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Double lives of proper wives

To improve the security of our house,
We installed cameras, advanced and new,
My wife made sure,
They were angled for,
The maximum field of view.

I forgot about them for a time,
But it was a different story for my wife,
Every night,
Are they alright?
This new obsession consumed her life.

This went on for several weeks,
And slowly my suspicions grew,
Could this thing,
Be interesting?
It was about time that I knew.

So I accessed the recordings,
All deleted, nothing live,
Yet piles and piles,
Of old files,
That my wife had meticulously archived.

Curious, I watched these videos,
Starting with the last one, camera five,
That camera zoomed,
On next door’s bedroom,
I could clearly see inside.

I saw my neighbour’s wife upon the bed,
With two men I didn’t know,
Two on one,
Threesome fun,
Broadcast through her open window.

Camera four filmed out the back,
Looked into my neighbour’s yard,
Old lady, full of joy,
And pool boy,
She rode him fast and hard.

Camera three aimed across the street,
At a mansion, upon the hill,
Matron queen,
Clearly seen,
On all fours, stretched and filled.

Camera two looked down the side,
Upon a cottage, cute, petite,
Two plump wives,
Undressed inside,
Doing something wanton and indiscreet.

All these prim and proper women,
We’re cheating on their spouse,
But camera one,
Left me stunned,
It looked back at our own house.

The camera aimed at our guest room,
Zoomed in, the bed real close,
I watched the feed,
Somewhat nervously,
My attention, totally engrossed.

I was so focused that I didn’t hear,
My wife sneak in the room.
With graceful skill,
Behind me, still,
While my attention was consumed.

On the video she was with some man,
They had both removed their clothes,
Her soft wet lips,
Where he was thick,
As debauchedly down she goes.

I had no time to process this,
But that wasn’t the biggest shock,
Another came,
Within the frame,
Wielding a large impressive cock.

My wife sucked him with gusto,
The other filled her from behind,
Like the ocean,
In bobbing motion,
Three perversely ebbed and flowed in time.

I watched the video mesmerised,
Two cocks pumped in and out.
As her plump tits flopped about.

This was so unlike my demure wife,
To be stuffed from either end,
In vivid HD
Her ecstasy,
I could barely comprehend.

Then something strange happened to me,
A wild wantonness emerged,
Out it popped,
My eager cock,
Possessed by a lusty urge.

I stroked slowly first, then gathered pace,
While I grew hard as a rock,
My strokes aligning,
To on-screen timing,
Of wife smearing lipstick over cock.

I was startled back to real life,
My wife spoke aloud from quite near,
“Now look at you,
So horny too!”
She had a grin from ear to ear.

In a flash, she was between my thighs,
With my cock pressed to her face,
Her velvet lips,
Upon the tip,
Sliding deliciously towards the base.

I saw her entertain two men on screen,
While she worked up and down my shaft,
Bottom to top,
With pleasing “pop”,
She was an expert at her craft.

Perversely her soft wet strokes,
Lit a raging fire in my lap,
Through sordid haze,
A lusty blaze,
An inferno that meant no turning back.

The pressure really began to build,
She could sense I was nearly done.
Final stroke,
My dam broke,
And I showered her with come.

Since then, I’ve encouraged my wife,
To act as a proper housewife should,
To take her leisure,
Spreading pleasure,
Around the neighbourhood.
Written by Noble_Incubus
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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