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The Sweetest Taste Of Lies And Deception

Monte Carlo, Monaca Countryside

Matao and his men stood in amazement at the amazing countryside of Monaco.
Matao hugged Shaylynn to his hip.
“This is so beautiful.”
“If you give me a minute, I will prepare everything.”
Matao leaned over and kissed Shaylynn on the lips.
“Do not get lost.”
“I won’t.”
Shaylynn turned and walked over to her moped.
An hour later each men rubbed over a protruding stomach.
“Baby that was the best picnic on record.”
“Thank you.”
“Men, you can clean this up for the beautiful lady.”
“Yes boss, and thank you Mi…”
“It’s Shaylynn.”
“Thank you Miss. Shaylynn for the food, and suggesting the means of transportation.”
“You are all welcome.”
Matao stood and leaned his hand down to Shaylynn.
Shaylynn grabbed onto Matao’s hand, and stood.
Both walked a narrow trail leading to the foot of an abandoned watchtower.
“Would you like to go in?”
“Why not.”
Matao pushed open the squeaky wooden door. He entered and looked around.
Shaylynn followed closely behind.
Matao palmed Shaylynn by the small of her back and turned her around. He pulled her into his embrace. His lips smothered hers. He rested his forehead against hers.
“I have been waiting to do that since this morning.”
Matao inched back and stroked Shaylynn’s cheek.
“Have you ever been made love to in a watch tower?”
“Not even in my dreams.”
“Let me give you something to think about.”
Shaylynn scooted back. She pushed her lacy red thong down her legs and kicked it aside.
Matao loudly whistled.  
Shaylynn unclasped the silver clasp around her neck. Her yellow silk dress instantly drooped under her breasts. She pushed it down her hips. She stepped out of her dress.
Matao looked over the perfection of a woman who he could never imagine sealing her fate with another.
“Come here handsome.”
Matao smiled and walked over to where Shaylynn waited.
Shaylynn quickly undressed Matao. She carefully positioned his two 9millimeters guns on a step.
Matao lifted Shaylynn in his arms. He cupped her buttocks and scooted back against the doorframe.
“I am thankful of the time we have spent together. I promise I will make ever amends to keep you satisfied in Belarus.”
Shaylynn kissed Matao’s lips gently.
“I know you will,” she whispered against his face.
Matao rubbed over Shaylynn’s derrière. He kissed her on the side of the neck.
Shaylynn held her neck to one side.
Matao balanced Shaylynn’s body in his arms; he dropped his hand and palmed his dick.
Shaylynn inched her body upward.
Matao fitted the door of his manhood near Shaylynn’s womanhood. His dick slid up inside her pussy.
“Sass,” Matao hissed. “So fucking tight.”
Shaylynn and Matao kissed.
Matao palmed Shaylynn’s buttocks and squeeze them as his dick knocked inside her.
Matao’s lips deferred Shaylynn’s speaking. His dick continued to climbed higher.
Shaylynn held around Matao’s neck tighter.
She rested her head against his forehead. Her climax seeped out carpeting the head of his manhood.
Matao held Shaylynn’s neck tighter. His ejaculation embraced her climax.
Shaylynn inched her face back.
“Shaylynn I lo…”
Shaylynn kissed Matao’s lips; stilling his declaration.
Matao kissed the side of Shaylynn’s neck. He whispered in her ear, “Don’t run from my affection.” He stuck his tongue inside her ear and then kissed her earlobe. “I am really feeling you and me.”
“Oh Matao.”
Shaylynn’s body shuddered.
Matao lowered Shaylynn to the ground. He rested her back on top of their heap of clothing. He shoved his semi-flaccid inside of her.
“I want you to have a part of me.”
Matao prodded his steady growing erection in and out of her.
Shaylynn wrapped her legs around Matao’s lower back. Her pussy walls wolfed every thrust of his dick bouncing inside of her.
Shaylynn arched her back and climaxed again.
Matao palmed the concreate. He banged his stiff hard flesh inside Shaylynn’s pussy over and on again.
