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Careful spelling is intentional (Fingers like to do that for Me).

Favorite Poets/Writers

Plato, Robert Frost, Maynard J. Keenan, Trent Reznor, William Shakespeare, Michio Kaku, René Descart
A friend asked me about my avatar which made me think to tell anyone that is curious about it.

First, I do Not believe in any deity, or god(s).

My avatar is the Eye Of Horus (right eye). The left eye being the Eye Of Ra.
The Eye Of Horus is symbolic of protection, power, and health.
Mainly, it is my ward against evil ('evil' as a label).

This right eye (of Horus) watches over me, and mine.

A final note to reiterate an essential part of my style:
Like there, their, and they're; I like to play with spelling to convey a very different meaning. If you skim, you'll probably miss out. Though, not always.