The inured hatred of the endemically intellectually challenged!

By Stanley Collymore
The intense hatred quite routinely  
spewed out by the endemically  
inured racist, is for them so  
compellingly ingrained that no amount  
of plausible explanations to them that  
what theyíre thinking, literally stupidly  
believing and rather asininely, clearly  
and distinctly, certainly committedly  
involved in basically doing is plainly  
and quite essentially to anyone but  
the intellectually challenged; most  
distinctly and unquestionably very  
insane. Hatred, clearly undeniably  
based, and essentially thriving on  
the basically customarily, general  
also, and so distinctly ludicrously  
assumptions clearly repugnantly  
odiously contrived about anyone  
and likewise distinctly particular  
groups of persons, whom these  
vile haters honestly either really  
donít know or even quite worse  
still, have rather essentially not  
met; and therefore, realistically  
are most unlikely to ever do so  
as well are literally collectively  
and individually surely among  
the daftest things specifically  
which anyone, could possibly  
engage in. So why then donít  
you patently, literally obvious  
lowlifes effectively, distinctly  
and crucially start looking at  
yourselves and seriously too  
just supposing that basically  
if not logically you can really  
do so, begin this crucial but  
challenging process, of you
being at least realistically a  
convincing - human being?  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore
3 March 2023.
Author's Remarks:
Idiots will proliferate as long as the society they infest allows them to; and this is endemically the case with Britain.
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The author encourages honest critique.

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