it's the subtlety of you...    
..that profoundly speaks    
beyond the allure of your physique's your mystique...    
that has my inquiring mind piqued    
...more than just the IT Factor    
it's something extra ordinary..    
..extra-sensory about you    
as if you know something these    
other women don't..    
your mystique...standing out.. a crowded room..with that    
gravity..compelling masculine eyes    
...revolving like so many moons..    
casting stares..and glances..    
...wondering what are their chances..    
their hopes..of getting next to you    
..beyond that invisible velvet rope    
you have around you..    
..that undeniable aura    
that surrounds you    
...balanced with an earthy quality..    
that grounds you..    
...makes a man want to be    
more than what he is..    
.....just to engage you...    
it's so obvious    
how you got the herd envious fevers to    
all the wanna be divas ...    
...with their painted on skirts    
and 6' stilettos that hurt like hell    
..over accessorized    
flaunting easy access    
..trying to work the room    
while you sit back    
..ever so calm in your confidence    
my compliments to you lady    
..without saying a word..    
you've taken us men to task    
.i sense a high degree of    
feminine intellect in effect here    
..lurking behind your mask    
a glimpse is all this brotha asks    
..a lil somethin to go on...    
you've already given me    
somethin to grow on...    
..just in the mere acquaintance    
of your presence ...    
inspiring such effervescence    
..but i gotta be    
more than just some dude    
....can't be actin all subdued    
if i'm to cultivate a    
.....deeper mood with you..    
so with all that said...    
here i come..    
Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 22nd Jan 2016
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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