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Into The Deep (The Rings Of Infinity)

Love spells of pulsating desires where dual souls stand              
Whispered beguiling voices wandering across the sacred land                
Sullenness of a sojourn heart to the wind has spoken                
Unto the stars allow my wish for our union to be awoken            
The duty of a Queen's words            
The theology of our faith, must be unfurled            
Take the offering of my love upon the lay of my bosom losing ourselves in infinity's rings          
And take state of your insignia in your name my King            
Let thy ruler be thy will, as the Dove flies with soaring wings                
To the fourscore of the winds                
Apparition lullabies to the monarch where Cupid’s Bow will never bend                
Lifting of insidious laminated unto the beast roars                
Calm unto the sea where hollowness weeps upon shores                
Tattered wings and battered souls encased in whispered dreams                
The lioness roars for all to see have seen                
Mentality to the star's oracle cries in the chosen of its deviant fear                
Mirror mirror whispered of ancient tears                
Cold winds comfort thy thirsty hearts                
Warmness succors the Chi for eyes traveling life’s journey in the dark                
Time softly speaks of wisdom vitality and age                
Commissary to the monarch who bemoans of rage                          
Kiss upon my hand thy hall grasps to softly entwine                
Fables of deception told of its grandiose by vanity assumption by its covet designs                
Come hither my King and rest of thy vintage soul                
Closed mouth speaks of times scribbled on scrolls of old              
I will make this night as you please              
Tomorrow you shall sniff our ingrained scent in the pleasure of our yesterday sheets            
Your Queen in the nudity of ecstasy you claim the desires as you sink deeper inside me            
The softness of my need, my wants you covet, slipping in and out my sacred divinity at ninety degrees            
Your love my rapture will appease            
In my bed stirring the echoes of thy fire in my arms passion we shall greet                
Tongues bonding in vain prepared feast                
A queen’s voices on the fourscore of the midnight breeze roams                
Divinity of Craving sings in glee of life’s cherished song                
The King's kiss upon my lips            
Duality of simplicity where souls shoot meteorites upon the galaxy and then earthly collide  
Houses upon sands built of merger wages                
Bricks upon bricks steadfast in the limelight of potions, angling merciless upon sacred pages
Who lips dare say what the hungry eyes see to impetuous think                
Love and haltered entwine in the calling of a cosmic blink                
Oh, thy lover under my spell be asunder from thee            
I beg to own your virility while moving under me                
A love under a Queen’s grace            
My King in the bed my favor he tastes            
His soul thrust unto mine as surely as the calling to the depth of the sea                
In the cometh of the morning sun find delight in the sultriness when he moves deep into me as I whisper his name when I speak                
When he divides me with his loins in the craving of my skin’s it slowly seeps  

The Sea Queen belong to me, once I steal her Golden Halo
She will become simply a mortal, and I will have the power, her magic wherever I go
No more fins to swim as I now flow
I will walk upon the sands of time like man
My staff will conquer the four corners of the land
One more day as the high tide draws out
I will be the Sun King and every King in the Deep will want my universal clout


Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Third Quarter Moon: Half of the moon is visible from Earth.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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