“Oh Shaylynn...”
Matao bobbed his head backwards. He dropped his head forward and found Shaylynn’s awaiting lips. His ejaculation tore out the vessel of his dick.
“Oh shit.”  
Matao froze his manhood in place; he allowed the width of his semi-flaccid manhood to soak in the abyss of her vaginal wetness.
Shaylynn inched her face back; she looked up into Matao’s eyes.
“Baby, I want this.”
“It appears you have it, not once, but I could say twice.”
Shaylynn winked at him.
Matao moved his semi-flaccid inside of her.
“Could I see you later on?”
“I’ve made us reservations for dinner. What hotel are you staying at?”
“The Hotel De Paris Monte-Carlo, the presidential suite.”
“I will come and pick you up later on.”
“Good, I have a surprise for you.”
“You are starting to spoil me with your surprises.”
“You think.”
Matao smiled.
“But in order for that to come into play. We have to get dressed.”
Matao looked around the watchtower.
“I will never look at a watchtower without a special sentiment.”
“That was very nice.”
Matao dropped his face down and kissed Shaylynn on the lips. He slowly drew his face back. He withdrew his dick and stood.
Both dressed while flirting with one another.
Matao convinced Shaylynn to return to his hotel suite after the Mopeds and picnic basket were returned. He undressed her and made love to her in the Jacuzzi on his balcony.
Monte Carlo, Monaco

“Are you sure you do not want me to escort you inside?”
“I’m fine thank you, and I prefer my wardrobe for this evening to be a surprise.”
“So far you have not disappointed me.”
Shaylynn stole a quick kiss to Matao’s lips.
“Thank you.”
“Wait, where is your transportation to return to your hotel?”
“This is Monte Carlo, walking and breathing the fresh air is awesome within itself. In addition, I have an afternoon Sumba session, following a Spa treatment, pedicure, and manicure.”  
“Be careful.”
“We have plans tonight, therefore, I will.”
Matao got into his limousine.  He turned around, Shaylynn had already disappeared.
The chauffeur pushed the door close.

William Churchill Presidential Suite

Kincaid rubbed his hair dry. He threw the towel over the towel bar and exited the bathroom. He slid into a robe, and tied the belt.
His cell phone rang. He walked over to the bedside nightstand, lifted it, and slit it open. He placed it up to his ear.
“Boss, it appears, Matao is not wasting any time, letting Miss. Forrester, know he is in Monaco.”
“I never indulge in riddles, speak English.”
“Matao and his bodyguards have just departed your fiancée’s company. Would you like me to intervene?”
Kincaid thought to himself.
“No, I have to learn to trust her.”
“Are you sure Boss?”
Kincaid hung up the telephone.
Kincaid, if you could hear me, I am so sorry, and I still love you, please marry me and make an honest woman out of me. I love you so much, and I’ve missed you so much. ‘I will be here each day until you are awake and back in my arms.”
Words he swore she uttered to him, but when was this?
Kincaid quickly dressed.
William Churchill Presidential Suite
Several Hours Later

Shaylynn inserted the keycard inside the door port, and slid it back out. She opened the door and entered. She closed the door and placed her shopping bags near the door, and the keycard on the Cherrywood Victorian entrance table. She walked into the living area.
Kincaid was sitting in a chair to the far side of the suite.
Shaylynn sniffed the cologne in the air. She looked around the suite. Her eyes bore directly into Kincaid’s eyes.
“How was your afternoon excursion?”
“ did you get in here?”
“I used the door.” Kincaid stood and slowly advanced to where Shaylynn stood. “This does not look like the same woman who once told me she loved me, and asked me to forgive her for kissing two men in my presence.”
“And this does not appear to be the man, who said he will never hurt me.”
“And I never will.”
“I guess you would say that after you took the one thing that meant the world to me, my ballet school and studio. From here, we have nothing more to discuss. You betrayed me Kincaid, I am hurt, and in disbelief you of all people could have done something like that to me, it was juvenile, childish...and...”
