We live in the institution of our society    
addicted to its trappings  
desperate to succeed by its standards    
becoming what we are told to be  
in order to progress    
So deaf are we    
to any sound outside of our cage  
that we become insular  
we chirp away    
repeating our jailers calls  
adding to the noise of oppression    
as we sing our little hearts out  
to disguise our acquiescence    
and any voice of opposition    
So blind to alternatives    
that we become the oppressors  
tearing down anyone    
with a different view    
Because deep down    
we are so very jealous    
of anyone with courage    
or dreams  
or even a shred of humanity    
anyone with unclouded eyes to see  
We are the herd  
meat for our masters  
clothes for their backs  
There is safety in numbers    
and the cost of freedom    
it seems for most    
is too high  
Enjoy your cage my friends    
as the walls close in  
and the bars get harder to deny    
Enjoy the scraps you are fed  
that get less nourishing by the day    
and you are willingly convinced    
it was your choice    
that you actually have one  
Enjoy the chains you wear like Jewellery    
as if golden ropes can’t bind    
Enjoy your friends and neighbours    
as you stab each other in the back    
and share amongst you    
what was theirs  
Enjoy your anonymous tyrants    
as you vote for their minions    
again and again    
feed your children to them    
as they spit in your face  
and laugh out loud for all to see  
Enjoy the lies you gobble up    
like cereal    
washed down    
with your morning coffee    
Enjoy your hollow life  
your meaningless days    
and comfortable cozy nights    
locked safely behind a steal door  
I see you    
and you know it  
So enjoy sitting on my middle finger, and swivelling    
and my metaphorical dick slapping off your forehead    
you fucking melts  
Enjoy these words that you probably won’t read    
and definitely won’t digest    
Enjoy the fact ‘you’re not me’  
no, you’re better than that  
you’re right    
you know you are    
because everyone you speak to agrees
Written by monkeyman
Published | Edited 28th Mar 2024
Author's Note
No fucks given no apologies offered
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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