Pockets full of posies

Ashes to Ashes  
We all fall down  
The roses was red and the violets were blue  
Now the roses are dead And the violets are too  
My soul can be read rhrough my true eyes of blue  
To see my spirit bleeds through blue too  
With a heart broken in two  
Tell one little white lie and all your truths turn to dust  
With your word shadowed by doubt  
All your words turn to rust  
Its a must you figure out  
Words return as tables turn and trust will bust by our own lust  
Verily Verily stop and smell the roses  
Life is but a vapor and it's fleeting  
Happy is a state of mind  
Happiness is the state of being  
Delusional states of confusion you'll find  
If you hear what I've been seeing  
Stay close to the ones you're close to  
Before you're close to no one and alone  
Gasping just trying to catch a next breath  
Like chocking to death on a chicken bone  
Seven colors in the rainbow  
That glow the way the Son flows  
Raining raindrops down the window  
Raining down drowning black widows  
It's getting dope intense though  
Like always in this hell ho  
Reaching the crescendo  
High noon and waning from the waxing moon  
Comprende it's the lingo  
With casual innuendos  
No bueno broken arrows  
I can't let go my eggo  
A maestro of this sorrow  
Locos Yoko with that yellow  
Hell no Hello it's de facto    
Now it's Adios amigo  
Like a match down the hatch in the gas tank boom boom   
So take your yo yo vato  
This is all bendejo a fatso in a pinto  
Hit the boat and go bro cash in on your geicko  
Numero Uno is the endo so high ho on that hydro  
A Dope ho in the dope show  
She's a psycho out of sight yo  
With no soul she's a deep hole  
Eating Cheetos slinging Fritos  
Feeding Schizos to the scarecrow  
Feel looming threats of Gloom and doom Zoom xoom  
A bandido incognito  
A Crooked 5-O on the down low  
Bola ocho nitro go-go  
El Chapo with the low blow  
Quid pro quo Pro Bono  
Trading pesos mucho Oreos  
A fellow mellow riding solo  
A slow mo MOJO from the poe poe  
Make an intro through the outro  
From the get go to the oh no  
It was so so how perfecto  
Broken wings and brazened halos  
Tiptoe slow no time to borrow  
Lost No Mas there's no tomorrow  
If you don't know  
Now you now know  
In this shit show you're finito  
Ashes to Ashes
We all fall down
Written by zinnzinn (ZINNNNIZ)
Published | Edited 7th Feb 2024
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