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Deafening Silence.

Sometimes words are just not enough!
Sometimes actions are futile in the need for extreme expression!
In those moments when thereís not enough things to brake!
When no amount of profanity can justify the chaos raging inside!
Those moments the Incredible Hulk would run away and hide!
The only recourse of action is to burst my lungs with an inhuman amount of breath!
Break the sound barrier with a scream equal to the loudest bang at the beginning of creation!
A scream that can shatter the planet to rubble and throw the other ones out of orbit!
A scream that will shatter the windows of heaven and cause earthquakes and volcanoes in hell!
A scream so loud I spray blood from my mouth!
A scream so loud my demons cower in fear begging for my mercy!
 A scream to end all shit!
To end the shit thatís rained down on me!
To raise the dead and make them pay for their sins against me!
A scream to realise that in spite of it all, nobody gives a fuck!
No matter how bad someone else has had it worse, so shut the fuck up and suck it up!
So into the bottle it goes along with all the other bullshit!
The lids on tight as it should be, but itís running out of space!
One day itíll burst!
The shards will fly and the edges will cut!
Theyíll see what theyíve done and theyíll blame it on me!
Itís all my fault!
Of course it is!
Who else is possibly responsible?
Keep it all in!
Keep it all down!
Donít give in!
Be the better man, and continue as normal.
The scream is contained, so loud nobody can hear it.
Nobody but me.
Just like the screams inside everyone else.
One day the bottle will break.
And I donít want to be around when it does.
Written by Lord_Stabdagger (Lord Stabdagger)
Author's Note
Those moments.............
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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