Spllt Promises

This is Mary, some think she's a whore
But that's because, they don't know
She was the one that always protected me
When They came in at night trying to take me

Mary would step right in and relax my mind
Taking me to a place that's hard to find
In this world she took the pain
The only thing that I saw was candy rain

She has watched over my sleep
Waking me up in the morning without a peep
Before we got ready for school
Then hiding our clothes that were all torn from me being a tool

Yes this is Chad, really quiet for his age
He really should be more out going at this stage
he's really secretive, likes to be off to self
Although he's young he writes a lot about death

And finally this is Frank, really tough for a kid
dominance, forcefulness, are all at his bid
He was created, when they did what they did
you know Frank was the one that pissed all over that lid

For some reason, Mary's been holding me by the hand
Seems Chad and Frank are hashing a plan
Chad is telling Frank to do it with stealth
Frank is telling Chad to do it with death

We all four watched as the match was struck
Anyone not leaving with us is out of luck
No fire alarm, Chad turned the power off
Fire was started in the basement and the loft

This isn't shit but a deathtrap for anyone left in this house
They shouldn't had fucked with us that's why they were left in the house
We all have one story of how our escapes was made
We barely crawled out, is what we said

But like a recording it's replaying back in our mind
They were looking for someone that wasn't there to find
Quickly becoming trapped by the smoke and fire
We covered ourselves in soot and watched the flames leap higher

They screamed and yelled
Trapped in a man made hell
Paying for the sins that made Eden fell
And just as we promised, we'll never tell

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