Shaylynn started to hyperventilate.
Kincaid pulled her into his arms.
“Breathe, baby just breathe.” He rubbed over her back and hugged her tighter. “I’m sorry for this mess I have created in our relationship, but this is my mess, therefore please allow me to clean it up.”
Shaylynn stepped back.
Kincaid pulled Shaylynn closer and hugged her tighter.
“I love you Shaylynn, I made a grave error in judgment.”
“Kincaid, it’s too late for us, I’ve moved on, I suggest you do as well.”
Kincaid smelled the side of Shaylynn’s neck.
“You smell so good, I miss holding you, tasting you.” He pulled her closer to his body. He rested his head against her forehead. “Please don’t make this any harder for me.”
Shaylynn inched back and looked up into Kincaid’s eyes.
“Harder for you, Kincaid you pushed me away, not once, but twice.”
 “I heard you tell me, marry you and make an honest woman out of you.”
“You heard me.”
“So you did say that?”
Kincaid kissed Shaylynn’s teary eyes.
“Shaylynn, I want a future with you. After my unfortunate disability and convalescent. I have nothing to show for the success of hard work and dedication.”
“I do not know about us any longer, so much has changed. I do not know if I want a relationship with you at this time. I have to search my heart.”
Shaylynn stepped back.
Kincaid’s hands dropped.
“I will allow you to do that; in the meantime you will have company.”
Shaylynn glanced around the hotel suite. She looked back up into Kincaid’s eyes.
“Wait, are you responsible for this? The hotel, the flight?”
“I needed to see you.”
“I do not believe this. You tell me to go on with my life, yet you called me and remained silent on the other end. Dammit Kincaid, money does not buy happiness, or me neither.”
Shaylynn turned and ran into the bedroom.
Kincaid followed. He walked over to the closed bathroom door, reached downward, and twisted the doorknob. He knocked on the door.
“Go away Kincaid.”
“Shaylynn, I love you, more than words could ever mean.  I know this relationship has run into uncertainty. All I ask of you is to remain at my side.  Baby, I will love you until I take my last breath, and the title to the land that once housed your ballet school is yours, build another, baby build a bigger one. But please walk this fine line with me.”
Shaylynn looked down at the doorknob.
Kincaid reached down and twisted the doorknob again.
“Please talk to me, say something.”
Shaylynn looked down at the lingerie she had left out on the settee. She walked over and lifted a red thong, and the matching bustier. She quickly took off her clothes, and quickly changed into it. She walked to the door and unlocked it.
Kincaid took a deep breath and opened the door.
Shaylynn was at the mirror brushing her hair. She placed the brush down on the vanity top.
“The bathroom is all yours.”
Shaylynn turned and walked to the door.
Kincaid grabbed Shaylynn’s hand.
“I’m sorry, I hurt you, just give us one more chance to get past this.”
Shaylynn snatched her hand back.
“Kincaid just turn and walk out that door.”
Shaylynn walked into the bedroom, and turned around.
Kincaid was leaning against the doorframe with his hands crammed inside his front pants pockets.
“I’m going to take me a nap, before my evening excursion, and I would appreciate privacy.”
Shaylynn walked over to the bed. She removed her thong, and then her bustier; she pulled the top cover back, and got under the covers.
Kincaid walked into the bedroom. He removed his watch and placed it on the dresser. He took off his shoes, socks, his clothes followed. He walked around the bed, and pulled the covers back.
Shaylynn sat up.
“Kincaid, I suggest you rest in one of the other rooms.”
“Shaylynn, I am suffering the effects of jetlag. I am too fatigue to think beyond that.”
Kincaid got in the bed, and pulled the covers up.
Shaylynn turned over on her side.  
“I love you.”
Shaylynn added nothing.
“Do you have feelings for Matao, word has it he’s down here.”
“Yes he is here, and I have already encountered his company, and no, I do not have feelings for Matao,” she threw over her shoulder.
“I know I am asking for the impossible, but could I at least hold you in my arms.”
Shaylynn slowly turned on her back.
