Just The Tip

(Ten thousand times)  


"We should talk about this"  

†† † "We've talked enough. It's time to heal"  


†† † "I have an idea"  


"Paring knives? You're stabbing me?"  

†† † "Not exactly. You get one"  

"A knife fight?"  

†† † "No. We're going to stick each other with just the tips. See who  
†† † †flinches the worst. Sit down on the floor. Take off your shirt"  

"That's crazy! I don't want to hurt you!"  

†† † "Too late. This will fix it"  

"I don't want to do this. It's nuts"  

†† † "I do. It isn't nuts"  

"Fine. Take off your shirt too"  

†† † "Sit cross legged, closer. You can go first"  

"Your idea. You go ahead. Just the tips, right?"  

†† † "Yes. Below the neck, above the waist. Ready?"  

"Hell no. But come on, hurt me... Fuck!"  

†† † "You flinched"  

"You really did it! Unbelievable!"  

†† † "Your turn"  

"No. Hang on, I'm bleeding"  

†† "Yeah, it's what happens"  

"What the hell is wrong with you?"  

†† "Go"  

"I'm not doing this"  

†† "Do you still love me?"  

"Of course I do"  

†† "Then trust me. Go"  

"Okay. A little one in the belly?"  

†† "Fine. Go"  

"Ha! You flinched too!"  

†† "Yep. My turn again"  

"Dammit! Right on my rib!"  

†† "Go"  

"Okay. I'm cool now. This ain't shit. How's that!"  

†† "Nice. Don't move"  


†† "Ready, same time, faster"  

"No, I'm stopping. This is crazy"  

†† "Ten thousand times. Then we're done"  

"We will bleed to death!"  

†† "No we won't. Trust me"  


"Did you keep count? Are we done?"  

†† "That's over. Give me your knife"  

"Grab some paper towels. It looks like we cut the measles off us"  

†† "I will be right back. Stay here"  


"Oh hell no! Those look like suicide swords!"  

†† "We're not committing suicide babe"  

"What? No way. I'm not stabbing you with that!"  

†† "Same time. Get ready"  

"Why this? Because I flinched?"  

†† "You've been flinching for years"  

"Yeah? So have you"  

†† "I know"  

"I'm sorry!"  

†† "So am I"  

"I fucking love you!"  

†† "I love you too. If you put it right at my heart, it's quicker"  

"No! Stop! Please!"  

†† "It's too late. Push your chest against the blade, I don't want it to  
†† †slip"  

"Baby, I can't! Put it down!"  

†† "Raise your fucking knife!"  

"Why. I can't do this"  

†† "You've been doing it for years"  

"I'm sorry! But you..."  

†† "I know. Sorry"  

"I really do love you"  

†† "I love you too. But I can't love anymore. Not you. Not anyone"  

"This isn't happening"  

†† "Yes it is. Couples die all the time"  

"Not for real!"  

†† "Same thing"  

"Okay. Okay. How do we do this?"  

†† "Count of three. Hard as you can"  

"Close your eyes"  

†† "No. Look at me. Watch us die. For once, stop looking away"  

"Okay baby. Here, my heart is right here"  

†† "One"  

†† "Two"  

†† "Thre

Written by Styxian
Published | Edited 17th Mar 2023
Author's Note
I changed the ending. This way is more brutally perfect.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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