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Oh, You Devil...

So, Archangel daddy sent his little Hebrew Angel to warn the Big Bad Wolf of impending danger † † †
I am the reversal of fortune in the books that civilization documents a curly head Hebrew infant was born on Christmas in a manger † † †
Look at the planets when the alignment and the misguided orbit ordained by your Heavenly Father, my nemesis † † †
The Romans with false astrological deceitful tricks, given rites to a pagan rebirth of a new beginning in Winter Solstice † † †
† † † †
I am here on my own accord, my and it was hard to find this accessible portal to this realm all portals have been sealed † † †
You will lose as sure as I once knew your worth beyond Hell † † †
Considered to our realm as a sacred Heaven cherub, the guardian of Eden, now what divine stories can you tell † † †
You are still consumed with darkness as you sit in the presence of my light † † †
And what can you offer the world, other than lies, deceit, and quick fortune, fame, sacrificed of the spirit, to denounce the power with all their might † † †
Denial of an eternal home once the soul soars toward that ascending blinding spiritual flight † † †
† † † †
That sounds of my hellish offering, I give you the selection you make the choice † † †
Instant gratification to a mortal is worth more than silver and gold † † †
I will raise the dead to my reign when the faithful become lukewarm, their prayer to the almighty becomes cold † † †
† † † †
At what price of the soul shall the spiritual wander unto a basin † † †
You are only about hell raising † † †
Stripping mortals of their Heavenly everlasting treasure † † †
You cannot give life, Lucifer, you take, and you seduce the eyes with empty results of infinityís pleasure † † †
I will permit, by the blessed sacred water by the testimonial of a baptize † † †
† † † †
Your ideas, your dreams, your aspirations need validation to thrive † † †
And the sky, for many is just too high, and obscured behind the clouds with galactic planets to between too many celestial miles † † †
Who do you mortals call on when your God hallow be thy name is no longer felt, the compassion in prayers, not seen † † †
The darkness is where the souls of the night vengeance gleams † † †
This reign could be yours my Earth Angel Queen † † †
Submit under me, let me permeate all your dreams † † †
And Archangel Michael, will scream the earth as wounded pedigree † † †
When I have his immortal beloved on her knees † † †
† † † †
My charming Earth Angel, this is not Heaven, this is not Earth, this is my superiority, and I rule with grit and grim † † †
To keep lost mortal submissive throughout the ages of time † † †  
The music has my name embedded into the lyrics † † †
My hellish mission is to control minds by the laws of physics † † †
Confuse the population with everything upside down † † †
The masses know the sound of my voice, when the offerings and sacrifices on the pentagram in the dusk of dark makes no sound † † †
† † † †
I am the culture with sublime phonics telling you to kill, steal † † †
Fuck unprotected to get life alter diseases, pop a mental pill † † †  
My demons are giving thots, money bags and long hellish dicks † † †
To sacrifice their wombs as nationís whores without paying for a hotel bill † † †
† † † †
When desperation and no hope, rings out, Earth Angel, who do you think the masses will turn to console † † †
The elite, the blood sacrifice is where my domination roves † † †
You and I have a history not told in your pale manmade books † † †
The secrets of creation, not whispered in ancient evolution, for curious eyes to take a look † † †
† † † †
Eternal damnation, no rest for a weary soul † † †
May Heaven in your arms always console † † †
You know you are bound to this fiery abyss of disdain † † †
Until the second coming, the battle where brimstone will rain upon you and your hellish dames † † †
† † † †
Including our alliance as once before † † †
Before the sin of the earth, we escaped where love once poured † † †
I was not always the figment of what reaches the eyes † † †
To have had dreamed to rule the third Heaven, with, your Heavenly Father was a plan I wanted to see materialize † † †
Convincing words, the future of Heaven I saw in my hand † † †
My plans and my vision for the image of future man † † †
† † † †
The grievances of the Morning Star he refused to adhere, he turned me away † † †
I took my sword and embedded it in the earth, and shouted to the Heavens my denial, Hell with your children they shall all pay † † †
The hunger to an embattled soul, is a thirst the sky needs to do, other than receiving empty words when they pray † † †
They will flock to me before Revelations' rebirth, I am the dark I am the way † † †
Let the story of you and I take return to your sacred scrolls, my Earth Angel, this is the second time you have invited yourself to my realm† †
Yes, for you to take heed, your time is coming to an end, look at the signs our Angels are ready to reciprocate ordained by Him † † †
† † † †
Oh, the great one, your Heavenly father, he sent you to advise me of a pending war † † †
Yes, and watch your mouth, I have said what I need, no need to say more † † †
Take what I said into consideration, to your wicked conscious, as I appease † † †
Thank you in and advance, and I would be a disinherited Angel, if I did not say, please † † †
What is it you really want from me, my Earth Angel, seen in my eyes as cunning, yet, fashioned with a divine grace † † †
I am only in Hell once again to save humanity from, it appears doom and gloom, chaos and malice upon earth is steady picking up pace † † †
† † † †
I see, and this is the time I request you to join me in the dominion for eternity † † †
Of course not, and I believe itís time for me to leave † † †
And who is going to stop me, if you are refused to flee † † †
And not Archangel Michael, the forbidden choice of your Heavenly tease † † †
This Heavenly Angel needs spiritual light to see  
Not heat turned up all day past infinityís degrees † † †
I will see you at the second coming of Christ, and please escort me from down here † † †
What is the exit word from my domain, my Earth Angel † † †
Heaven † † †
† † †  
Mammon, do show our uninvited divine guest to the portal then seal it † † †
† † †  
I will see you again, my Earth Angel, you will be mine † † †
You always did believe your own lies through the ages of time † † †
† † †  
† † †  
Mammon Ė The Demon of Greed † † †
Mammon personifies greed, materialism, and the relentless pursuit of wealth. † † †
His influence drives individuals to prioritize earthly possessions over spiritual well-being.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
In me passionately studying astrology and numerology, the phases of the moon in conjunction depend in correlation with planetary alignment, when I am doing a Natal Chart, I do take into consideration the Vedic Astrology, which tends to be rooted more, karma, spiritual evolution, and the soulís journey. Then you have Western Astrology, which is more mentally oriented, in my culture we study both.

Roman Calendar: Before the Roman calendar underwent changes, April was already the second month of the year. The year began in March, and April followed as the second month. Around 450 BCE, the Romans rearranged the calendar, placing April in the fourth position and assigning it 29 days.

I reedited this in its entirety.
Picture compliments of Pinterest
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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