She stared at the ceiling.
“Upon my convalescent, the only thing I was praying for was how to tell you I love you, what words I needed to say to you to tell you, I hurt you out of fear; fear of losing you for good, and knowing there was nothing I could do to get you to trust me once again.”
“A simple telephone call would have done, oh, that’s right you did, but you never once spoke.”
Shaylynn turned on her side.
Kincaid rolled over on his side. He propped himself on an elbow. He rubbed a finger down Shaylynn’s arm.
“Please do not do that.”
Kincaid moved Shaylynn’s hair aside, he leaned his head inward, and kissed the back of her neck. He scooted closer.
“I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you to be at this crossroad with me.”
Shaylynn turned over on her back.
“Well you did.”
Kincaid leaned down and kissed Shaylynn on her lips.
Shaylynn turned her face.
Kincaid clasped Shaylynn’s chin and rotated her face to the other side. He dipped his face and kissed her on the lips.
Shaylynn pushed at Kincaid’s chest.
“That part has to be earned again.”
“Don’t push me away, Shaylynn. I need to feel connected to you, I have been physically suffering from the absence of your affection far too long.”
“I do wonder why.”
Kincaid laid his forehead against hers.
“Please touch me, I need to feel forgiven, I need you to help me make this go away. I need you to believe in my word again, the need to love me again, and know I will never let another hurt you.”
“Let another hurt me, calling the kettle black, I will say.”
“Yes I know I’ve hurt you, but have you taken into consideration, I also hurt myself out of my foolishness. I advised you many months ago, I can grow to love you, an emotion I had no practice with. However, with you, it feels so natural to love you.”
“Kincaid, I just don’t….”
Kincaid quickly kissed Shaylynn on the lips. He inched his face back.
“That’s all I’m asking for is another chance.” He drew in a deep breath, and released it. “Please.”
“I have to think about us, or even if we have a future. Kincaid, you hurt me, and words at the moment are not comforting me.”
“Is there anything I could do to speed up the process? I really need to hold my woman in my arms. I hurt you, and I feel no matter what I say, I can’t undo something, which was done out of being spiteful. All I’m asking for you to do is forgive my actions, knowing it will never happen again, and hopefully you could forgive me in your heart for us to go on.”
Kincaid laid on his back.
Silence spoke between the two.  
Kincaid lifted Shaylynn’s hand and placed it over his solid erection.
Shaylynn snatched her hand away.
Kincaid rolled over on his side. He kissed Shaylynn’s shoulder.
Shaylynn scooted away from him.
Kincaid’s body followed pursuit.
“Would you join me for dinner this evening?”
“I have other plans.”
“With Matao.”
“I’ve been asked.”
Just reach out and touch my heart like you once did she thought.
Kincaid palmed Shaylynn’s shoulder and turned her over onto her back. He looked down into her eyes. He rubbed his finger along her top lip.
“Do you still love me?”
Kincaid held his breath waiting or the answer.
“When you were lying in that hospital bed, I felt lost had something dreadful happened to you.”
“And since I’m not lying in a hospital bed do you still love me?”
Shaylynn palmed the sides of Kincaid’s face and slowly pulled his face down to hers. She kissed him on his lips, under his chin, his neck.
Kincaid leaned his head down and seized control of Shaylynn’s lips.
Shaylynn turned her body inward.
“I’m sorry little one, please forgive me, you are my woman I want to build my future with, don’t turn and walk away from me, not now.”
Kincaid spaced his face. He looked down into her eyes.
“From this day forward, no one will depart us.”
“Say that again.”
“Marry me.”
Kincaid swooped his lips on hers.
Both made passionate love.
Le Louis XV Restaurant
Later That Evening

“You look beautiful tonight,” Kincaid whispered.
“That tuxedo makes you look roguish,” Shaylynn returned.
Shaylynn and then Kincaid were seated at an intimate table for two.
Kincaid’s two bodyguards and Geoffrey were seated at a table spaces from theirs.
Shaylynn looked up.
