Rules of Love ( Love people the way you want to be loved)


Rules of LOVE

Be honest.

Be truthful.

If you love someone or somebody don't mess over them.

Don't lie.

Be THERE when that person cry

Don't betray.

Don't creep.

Don't bit the hands that feed you and who is trying to help you.

Be THERE when that person is down and needs someone.

Don't abuse the love.

Don't let anybody talk bad about the person you love.

If that person messing up tell him or her about it because if you love that person you will always tell the truth.

Truth hurts yea I know, but if someone tells you the truth about yourself that means they care.

Love that person unconditionally.

Don't hold your feelings back.

Don't distance yourself from that person.

Don't spit in that person's face.

Don't do them wrong or leave that person all alone.

Don't cheat.

Don't steal.

Don't put pain in their heart.

Lift that person.

Help build with that person.

Get to know that person.

Know what that person loves and doesn't love.

Know the favorite color, what that person likes to do.

Know everything about that person.

Know how to make that person happy.

Know HOW to cheer that person up when he or she is down.

Don't scheme.

Don't judge what that person doesn't have.

Don't look down on that person.

Share feelings and secrets if you love that person.

Don't forget that person when you doing good.

While fighting, admits that both are wrong and come back together.

Don't leave that person in a bad place.

Be there through the pain.

If that person acting up, tell him or her about it.

Talk to one another on the phone or text that person. Communication is the key.

Care about that person's life and where is that person heading in their life.

Don't leave that person beaten, nurse that person back to health.

Don't play WITH each other feelings.

Don't play with each other hearts.

Don't let each other down.

Stick up for one another.

Be THERE through thick and THIN.

In other words to all this, love people the way you want to be love.
Written by Driqwright1490
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