a land of honey'

The land of honey?

Most Americans I know of are writers and artists
who sees when a crime has been committed
alas, the US government and its politicians are held
in the grasp of the Zionist who has thoroughly
corrupted most of those who carry a big responsibility
for world peace, fail to do so.
I love America, but my love affair with this great land has taken many knocks and led astray by enemies within its border who have, because of US generosity, been able to grab the political power and rule America
to the mire that the Middle East has become.
The America I knew was energetic, vibrant and there was an opportunity to make a good living
Here,I must say, the America I knew was a white state
when I, on a few occasions, was in black surroundings
many told me about the discrimination they suffered at the hands of the law, although I noticed they drove nice cars
Now that that this obstacle has been overcome, I see, to my dismay, that black America has a very high crime rate. I think their moral leaders have let their people down.
I read that 3 million refugees have entered the borders
in Mexico illegally, is reprehensible why those in power let this happen.
Not that I wish to be conspiratorial, but if we are witnessing
a browning of America to make the masses more malleable to pay them less than they deserve.
I like Texas, I can't help it, where the sport is to sit on the angry bull and try not to be thrown off for 8 seconds
many years ago, on a Sunday, at a cafe, cars came with
armed men  who drank Lone Star beer and were courteously to one another and to strangers,
this makes
sense well-armed people are polite.
Back then, communism was the devil and only a stupid
Man would dare to voice another opinion.
Opinions often change in conservative sites,
many who applaud Putin's refusal to entertain
on his watch, the Woke culture.
It is alarming when some white folk feel they have to be critical of white people. Balderdash!
It was white America workers and leaders,
 made America wealthy, powerful and democratic
I wish forthe Jew obsession to lessen so the USA can go back to be great again.

Written by oskar
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