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self examination of my psychopathology ~

inspired by "puberty" [1895]

         at times i fall through
         the  jaundiced passage
         of my memories

   & the space between days
   expands into a nothingness
   that fills the anxious creases
   in faded floral prints ~

           ... there is always
               a cold, triumphant laugh
               echoing across the ceiling ...

      {he pasted stars there
      & glued my thighs together}
                  he never visited
                  when i bled

         & my womb clenched
         painful gratitude
         at sleeping barren

              concerns forgotten
              for five days until
              i watched the stars again

    though there's a
    vacancy sign on the door
    i visit that room
   on nights i'm with you

poet Anonymous

Are pictures of his paints allowed to be posted?

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jade tiger
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The Madonna

Her face a saffron blush,
a Madonna at dusk,  
stands at a barred window,
a cracked adobe cameo of
myrtle and palm fronds.  
I pause, spellbound
amid slow-rising dust
from my barefoot trek
through a quiet village  
to contemplate the new moon,  
when the Andalusia sky
is lavender and violet,  
and the village youths
in procession;
a lamentation with lanterns  
passing before their Madonna,
bathed in the scent
of orange and mint,
ants creeping  
through her gypsy hair  
her brow,
a raven's wingspread;
the sky deepens,  
female peacocks
blend with the earth,  
a distant row of cypress
marking where the road lies,
and from the belfry storks emerge
to glide majestically
in a slow widening arc,  
their shadows undulate
o'er the cheekbone of a riverbed,
the undying sun
casts its yield of sangria  
through newly plowed fields.  


poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous



the sea doesn't make me smile
the flowers leave no impression
the sun  hurts my eyes
leaving a face with cold expression

alcohol has no buzz
bird song is pure oppression
the sky has no beauty
leaving a face with cold expression

a kiss left a burn
embrace a volcanic session
touch is underrated
warming the face of cold expression  

poet Anonymous


The old Calico cat slept in his basket
In a room filled with rusted silver teapots
North Sea winds battered through the window frames
rattling the glass
empty jars lined the hall where
fishing nets were draped

An old man sat still in a dark rocking chair
his hands curled around a rifle
moments before the ending
seconds after the telegraph

poet Anonymous

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geoff cat
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her face  
an open scream  
like portraits found hanging  
halls papered in cloth squares  
with angels, and black feasting crows  
I walk the soft hookings  
standing briefly to admire  
reaching to adjust  
the lines(’)  


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Based on Edvard Munch paintings 'Cupido' and 'Weeping Nude'

Secret Vista

I am a painter

I pry with eyes not seen by others
They feel safe thinking they’re alone

From where I sit and
The instruments of help I have

I’ve watched her fall in love

I was stunned and blushing
At the number of times he could perform

I am a jealous old man

Then something changed
She looked different
The stroke of her hand
The look in her eyes as he
Balanced above her ready to climb

So beautiful was that moment
I knew I had to record it

Reaching for pencil and paper
I sketched as fast as I could

Hoping beyond hope I captured her look

The rough result
Then my painting
Caught what I was seeing and
I realized…

She was in love

Their liaisons have continued for some time
But today, this last one
He left straight away after he’d performed and
I found her as she is now


The rarest beauty I have ever seen
Is also the saddest as
She sits on her bed before me

Naked...and weeping

© Kate Adams 15/7/16

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