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Books available by me on Amazon Bathroom Graffiti Terry Smith Angel Vomit †Terry Smith Sid & Mary (Opal ) a journey into the wasteland

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Review #1: Review by Robin Goodfellow
Review Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed By Robin Goodfellow for Readersí Favorite
Angel Vomit: A Love Story, by Terry Smith, is a collection of poetry dedicated to exploring the beautiful cruelties of love. The collection details a manís journey from first falling in love to finally letting go. Each poem is succinct and illustrates the possessiveness love forces an individual to go through. From the initial stages of infatuation to the hardships of letting go, Smith illustrates just how much of a journey love can take someone. Itís both beautiful and destructive, and with poems such as For The Love of Chaos and A Beautiful Way on a Southern Road, the book is simple and elegant in its depiction.

There was one particular poem that I enjoyed, and that was Love is Lost at the End. Personally, the poem reminds me of a couple that has fallen out of love, as though it were a shadow of its former self. It reminded me of the song Brothers on a Hotel Bed by Death Cab for a Cute, with the same melancholy underlying it. For The Love of Chaos and Little Keepsakes were also some of my personal favorites, portraying both the evanescent and enduring qualities love tends to contrast. There were poems I felt couldíve used a little work, such as Dancing in a Dandelion Daydream. There were also poems in the collection that were more enjoyable than the titular poem, Angel Vomit. Even so, Smith depicts the intricacies of love in a way thatís bittersweet and romantic.

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