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Poet Introduction

I'm not sure you could say I'm a poet or a writer but I am able to reveal the poetic presence within tragedy and convey it through my vocabulary poetically. My ability to extract a colorful poetic spin out of darkness Is my poem. It is poetry.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Paul, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Dr Seuss, Jessica H.

About Me

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It is what it is I am Who I am Just like you,my life has its own fair share of comedy drama and tragedy. I don't believe in addiction and addicts I believe in affliction and ignorance. There is no addiction or adversity on this earth that exists anywhere that is so great that a man's will can't overcome it. A man's only as good as his word.The truth can be debated and argued but it doesn't listen, it stands confidently alone firm no matter what is said about it. It is written the lip of truth shall be established forever but a lying tongue is but for a moment. Guard your heart and your tongue because these three things you can never take back, deeds done, words spoken and time spent. Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.
Weed is wicked, pills are poison, dope is deadly, beer is good. Until next time take care of yourself, and each other.

I'm a  
I've choked half to death on the smoke from
Failing despite of all my scheming to resist it
In a way away I'd say my life I guess I pissed it
No bye byes no not today goodbye I shant not kiss it
If and When my chance comes again
I will take it all I have and I will risk it I insist it
Although it must've came and went I guess I blinked I must've missed it
Disheartening as life gets harder from this hardening of the heart
As I can hardly handle it hardened I can't unharden the broken part
I'm the meaner leaner day dreaming convener
A keener gleaming pipedreaming schemer
the louder gleaner screaming bad dreamer
An obscenely intervener with an unappealing pissed demeanour
As I search for the redeemer in the mix
I'm all up mixed like six bricks nicked with six nicked bricks
Words can land much harder licks
Far more worse than stones and sticks
Don't need a fix I'm needing fixed
In a hard place and this rock I am betwixt
As predicted I've persisted and existed
A little unshifted as I drifted
I am the broken and ungifted
two-fisted and

I write from darker corners of my mind.
Due to the graphic nature of this content viewer discretion is advised.

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.
~Cesar A. Cruz~

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Labyrinth of Dreams... by KristinaX
Empathy by KristinaX
Sadness by KristinaX
Pinocchia by arortiz73 (MTP)

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