The reflection of the crystal chandelier reflected the diamond of her ten-carat engagement ring.
“This place is a fairytale.” Her eyes darted in every direction. “The artwork is exquisite Thank you for considering me to be your dining companion this evening.”
“Geoffrey, my flight crew, or the company of my bodyguards does not compare.”
Kincaid winked at her.
Shaylynn blushed.
A waiter approached their table.
“Baby, would you be so kind and order in my absence, I have to use the ladies’ room.
Kincaid stood. Shaylynn stood.
“I will be right back.”
Matao and his two bodyguards entered through the doors of Le Louis XV Restaurant.
“You did say Kincaid and she entered this restaurant.”
“Yeah Boss.”
Matao stood at the entrance. His eyes darted in all directions. He spotted Geoffrey speaking to Kincaid. He looked around for Shaylynn.
Shaylynn sprayed a fine mist of perfume to her wrist. She recapped the perfume, dropped it inside her purse, and closed it. She pivoted to the back. The silk sea-blue gown comforted her derrière in good taste. She smiled knowing Kincaid and she almost missed the reservations.
“That man’s sexual appetite is going to have me on my back every night.”
She walked to the door, opened it, and walked out the restroom.
Shaylynn saw Matao waiting in the foyer of the restaurant. She smiled to herself and walked up to him.  She leaned her breasts against his back.
“You look lost handsome.”
Matao placed his hands inside his front pants pockets and smiled at the voice.
“I am without your presence.”
He turned around to face her.
“Wow, you look good enough to take home and eat.”
“I think you have already licked the bowl clean.” She winked at him and smiled.
Matao leaned down and passionately kissed Shaylynn on the lips.
Shaylynn’s lips instantaneously responded.  She inched back and stroked Matao’s cheek.
“I stopped by your suite...”
“Matao...I am.”
“You could explain yourself over our dinner.”
Matao grabbed onto Shaylynn’s hand. He lifted it up to his lips and kissed the top of her hand.
“My limousine is awaiting our presence.”
“Matao, ah…I am presently engaged to Kincaid.”
Matao dropped Shaylynn’s hand.
“As of when!”
“This afternoon.”
Shaylynn held her hand up.
Matao glanced down at the engagement ring on Shaylynn’s finger. He became enraged.
“It’s time I set this shit straight with that bastard.”  
Matao turned and stormed into the restaurant.
Shaylynn rushed behind him.
“Matao, no.”
Matao stormed over to where Kincaid and Geoffrey were seated. His five bodyguards trailed after him.
Kincaid’s bodyguards rushed over to where Geoffrey and Kincaid were talking.
Bruiser and his other bodyguard interceded Matao’s presence.
Kincaid and Geoffrey stood.
“You bastard. Shaylynn belongs to me now!”
Kincaid stepped in front of Matao’s face.
“The woman is my fiancée, and my future.”
Matao took a swig at Kincaid. Matao’s arm were apprehended in a firm grip.
Shaylynn looked in horror at the scene as it developed in front of her.
Kincaid’s and Matao’s bodyguards got into a shoving match, at the chagrined presence of the diners.
Kincaid and Matao shoveling math escalated into fist-to-fist combat
The head waiter planted his presence between the warring bodyguards.
The Soup Chef and some of the staff pulled Kincaid and Matao apart.
“This is not finish Livoski; there will be a day, when that beautiful woman will be on my arm.” He looked over at Shaylynn, “And in my bed”
Matao wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
“I demand you all to leave,” the Soup Chef hissed. He looked around at the dismayed patrons, and then at broken glass fragments, broken plates, and turned over chairs. “At once!”
“Shaylynn are you joining me.”
“Matao, I’m sorry.”
Matao’s eyes pierced hers.
“Come fellows; let’s leave this woman for now with a natural born loser.”
“Not this round,” Kincaid fired back.
Matao slowly backed up. His bodyguards backed up slowly.
“Kincaid, could we forgo dinner this evening, I’m not up to dining.”
Kincaid flexed his swollen hand.
