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Some people feel that the countries with nuclear weapons will not use them in wars.  
Do you think they have been developing these dangerous things with no evil intentions?  
Mankind is stupid enough to build and stockpile weapons of mass destruction,  
So of course, the leaders are damn stupid enough to use them to kill off one another.  
The warmongers cannot avoid a nuclear war; it is only a matter of time before it happens.  
Furthermore, countries such as Israel, Russia, and the US are provoking world war.  
No sensible person should be happy with the existence of nuclear weapons on the earth,  
But we are fortunate that the US is not the only country with such military might.  
The corrupt leaders of the United States of America have demonstrated the evil in their minds.  
If the grossly wicked American bullies were the only ones with nuclear weapons,  
They would certainly not liberate mankind from injustice, exploitation and oppression.  
On the contrary, they would conquer the whole world and enslave mankind with tyranny.  
Sadly, Israel is closely following in the footsteps of the United States of America.  
For many decades, the Israelis have been oppressing and murdering innocent Palestinians.  
The government of Israel has built a system that we can rightly describe as apartheid.  
Injustice, racial prejudice, discrimination, and subjugation are violations of human rights.  
Do the Palestinians not have the right to defend themselves against the oppressors?  
Should they sit and fold their arms and let the bloody-minded Israelis trample them indefinitely?  
The countries that truly support human rights should end diplomatic relations with Israel.  
Immediately denounce the genocidal actions of Israel and ban the Israeli ambassadors.  
The oppressive Israeli government cannot justify declaring war against innocent civilians.  
Israel has apparently shed too much innocent blood for a nation that claims to be godly.  
The Jews have brainwashed billions of people with their confusing religious beliefs.  
Many countries have embraced Christianity, a religion that was started by the Jews.  
Stating the facts about the things you observe is not taking sides with any nation or race.  
We Africans know what the Palestinians are fighting for because we have experienced it.  
Our forefathers suffered under the yoke of slavery and oppression for four hundred years.  
The idiotic Israelis and their American ally regard people who fight for their rights as terrorists,  
But the powerful states that spit into the face of human rights are the real terrorists.  
The wicked ones will never change, so the only solution is total destruction of evildoers.
Written by PittinixDesigns
Published | Edited 5th Apr 2024
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