  
your bones parallel to mine  
resting our ivory chandeliers  
upon a history of fears  
and this is it, our communion  
the centre of our madness  
open-mouthed in submission  
to each other’s glory—
I honour the stone  
of your body
in this pulpit, my darling  
I have made you God.  
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Very passionate I like it

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"One Night"

Something that has directed my intent;
an illness that left me hell bent.
Nothing could bring me to circumvent
and this is it, like a catholic to lent
devoted; do anything to save and prevent
any such devious and mal intent.

I can't say that last night was a tribute
to that well known feeling, try and refute.
After all that you did to contribute,
I'll have a hard time to make moot;
your passion and desire to boot.
Though true reason will come from root.

I would like to make an apology
that we wont make it to theology,
though another verse in my anthology;
you were just the next in this chronology.
If you like you can still follow me,
but don't get attached to my biology.

I will not enlist for any such tragedy.

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