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Murder mystery

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Poetry Contest

It is YOUR murder mystery . Totally cruel or done in a soft manner (poisons?)
Poems up to fifty lines or so. People will judge how good...or bad it is. Indeed, some crime novels ''kill'' you with just tooooooo many descriptions about the environment, the settings etc.  The who, the why and the where are more important.  Especially the motivation of the killer,

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Totally sad

A beautiful day in Darmstadt
As the young couple sought a quiet place
In the nearby wood.
In the shade.  Discreet.
They walked along a narow path.
Around the bend Martha noticed a bunched up white sheet
Splashed with a lot of red wine.
Mark looked closer, saw long brown hair entertwined with branches
The body of a young woman
Mark puked,  Martha screamed.
Police were called.
Turned out that the young lady, by the name of Anna Göldi Mayer
Was part of a sect, killed by her lover as a sacrifice and in penitence
To his god Besha.
''Amazingly sad'' said detective Rheingold
''How so'' asked his assistant
''Her name.  Anna Göldi was the name of the last witch
Executed in Europe..........
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Then Blood

for nights and nights along
I wandered without a guide
without guard without you
where were you I don't know
the cold you felt
did not cover
I try to guess
how did you survive
and I didn't find you
on landscaped balconies
or hotel lobbies
you watched me
I know in the moonlight
gloomy steeples
by the roadside
off the maps
buried ark of pirates
with your eyes fire
of fireworks
to explode in the skies
gray seas
that I sailed around you
in vain...
return to recipient
they all stamped
the looks I sent you
I didn't give up the cards
with views
so obvious and portrayal
true to their points
as if your eyes
dangerous and slow
not all colored ones
and then in pieces
leave them at the bottom
out of a basket…
I spent days kissing your lips
in the bedroom mirror
and your eyes don't
were there
your cow eyes
wolf in heat
the sea licked me
from the bowels
your absence
high tide took you
to the shores of the earth
Of fire...
I watched the horses
to ruminate foolishly
the grass in front
your house
the seven black arrows of jealousy
stuck me to the core
of the flesh
red light at 45 degrees
off tango...
waning phase of black moon...
the knife and the rose shed blood
tattooed anchors
panties hanging in the box
passion is a bunch of fur
on the toothbrush
I've been hiding in the street
I thought you would never arrive
we have to find someone to blame
for the crimes
and let's do the discussion
in cordial terms...
let's face it my angel
you never thought to tell me
the lies
wistfully normal
of lovers
we always kept
between us
the frankness of the fakes...
I turned off the light
you locked the door
and we ate
in our gas chamber
Mein Got
how we were wrong
I wore your lipstick
and spanked you
you teared up and left
to the manicure
your red nails
they tortured me
the testicles
hurt the unforgettable
rhythm of hitting your
buttocks and I covered you...
you stole the sheet
on feverish nights
March almost ended
or early April...
I drooled your shoulder many times
and you almost broke your collarbone
don't stand there looking at me
wide open
that I need to find a way
to clean the blood
of the kitchen fixtures.

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You engendered plans
you wanted to be a
serial killer.

You had a list
full of victims
and you already knew
what to do with corpses.

The instruments
clean tidy
several freezers.

You engendered plans
and then you would pass
all afternoon sleeping,
dreaming dead people...

Fingers, ears, scrotums!

Police investigations
____________ all clean.
Blood stains
____________ all clean.

Executable plans
and bodies piled up,
without emotions,
no impressions,
____________ all clean.

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I can hear some spirit voices  
Let me rest in one piece  
Let me rest in one place  
I pray to prey  
Of course, am a predator
Oh Pls! Police inspector..    
Posing for a bystander    
Simply a pretender    
Who is my next target?    
I pray to prey    
Of course I am a predator    
Next on my agenda
Not minding you screaming from the pain of labour    
Collect your remains from the Sept of Baelor    
Skin and sew you though am not a tailor    
Not like my knees to my elbows    
At night..    
Graduate to my pillow    
As we go!
My alibi placed me in Oswego!..
Trying everything they got to do to prevent her
 These skills I got inside my mother's womb at the first trimester    
For my own good just not too clever
There's nothing you can do or say to make me feel any better..    
In bed, I just ask what's her mileage?    
In return with fear she's asking what is my aim?    
So you see police inspector    
No scapegoats here, put some of these blames on my ancestors.. Oh!    
A body laying lifeless  
Head and torso one side  
About to dismember her legs  
A crime scene they call such place  
As such is her fate  
Live and remember this date  
Posing for a bystander    
Simply a pretender    
Who is my next target?    
I pray to prey    
Of course  I am a predator
Written by Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
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The Mystery of Each Murder Solved!

