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Dark Affair's

You know I love you but we fucked up
This can't continue were dumb as fuck
You have a boyfriend
And we're kinda all living together

If we get caught I'll be on the street again
You'll probably be forgiven
Get the cold shoulder for a weekend
I get you need to be appreciated
Loved nurtured
stimulated mentally
Pushed to think critically
Be open and free
to be what you seek
To have passion and dreams
To have someone that understands you
That has been thru the shit to
That feels the way you do
That doesn't judge you and will always love you
I'm honored I can be that for you
I wish I could be more to...
But He's gonna notice something eventually
How weird your acting
Always smiling zoning off and laughing
Or he'll catch us in the act
Us kissing or me smacking your ass
Or me fucking you savagely
He’ll hear the moans of you orgasming
Your moaning and screaming
Then come looking
Opening the door to
 me fucking your pussy
Me holding your throat while I thrust violently
Fucking you raw and deep and internally
Filling your pussy with my hot seed
You laying there wet and shaking convulsing with pleasure
filled and dripping with my warm cum
Leaking from you onto the sheets
What if he hears you say you're killing me
While I'm deep in those guts
And he busts in the door waving a gun
Manically laughing saying now ends your fun
Paints the wall with are brains and are lungs
I love you till there is no more sun
Till the earth dies and my breath leaves my lungs
But your not thinking
Not really even sneaking around
We talk and kiss like nobody's around
How long you think that's gonna last
And if we don't get caught
And when we end this physical dance
It will be easy for you to go back
You'll still have a man
I'll go back to nothing like I've always known
 Being lonely missing what I had  
And Expected to act like nothing happened
Like you weren't the best kisser I've ever known
Like I didn't get lost in that tiny warm pussy
Wet ..dripping
Thrusting pumping
Exploding erupting
Moaning oh my god that pussys fire
As your moans get louder
And your kegel clamps down on me squeezing tighter
I'm pouring sweat and can't last much longer
Gripping your thighs I explode
 releasing my soul
At the end of this
 all I'll hold is memories
I've got nobody waiting for me
Don't make me fall in love with you just to take it away
That's cruel don't take what you need from me then leave me all blue  
Sitting in misery while you two laugh right in front of me
Me Dying inside missing the memories
Wanting that kiss
Your taste and your scent on my lips
Just haunting me
Teasing me
It will be easy for you to go back
Soon you'll act like it was nothing
You'll forget my love
 my touch
 and heartbeat
You'll forget the deepest parts of me
The inner me
The innocent me
And I'll be left to bleed alone
Stitching my broken heart together
Drowning the memories with beer and some dope
Doing whatever it takes so I can just cope.
Losing a women I loved to the bone
Deep in the soul
Mind and spirit
Missing her hold
I'll survive
and move past it with time
But ohhh
The memories
And The scars left behind ….

Written by Cosmonaut-x
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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