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My Sacred Golden Palace

Unto me, I give until you the storms and the soft whispers sailing upon the wind †
The transference of energy encased in the rites of passage when eyes are closed, I set the soul free †
Soaring to the blinding light, the gray matter asunder of vessel between life and earth, where eternity blends †
Incantations must and will be spilled †  
It is your medium of self that cried out before death I must carry your heart, mind to the Heaven of the 33rd degree †
Allow me to differentiate for you, your choice of thy free will †
The music embedded with mischief in the lyrics † †
A malevolent mission is to control minds by the laws of physics † †
Confuse the population with everything upside down † †
The masses know the sound of my harkening voice, when the offerings and sacrifices on the pentagram in the dusk of dark makes no sound  
To the naysayers and in my humbleness, I will always uphold my spiritual crown †  
Society's deceitfulness to drug out the masses, let them praise depravity in their induced state of mental ecstasy †
This Yoruba Goddess hears the uncertainties in your pleads †
Do not wither the soul away, unto the lake of fire from the covet of an earthly creed † †
Once you accept the hand of wicked needs † †
Your life of pride, greed, wrath, sloth lust, gluttony, and envy, the darkness of your self-grown becomes your mental seeds † †
†† †  
Within your culture with sublime phonics telling, you to kill, steal † †
Fornicating to get life alter diseases, to ease your burdens popping a daily mental pill † †
For you to feel or sacrifice unto Luciferís pit unto some of the nationís richest harlots without a hotel bill † †
When desperation and no hope, rings out to Earth Angels, who do you think the masses will turn to console † †
The elite, the blood sacrifices is where evil domination roves † †
You and I have a history not told in the theology of your manmade books † †
The secrets of creation, doctrinaire in ancient evolution, for curious eyes to take a look † † †  
Eternal damnation, no rest for a weary soul †
May Heaven in your arms always patrol  
You know you are not bound to this fiery abyss of disdain † †
Until the second coming, the battle where brimstone will rain upon mankind and its hellish dames † †
†† †  
Including our alliance of Goddesses, we upkeep the internal torch of enlightenment we uphold as once before † †
Before the sin of the earth, we walked among the skies where love once poured † †
This realm was not always the figment of what reaches the eyes † †
Our sacred chants whispered to your ears from the third Heaven, until envy was a plan of a Cherub, who wanted to bestow sins of man embitter, then materialize † †
The future of Heaven we covet the passage to the gifts of life softly held in my hand † †
The holistic plan and His vision were to be adopted for the image of future man † †
†† †  
The grievances of the Morning Star refused to adhere, exalted unto earth in his manifestation, souls reaping upon Hades slay †
An easy way to lose oneself, reaching for a false promise, the comfort in the haste, it comes with a price, the right and now wrong dictates a human life †  
Shouted to the Heavens his denial, to be like the Most High, Hell created with the Creator's children, in the synagogue of darkness they shall now all pay †
Reaching for the veil of the divine †
Aging, brittle bones, in sickness and in health, wondering about your afterlife, to repent becomes a race against time †
The hunger to an embattled soul, is a thirst the sky needs †
Prayers, chants filled with empty words the intellect hopes when it prays and now fall on deafening pleads †
In the Revelation of this dimension, the wandering flock will gravitate in denial, I am the Goddess who tells you there is rebirth, seek and you shall find it along your way † †
You sit upon your Cosmic throne and question in disbelief †
Until illness has bathed the temple in remorse, too sacred to close your eyes and give unto eternal rest †
Cleanse your mind, uphold your divine path, and peace will greet you at best †
Look upon the skies, and you will find the scrolls of Heaven written, it is not by man †
Messages upon earth echoed, and yes, I will always continue to teach where I stand †
Hallowed be thy name to find the darkness within the heart, illuminate it, and cure with the gifts of my hands †
In the beginning the earth was without void †
Heaven and Hell were never to be spiritually coiled †
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Buildings, too, are children of Earth and Sun.

Frank Lloyd Wright
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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