 A Parlor Game

"No whodunnit has one clue as to who really done it."
-- Reality clued in  
Who yet loves not a lively murder mystery most rare,    
each story full of thrills, suspense, and twists beyond compare,    
a list of sneaky suspects, plus a villain sly and slick,    
and one top-dog detective still no ordinary dick,    
who on encountering a corpse, presumes it fully dead,      
it being shot and bludgeoned by the wrench and pipe of lead,    
the carpet in the dining room quite ruined by the brains,    
the penis hanged beside the gutted scrotum's wee remains,    
the rectum split by candlesticks stuck rudely up the ass,
the hemorrhoids protruding from the Colonel's mustard gas --    
though any freak a fan of murder knows sans any doubt
the sharpest of detectives quick the Truth shall ferret out,    
while any sleuth of Logic 101 knows every clue    
shall straight reveal each killer from a fertile ovum grew,  
the motive of the witless egg -- the greedy need to breed,  
its means and opportunity -- some retard named Dick Seed.    
a dedication of Respect    
the continuous Pain of the victims untold of manifold murderers      
a revolving helios rhyme menippean satire on    
the diehard ideology of natalism --  
necessarily pro-murder,
in addition to pro-dying and pro-death    
january, 2023 -- yet bundles of babies being born    
ultimately to mature into hard-determined
(aside form rapists and pedophiles)
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Unraveling the Truth: A Poetic Mystery

In the dead of night, a haunting cry,
A soul cut short, a mystery sky-high.
Who could have done it, with malice so great,
Leaving a victim, with no reason to relate.

The detective steps in, with a sharpened gaze,
Scanning the scene, for evidence ablaze.
The motive unclear, the culprit untold,
The case begins, its secrets untold.

As the clues mount, the trail heats up,
The killer's identity, begins to erupt.
A tangled web of lies and deceit,
The truth concealed, too sly to beat.

But the detective perseveres, with a steady pace,
His resolve unbreakable, in the killer's chase.
The motive uncovered, the killer confesses,
Justice prevails, with a final success.

The storm subsides, the night yields to dawn,
The mystery solved, its secrets are drawn.
The detective triumphant, a job well-done,
The killer locked up, until justice is won.
Written by Pratik
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poet Anonymous

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Mary Doesn't Lie

I remember her asking me to come nearer
It reminded us of a time that started but one of our fears
She said that I was cute and oh how much she loved me
She placed her mouth down there and oh how much she hurt me

There were promises of treats that I can even name
I was twisted and contorted in ways that I can't explain
But this was our secret we even pinky swore
She created another me that never existed before

I still remember that hot alcoholic breath all in my face
Begging to touch me, for just a little taste
I can remember being stalked as if I were prey
Allowed to tuck me in at night and then having her way

This was when my mind created Mary's persona
Overprotective of me, with a whorish aroma
You should remember her from Split Promises
Mary quieted my mind and took all the risk

Mar promised me that time would pass and so would you
It would always take younger food to satisfy you
There came a time when I was considered handsome, instead of cute
We created another persona to deal with the man that couldn't be refused

But now you're breaking the rules proving Mary a liar
My body has filled out and it's the object of your desire
You no longer seek the cute, you seek the hard body of a man
One that you have bred to fulfill your every demand

But my new persona doesn't like what he doesn't like
The way that you breathe into my face, the way that you suck the pipe
He knows that you like gin with a twist of lime
He took the rat poison and gave it a grind

Slowly but surely he added a little to each of your drinks
He watched through out the night as you sank drink after drink
He's not as deranged as others may think
He's cold and calculating, listening to every slurred word and watching every eye blink

When the glass fell from your hands, he looked at Mary who gave him a wink
Quietly and with the ultimate stealth he retrieved a plastic bag from under the sink
Mary placed it over your head, duct taped around the neck
We all sat around and watched you traveling from this world into the next

Hahaha fuck bitch
Written by I_IS_ME
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Spllt Promises

This is Mary, some think she's a whore
But that's because, they don't know
She was the one that always protected me
When They came in at night trying to take me

Mary would step right in and relax my mind
Taking me to a place that's hard to find
In this world she took the pain
The only thing that I saw was candy rain

