bottlecap: forbidden conversations

I'm probably going to take a beating
sharing these liquor saturated sentiments
always provided I don't wake up & chicken out
reflect & regret ever penning them
locking them in the absolutely not vault
there's a few in there...never coming up for air

but what the hell...
a bit of bottled attitude & my mind move
into some darkened cobwebby corners
touching things that slither into realms of taboo
so...let's give it a shot & kick this off
setting aside any religious beliefs
looking purely at basic humanity
think on this a minute...
as someone stands at the precipice
of commiting to the final ending
severing the tethers of their own mortality
never mind any personal sense of morality
what compassion is given in the face of their decision
hit with phrases knee-jerked at them
think of the pain you'll be causing
what of those you'll be leaving behind

...stop...reflect on that...
...taste it...feel the backanded slap...
okay then...
let's talk for a moment about the concept of sin
how your gods deem such a choice as forbidden
passing judgment & condemnation
as though they weren't already going through enough
not that you'd ever see it...
between their mask...
for your sake, I might add
and your blind{ered} eyes
but I ask you...
what sins may have been committed against them
to truly believe it's better to just end it
where was your righteousness then
on board for the attack but absent for defence
understand how broken a person must be
the level of defeat they must be experiencing
to give up on life & throw in the towel
imagine the depth of their pain
that it's reached a point beyond apathy
when all sensation...ceases
full shut down in every capacity
it's an agony you can only imagine
absolute in their sense of being unworthy
always alone surrounded by people
it goes far past merely being lonely
can you put yourself in that place
and in all honesty say...yes...I get it
as one who's stood at that brink
hanging on with a single trembling finger
I can tell you what I heard when they uttered those words...
your pain doesn't matter...
not nearly as much as that of others

what cruelty is this...
...that one is guilted into living
instead of considering it a worthwhile endeavor
stepping past ego & investing the time
trying to comprehend without inserting self
show them they do belong
help them as they move through their despair
by simply sitting & listening
sometimes it's less about what's being said
than simply being there
instead of spouting empty rhetoric...
...without truly understanding
walking away like everyone else
further proving their point...
there's no place for me here

This is a deeply personal topic for me & I debated sharing but I'd really like to hear people's thoughts on this. If you're here just to hate, please be respectful & just keep it moving...
Written by WillowsWhimsies
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Copyright @ Willow. All rights reserved
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