“Yes, I agree.”
“Are you alright?”
Kincaid leaned over and kissed Shaylynn on her lips.
“Knowing I got the woman in the end, yes. Let me get you out of here.”
Kincaid grabbed onto Shaylynn’s hand.
Both walked behind Geoffrey and his two bodyguards to the door.
Two Days Later

Shaylynn rubbed over Kincaid’s hirsute chest wall. She inched up and rested on her elbow. She looked around the spacious stateroom.
“Kincaid, did you have to you lease a yacht for the duration of our stay?”
“Yes, for some odd reason that fucker seems to show up everywhere we go. It appears Matao, does not get the point you are mine. I would never show up at another’s man’s hotel suite, demanding his fiancée’s hand in marriage.”
“Strangely, after I showed him this boulder size ring on my finger at the restaurant. That would have been the end of our association.”
“Serves him right for getting kicked out the restaurant.”
“And escorted from off the hotel grounds.”
“With a bloody nose, from the restaurant, and now possibly a broken arm for showing up at our hotel suite.”
“He brought both altercations to me.”
“Kincaid, your bodyguards are just to blame for inciting matters in the corridor of our hotel suite.
“They or I will never let anyone hurt you, or have you.”
Shaylynn traced over Kincaid’s eyebrow.
“I know.”
She leaned down and kissed the cleft in his chin.
“Please reassure me I am forgiven for my wrong doings.”
“Only if you could reassure me once we are married, we will talk things through.”
“I will reassure if there is a misunderstanding between you and I we would talk it out.”
Shaylynn kissed Kincaid on the lips.
“I will meet you at the alter with that promise. And thank you for buying the land for me in California, and the purchase of my future ballet school and dance studio in Las Vegas.”
Kincaid lifted Shaylynn’s hand and kissed it.
“To see you happy, will always make me happy.”
“And you don’t think me slamming this pussy on you every morning and night doesn’t have anything to do with it.”
Kincaid leaned his head down and whispered something in Shaylynn’s ear.
“Kincaid Livoski.”
“Baby, I’ve missed this, us, and times like this.”
Shaylynn made circles on Kincaid’s chest wall.
“And I have missed times like this as well.”
Shaylynn loosened the covers, and threw a leg over Kincaid’s stomach. She settled her presence on his groin.
Kincaid clasped his hands behind his head.
“You were saying.”
Shaylynn leaned down and kissed Kincaid on his lips. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I will not be saying a word in a minute.”
Her tongue glided down the side of his neck, onto his lips; she kissed them passionately, her tongue continued its journey down his chin. She scooted back.
Shaylynn positioned herself between Kincaid’s thighs.
“Tell me you love me, again.”
Shaylynn kissed Kincaid’s semi-flaccid manhood. She palmed it, and rubbed her palm up and down it, leaning her head in to kiss the taut skin.
“Sss,” Kincaid hissed.
“I did not hear you whisper the words, my ears need to hear.”
Her tongue lapped over the helmet of his dick, down the harden tower, she rested his dick against his lower abdomen and bulldozed her tongue over his testicles.
“I love you Sha...Shaylynn”
Shaylynn suckled Kincaid’s testicles, gently rolling the twin bags of skin in her mouth. She released the lock of her mouth, and kissed his inner thigh; her tongue crusaded over his skin, up to his groin area. She donned kisses to his stomach.
“Shaylynn…what are you doing to this ole man.”
Shaylynn’s palms clenched Kincaid’s skin, her body following. She leaned over and bent her head down to kiss him on the lips.
Kincaid palmed the sides of Shaylynn’s face, and pulled her into his lips.
Shaylynn settled on Kincaid’s groin.
Kincaid removed one of his hand, and cupped his hard dick. He fumbled to find the opening to Shaylynn’s pussy.
Shaylynn inched back, and then honed her pussy down Kincaid’s dick.
“Ugo,” Kincaid moaned against Shaylynn’s lips.
