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Poet spdred

and she rises from death like smoke. and she walks the world aflame.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Neil Gaiman, Eka Kurniawan
my name is Red.
i'm just a young, recovering street rat who's been through shit, trying to piece myself back together and work through my trauma. lost my passion for writing years ago but i'm slowly trying to recover it.
i'm 17. i dropped out of music school due to severe tendon damage. bali-jogjakarta-bogor-medan.
i put "female" in the gender category but i'm alright with any pronouns. idrc.

i'm an artist with wrecked hands and bad eyes, a half-deaf composer, a dancer with one too many broken bones that healed wrong, someone who could never judge because i've hit all kinds of rock bottom and survived. i'm a walking mosaic of disasters who loves long roadtrips and good motorbikes.

i'd appreciate open, honest comments and wouldn't mind conversation.