She has watched over my sleep
Waking me up in the morning without a peep
Before we got ready for school
Then hiding our clothes that were all torn from me being a tool

Yes this is Chad, really quiet for his age
He really should be more out going at this stage
he's really secretive, likes to be off to self
Although he's young he writes a lot about death

And finally this is Frank, really tough for a kid
dominance, forcefulness, are all at his bid
He was created, when they did what they did
you know Frank was the one that pissed all over that lid

For some reason, Mary's been holding me by the hand
Seems Chad and Frank are hashing a plan
Chad is telling Frank to do it with stealth
Frank is telling Chad to do it with death

We all four watched as the match was struck
Anyone not leaving with us is out of luck
No fire alarm, Chad turned the power off
Fire was started in the basement and the loft

This isn't shit but a deathtrap for anyone left in this house
They shouldn't had fucked with us that's why they were left in the house
We all have one story of how our escapes was made
We barely crawled out, is what we said

But like a recording it's replaying back in our mind
They were looking for someone that wasn't there to find
Quickly becoming trapped by the smoke and fire
We covered ourselves in soot and watched the flames leap higher

They screamed and yelled
Trapped in a man made hell
Paying for the sins that made Eden fell
And just as we promised, we'll never tell

Written by I_IS_ME
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Teenage Love

Ah, the smell as I entered the house, I could smell everything needed
There was someone living here that thought Death could be cheated  
As I carefully closed the kitchen door behind me  
I grabbed a knife from the counter and then hid in the pantry  

Ever so quietly I watched the goings and coming into the night  
Then there was my cue when someone said, "turn out the kitchen lights"  
I crept from the pantry ever careful quiet was kept  
Everyone was upstairs, except one, downstairs is where grandpa slept  

As I entered his room he saw the knife and agreed to no strife  
He had fucked a many pussies and lived one hell of a life  
We looked each other in the eyes as I slowly lowered the knife into his chest  
He looked as though he was thanking me for sending him to his eternal rest  
He died without struggling there wasn't even any kicking  
This pissed me the fuck off, so I took the knife and just started sticking  
Covered in blood as I slanked up the staircase  
Grandpa barely wet my appetite, now it was time for another taste  
You have to be invisible, someone is always walking around up here  
I hear the shower and it draws me near, to snuff another one out without the fear  
At first I thought it was Mom, judging be the music playing on the radio  
But then I saw his outline better and knew that it was Dad's turn to go  
As I turned the music down, I waited for him to draw the shower curtain back  
The knife entered between the ribs and turned up, while his whole body when slack  
He's right where I want him lying there in the bottom of the bathtub  
Looking at me as if he had been betrayed, while the knife gave his throat a rub  
I cut off The radio and shower, then made my way to the hallway closet  
The towel and wash cloths were here and soon Mom would need a set  
I could hear her saying goodnight and hanging up the phone  
I heard the tv set get louder as she adjusted the tone  
I heard her footsteps as she approached the closet door  
My dick was so fucking hard my balls were fucking sore  
As she opened the door, she turnt as if she had just remembered some forgotten shit  
But that's when I stepped out and into her, stabbing her in the left tit  
Knife fucking buried to the hilt as she grabbed me by both shoulders  
And I kept fucking stabbing, with the attention to details of a soldier  
I dragged her ass into the closet and took the time to shave her twat  
But then the knife when crazy and I ended up cutting her fucking pussy out  
I opened up her mouth and stuffed in the pussy along with Dad's fucking cock  
I covered the body with bloody towel to prevent any shock  
I went into the master bedroom with an agonizing need to masturbate  
I covered the bed with lingerie and lied on it jacking to their fates  
There are three more bedrooms on this fucking floor  
I looked into one and it had twins, sleeping in the same bed, one hanging to the floor  
I entered with my trusty knife before shutting the door  
We took the time to put him back into the bed and then left in search of more  
The second door contain one teenage girl  
Earplugs in her ears playing music, face surrounded by curls  
With an evil grin my friend and I entered in  
We removed the earplugs, just before tucking her in  
The third and final door, no need to check that one, no one's there  
The knife is still hungry as we walk down the stairs  
Maybe the neighbors will have something nice to eat  
A severed fucking head left between the bed sheets  
I've gotta finish up everything over there so much faster  
I've gotta hurry back over here, before the twins or my sister discovers the disaster  
But Grandpa, along with Mom and Dad should had known  
When a teenager suffers a breakup, it's best to just leave them the fuck alone  
Written by I_IS_ME
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