Shaylynn’s vaginal walls gripped Kincaid’s manhood. She rotated the motion of her pussy, leaning down and kissing him over his chest wall. She licked over his nipple, and teased the tip with her tongue.
“Sweet mother fucker.”
Kincaid palmed Shaylynn’s hips, and moved her hips back and forth, siphoning off the feeling. He leaned his head upward, the tip of his tongue, gracing her nipple. Kincaid leaned his head up farther, and mouthed a dangling breast.
Shaylynn kissed the side of Kincaid’s face.
Kincaid palmed Shaylynn’s back, and brought her body downward. He transferred his mouth to the other breast.
Shaylynn’s pussy, wiggled, moved, and gyrated out of control.
Kincaid’s dick dug deeper.
Shaylynn leaned downward.
Kincaid leaned forward.
Two set of lips, intertwined in a purpose, of providing pressure, and receiving pleasure.
Kincaid’s head dented the pillow. His thrusts became uncoordinated, gluttonous.
“Kin…shit baby, I do not want to... Oh Kincaid.”
Shaylynn’s pussy pounded, and then encased around Kincaid’s dick.
“Oh...Shaylynn, I love you so much.
Kincaid wrapped his legs around hers, a pearly monstrous stream of seminal fluid filled her vaginal orifice.
Shaylynn moved to the weakened feeling of his sperm firing inside of her.
Kincaid palmed Shaylynn’s face in a searing her. He kissed her eyes, her nose, and then her lips again.
Shaylynn rocked her pussy.
Kincaid pulsated his semi-flaccid inside of her.
Shaylynn laid on Kincaid’s chest.
“I love you Kincaid.”
Kincaid wrapped his arms around Shaylynn’s lower back
“Enough to relocate to Las Vegas.”
“I am willing to relocate wherever my husband lays his head.”
“I knew we were destined to be together.”
“I’m thankful you saw this coming.”
“And you didn’t.”
“I did, but I wanted this to be a real relationship. My ex-husband taught me to guard my heart.”
“With me, you will always have too.”
Shaylynn inched back.
Kincaid pulled Shaylynn tighter into his embrace.
“That statement applies to other men, who will always attempt to seal my sexy, young, intelligent, and beautiful wife from under my eyes, therefore, yes I need you to always protect your heart with me, so this will never become a thing of our future.”
“You are...”
“A good adjective I presume.”
“Yes. You are a rare catch, and you always think far ahead of me. I will feel blessed to be your wife Mr. Livoski.”
Kincaid kissed Shaylynn on the lips.
Someone knocked on the door.
Two set of eyes, looked over at the door.
“Mr. Livoski, the kitchen staff has prepared lunch.”
Kincaid glanced at the mounted clock hanging on the paneled wall.
“I guess the benefit of marrying a young and vivacious woman, is having me in bed.”
“And out of bed.”
Shaylynn winked at Kincaid.
‘My fiancée and I will be up momentarily.”
Shaylynn rolled off Kincaid, and settled near him.
“Will your staff be joining us this evening?”
“I was thinking eating, and then hitting the sheets for a peaceful night.”
 “Are you sure? What about the poker night.”
“Shit that’s right. Little one would you join me on dry land for an evening under the stars, and a quiet walk along the beach.”
“I would be honored to join you on dry land, and then a romp on the sand.”
Kincaid belted out a laugh.
“I love you.”
“I love you too Kincaid.”
Both kissed.
Minsk, Belarus
Six Months Later

Matao replaced the telephone receiver back in the cradle. He sat back in his chair.
There was a knock on the door.
“Come in.”
One of his bodyguards opened the door and stepped back.
A man carrying a briefcase walked into Matao’s office.
“Boss Mr. Wailuku.”
“I could see that Hangman, thank you.”
His bodyguard pulled the door close.
Matao stood and walked around his desk.
“Nice of you to come in for a second meeting.”
Matao extended his hand.
Mr. Wailuku extended his hand and shook Matao’s hand.
“Thank you for calling me sir.”
Both men dropped their hand.
“Please have a seat.”
