Manifesting the Dream

Last night I awoke melting in a cold sweat. My blankets, pillows, and sheets they were all wet. Feeling sleepy I laid back down. My pillow wreaking of salt water now. Obviously there were tears but I don't know why, I don't typically cry, everyone I love is still alive. Must of been The dream of you and I. I don't have it every night babe, but when I do I cry and you cry too. I'll tell you about it if you really want me to. Okay, if your prepared, I'm not scared. 3 am in the morning with pitter pattering on the roof, at least I would assume. There was no real up and down, left and right, just us, just the night. Face timing in the hall, a solitary painting hanging on the wall. Such a dark night but the painting was so bright, much like your glowing eyes on the darkest of nights. No window no door. The rain starts to pour. Speaking ceases we stare more and more. Telepathicly we know what the other needs, eyes become one pair, hearts become one beat. We feel it we know it. Staring harder now, our screens dissipate into the air. were standing face to face as if this was our fate. Never meant to leave this hall. Meant to be yours after all. Your eyes fall of rain pitter pattering on whatever surface. The rain falls harder and harder. I'm getting so nervous. All I can see is your soft brown watered eyes, im lost and i don't want to be found. So profound so high I'm not coming down. Ever! We move closer and closer now, arms intertwine legs interwine, gently falling to the floor you are now mine and I'm yours. The rain fall melts us right there on the floor into the everlasting pulsating puddle of the brightest blue and darkest grey that we are today. It boils it steams. This love is more than just dreams.
Written by Jeremiah_Miah
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