My Brown Eyed Boy

I fell in love with a brown eyed boy, it’s not a love I can say I enjoy.
I’m addicted to him but I never would have predicted the pain that would be inflicted.
I should have detected that he injected drugs,
Maybe he felt neglected and heroin made him feel protected.
I don’t think he understands who his choices have affected.
I’m addicted to an addict. Who would have suspected…
I don’t know how I got myself into this mess, but as you would guess it causes me stress.
But it was love at first sight, he’s such a delight… when we don’t fight.
When I stay overnight, everything is so right, the world seems so bright.
The way he holds me tight in the dim bedroom light, everything feels so perfect,
But not quite…
He sits upright, turns on the light, grabs his syringe, Walks to the bathroom out of sight.
He runs the water, fills his pin, returns with a grin. He pulls the string around his skin,
Gives the needle a spin, and injects his heroin. Quickly lays back ,waits for it to kick in.
He pulls me close, slurred words of sweet nothings…
My head tells me to run, but my heart will always win.
He starts to fall asleep, I can’t let myself weep, don’t you dare make a peep.
My love for him runs so deep, but I know he’s something I could never keep.
I drift asleep, the next day I awake, I never know if he’ll want me to stay.
His morning routine is a replay of last nights display.
He’s toxic… but he still takes my breath away.
I pray he loves me one day…
The weeks are all the same, let me explain, he puts one bun in the gun safe,
And when that’s done, there’s none. In that case we gotta run.
Once again the drugs have won…
We jump in the car, the money I give him is a ton.
 Going downtown isn’t much fun. Now the lies have begun…
His words cut through me. He tells me this is the last time,
He’s going to pay me back every dime, I smile and nod.
A tear falls every once in awhile. I think we’re both in denial…
We get back home and hide the dope that I supplied. He’s feeling satisfied.
I sit outside by the roadside my world coming untied, my life crucified.
I have thoughts of suicide…
Written by Lo_bedda (Lo Lo)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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