Mr. Wailuku turned and claimed a seat across from Matao’s seat. He positioned his briefcase upright near his chair.
Matao walked back around his desk and took a seat. He opened the resume on Mr. Wailuku.
“Mr. Wailuku, I have verified your past employment from various employers in a leadership position. I have heard nothing but praises. Therefore, my shareholders and I would like to extend an invitation to join my family in operating this casino in my absence.”
“I’ve got the job Mr. Pachinko?”
“Yes. There will be an official announcement tomorrow night at a banquet in my honor, which you are required to attend. There, you will meet several other staff members from my affiliating casinos.”
“Thank you Mr. Pachinko, for placing faith in me to oversee such a lucrative and thriving business.”
“As I stated in the previous interview. This will be for one year, from there I will see if your praises still ring true. If so, then it will be extended to five years.”
Mr. Wailuku’s eyes lit up.
“Mr. Pachinko, thank you so much, and I will operate this casino to the best of my ability. In addition, I wish you well in your newest two casinos in Las Vegas.”
“Thank you.” Matao looked down at his watch. “Mr. Wailuku, I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning. You will be assigned a trainee to overshadow you, in the day-to-day operations, until you can fully operate this casino with your eyes closed.”
“I will be here, sir.”
Matao stood.
Mr. Wailuku stood.
Matao extended his hand over his desk.
“Once again, thank you for joining this family.”
Mr. Wailuku shook Matao’s hand.
Both dropped their hand.
“Thank you sir and have a nice afternoon sir.”
“Same applies.”
Mr. Wailuku walked over to the door, opened it, and walked out Matao’s office. He pulled the door close.
Seconds later. Matao heard Mr. Wailuku yelp out a, “Yes.”
Matao smiled and walked over to a table that held two models of his newest casinos, one he purchased, and the daily renovations to another one he overtook facing foreclosure. He walked over to a glassed see through floor-to-ceiling window and looked down on the first floor of his tri-level casino.
Have you ever been made love to in a watch tower?
Not even in my dreams.”
Let me give you something to think about.”
Someone knocked on his door.
“Come in.”
His door opened.
Hangman walked into Matao’s office. He pushed the door close. He looked at Matao’s turned back.
“Boss you all right?”
Matao turned around and walked back over to his desk. He took a seat.
Hangman looked around Matao’s office.
“Boss, aren’t you going to miss Belarus? I mean this casino here and your casinos in Russia have been your baby.”
“Hangman, I still own my casinos. However, I feel it’s time I branch out in other venues.”
Hangman palmed his chin down.
“Boss, forgive me saying, but this sudden venue change does not have anything to do with a certain ballerina.”
“Dammit, it has everything to do with a certain ballerina.”
“Well Boss, by next week, you will be on Vegas soil.”
“What does your men in Vegas tell you about the whereabouts of Shaylynn?”
“She’s staying with Mr. Livoski at his residence.”
“Was there any luck with the Realtor finding me a residence?”
“Yes…ah, as you requested the Estates at Southern Highlands. Orchard Hill Estate belongs to you Boss.”
“The decorator has been working on your every intimate detail.”
Matao nodded his head at the progress of his ruling.
“Then I say Hangman, we are all ready for Las Vegas, Nevada. There will be accommodations for you five to reside at your own penthouse in the Watchtower Resort and Casino. Make sure you all have your passport, and the proper visa. I do not want any setbacks when I step foot in Nevada.”
“Boss, we are all set, we are just waiting for the time.”
“Good, now there is work to do.”
“Yes sir.”
Hangman turned and walked over to the door. He opened it and pulled it close.
Matao sat back in his chair. He has been thinking about Shaylynn on a daily basis. He will make sure he comes out the victor. Thank goodness he was able to buy several shares in Livoski Hotel and Casino under a bogus name. He remember that motherfucka almost broke his arm, and his nose.
“You will pay after I take everything from under you; mainly, a beautiful woman who should be sharing my bed, fucking bastard!”
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Two merged chapters ripped out of one of my published novels… mm... do enjoy

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