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Ordained by the tip of my staff  
Angles lead by Joshua slaying everything in our wicked path  
Cleansing the earth of ever deceptive foul slithering beast    
Commence the night, and enjoy the bloody feast  
Well, you bring this phantom into play,    
I have two swords one to allure and the other to slay    
Do I look like I am remotely worried, no one in Heaven even knows your ancient demonic name  
The headless demon severed, shitted, and pissed on, still wallowing in self-pity, and earthly shame    
And now you are starting to hear these voices  
Bring that beast and your old, tired ass to the forefront, in your next lifetime don’t sell your son to Lucifer like he’s not a man and learn to make wise choices  
Archangel Gabriel have sounded his horn… can I laugh at such jokes    
The sword of justice, I am the receptive in his strike, the war behind Archangel Michael’s smoke  
So, your mental challenged mama, made a pact with a Jackal for power, after the decent  
The regret drove her crazy, after she realized ‘what’ she had made  
A curse to never be broken, and hellish intentions for her generation it was paved  
And you stand here today as an old hag, with a cursed son, as someone's mistake whorish daughter and for what  
To give up that some scorched ass still searching to go down your throat any poet's nutt  
You cannot hide those methadone track marks, my headless wildchild, I know about you, those secrets come from the skies  
Go head, I’m waiting for the deny  
Those cravings drove your kids with turmoil, grief, from the spawn off a demonic mother  
I know you miss that warm contact, denied love to smoother  
You could not stay straight long enough to provide them food to eat  
You are pitiful and this is all you have to come after me, I will not be respectful, demoness, your secrets are not safe I will revert to you and make you bleed  
After all these years,, answer me this, do you sleep better in your own bed    
From when you were placed in a mental hospital, the darkness, feasted those images on the padded walls, did they offer your bewildered mind that little blue pill, stupid little one, you should have taken the red  
Swallow, now lift your tongue    
Fetal potion in the corner, don’t be too easy on yourself, headless demon, your lineage unbalanced your scales, your polluted cunt from Lucifer will never be won    
Only your mind with suffer as it becomes weak, undone  
On my Creators’ order    
Both stomped you and your evil Satanic Father and his weak avenging Nephilim’s out the sacred realm, and thankfully all landed on brick and mortar  
His defeated army sank lower, and lower, and even lower, way below sea level  
You are a fizzle demonic groupie who now only bows down to a two horned Devil  
Where is this egoistical dark entity that has tried to take advantage of you  
He a bad demon to want to run up in that polluted fishy food  
You should report him directly to #MeToo  
As I said, you are two shades of the wind, and your mind is missing several intellectual screws    
I could really care less about you, demoness, your Candyman syndrome, or your tough childish luck  
To your eyes may your sight be dimmed and by the vultures and your cats, plucked  
You told me to step downward and rise from my knees  
Well you forget who you were dealing, I will chop at yours and watch your character slowly bleed  
Look in your Cursed ancestral book    
You will find the replica of a grandmother mother’s strung up by garlic hooks  
Upside down on a stake begging for a worthless life, and you are here as she before, causing earthly strife  
Watch your step headless Jinn, no weapons formed against my blessed Ankh shall prosper  
I am the Kitty among many and the Lioness when I loudly purr when war occurs  
Something I will always try my humblest and with best interest to softly detour  
Once past the respected forewarned  
It’s sanctioned in my culture by the Moon, hearts and souls shall mourn  
You still hoping to show those claws    
This is what happen when we become fixated on world related comfort, and place the lust of a man before God    
Someone is bound to get crushed in the mayhem while someone remains standing tall  
Let me guess, this is when you gonna AI all over me  
Words to give you courage Tinhoe, where a pulsating heart used to be  
To fit your rage... you have no astral power, your vast land is infested, cursed seeds from your womb you have birthed while living in a House of Flies  
I am on the battlefield, my blade is sharpening for this spiritual war let my battle cry be heard  
Among the skies, the earth, and the sea, carried in the night, echoed by the Hummingbird  
I will inch closer and closer, close enough as Crown of Gold and your Crown of Garlic just to spit in your face  
This is now my realm to harvest what is left of you, and it will not be your happy place  
No retreat, Hell has, and always will be your fate  
No King in this, dueling of honor, no one to run too, this is fair in its equate    
This is the Queen’s chess board for my direct hits, hurtful inflicts, huge stones and sticks  
Acid your skin and your fake wanna, never gonna be phantom only an invisible boogie man in your eyes  
The difference, I battle for my Divine Creator, you, for lust between dead ridden thighs, everyone sees it and knows it, and that is no lie  
And if I were you, you indolent fool    
You better read the history, of swimming in infested shark pools  
Will I not be ladylike if I have Hecate’s Rottweiler to piss all lover your leg  
He is only marking where my sword will strike first, before you go down on your knees to beg  
So, I can send your headless dead ass once again back home  
You are wishing, bitching, tiptoeing, stand your ground witch if you are attempting at a mental lynching  
This is the winter of discontent, composed in dedication as time moves along  
My Haitian’s Psalms    
These have always been my best work of art  
Emotional transference of my energy reaching to you in the dark  
'Where evil and goodness shall commence’  
I do not want to look like I’m having all the fun, when I toss your ass up, Opps, did you have to come down hard on that spiked fence  
You should have had your glasses on wandering puppy  
#WinterOf Discontent    
Poem narrative based on the Greek Goddess of Hecate while Channeling Tituba, And in retrospect the movie Mommie Dearest. This movie was released in 1981.. must see if you have not  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Tituba was pivotal in the trials because she confessed to witchcraft when examined by the authorities, giving credence to the accusations. She accused the two other women, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne, of the same crime. She was imprisoned for over a year but never went to trial. It is unknown what happened to her after the case against her was dismissed by a grand jury in May 1693.

Hecate[a] (Έκατη in Ancient Greek) is a goddess in ancient Greek religion and mythology, most often shown holding a pair of torches, a key, or snakes, or accompanied by dogs, and in later periods depicted as three-formed or triple-bodied. She is variously associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, night, light, magic, protection from witchcraft, the Moon, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, graves, ghosts
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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