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Poetry or Death

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

What would you chose to do?
Imagine: The government has been taken over and replaced by a dictator. Poetry, written or performed has been made illegal. The death penalty is the punishment - yesterday 300 poets were rounded up and executed.

write a poem about this
write a poem about you're reaction to this

would you defy?

New poems
40 lines or less
all must be titled
rhyming scheme; your choice or none
if possible have fun

Fire of Insight
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Mischievous Poetry

I crept out during a starless night
a mad poet heeding Thalia's call
it felt justified sneaky and right
as I glued this to the palace wall

From The Watchers

Oh great dictator thou art but a fool
the arts keep the masses occupied
it's all very well to be evil and cruel
if hatred for you isn't nationwide

It is and I just told you the reason
watch out or it's gonna get hard
you'll swing on a rope for treason
we told you never go full retard

Let them compose let them read
grant them freedom of expression
then you can do your dirty deed
without much fear of retribution

Guardian of Shadows
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Last Writes

My pen
is bigger than your
and your dic-

Jesus already died
for your sins
when the word became
flesh, so
I shall die for my own
and help you pull
the trigger.

May I watch your eyes
as I go,
rhyming all the way?

“One dictator,
Two dictator,
Three dictator,
I am just an immolator
And a poetry whore.”

My arms are spread
now shoot—
unless you’re afraid…

Strange Creature
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sorry im new

Strange Creature
Joined 20th Apr 2017
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poems always live

my love for poetry will always sore up to the stars for the stars are were all poets have always found their muse.so if they try and abuse us then bring it on cause poetry will always live on in our hearts and up to the skies. brighten up eyes  
Written by fire-fox
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Tyrant of Words
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Underground Un~Sound

All my thoughts and words
they have been deemed unfit
Illegally yours to these new laws
I totally refuse to commit

Comparable to Capone  
hiding whiskey, cigars and such
I need my words, they are my blood
even better than that first touch

I am your chosen one
my secrets are here to stay
Take my hand poets,
allow me to lead the way

Come with me
down this sweat soaked path
They will never take away whats mine
for I will unleash my wrath

You will never know me
disappearing in the wind
Calling my words a crime
is your own mortal sin

Ill die before I give up my words
you will never take me alive
I chose the pen and paper my friend
Now and up until the very twisted end...

Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom 39awards
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Many thanks for these great entries - mysteriouslady, fire-fox, MadameLavender, Northern1 - I really enjoyed all of them :-)

Tyrant of Words
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We are the new renegades,
The new outlaws who aren’t afraid,
To express the words of the human soul,
Against these tyrants and their blockades.
We’re on a crusade,
To keep our spirits free from tyranny,
To let the entire world hear our words,
Their swords aren’t sharp like our conspiracy.
It isn’t heresy,
We are the new rebels against oppression,
Versus the doctrines of the rich and few,
Our verses have freedom in expression.
We are the poets and writers,
With ideals wilder than fires,
Spreading the truth to all men,
You can never imprison our will
An idea you will never be able to kill
Poetry is alive in the hearts of all men.

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom 39awards
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thank you AEMelia564 and wallyroo92, another two excellent entries

Dangerous Mind
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300 lie in silence
but the words live on
we will paint your town
with our crimson words
of poetry
till there is no one left
to follow

Lost Thinker
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My Old Friend Darkness "Why"

But....My old friend, Darkness has consumed them all.  
Jealousy...Hatred...and his consumed soul.  
Why my old friend....have you betrayed me?  
"Because I am a mindless soul...That eager's to see the blood and take them whole..  
But your soul is the acceptation....  
I think i will chew you in 2 seconds..  
Your soul just smells so good...I cant resisted your souls delicious appearance.  
I'm sorry friend but you are no more."  
W..Why.. my old friend darkness.....Why did you put me in horror
Written by Ahrima
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poet Anonymous

Dangerous Mind
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Paper Chase

You control with your piousness
Fingers holding down
those who are greater
Than the small hands
words you use
You compose, to hurt and destroy

300 lives were taken
Due to your jealousies
About what made them
Greater than you could ever be

Even in death,
Their words brought to life suddenly
By your desire to hush

Their inkwells deep with memories
Eloquently transform on paper
Cleaner than your hands,
Will continue to run circles around
Your indecency

Lost Thinker
United States
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what would happen if death left...
would it be the end...?
everyone says no...
are they here or are they home..?
If death goes from strong to weak...
we will be suffering.
us old us broken us who just want to die....
death don't leave us or ill cry..
or ill be eaten alive...
I don't want to suffer
Or ill be under the covers of my bed...
Please swallow me whole kill me now
Give me sweat linger of death...
Written by Ahrima
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