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  Emo Poems

Published on 18th November 2009 3:16pm
Written by Nik-Forever (emoboi24)
This life isn't easy, its hard.
Nothing really goes to plan does it? some things will happen and it might just be out of your control.
Life is nothing like a movie, although even i wish it was just so that life could be a bit easy and we wouldn't
have to deal with some unwelcoming things. ...
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Published on 30th June 2010 2:36pm
Written by Lee Elizabeth (brokenXxheratedxX)
There is something deep, something I need to explain. Something that I can never explain to my family, to the ones that I love and care about. It seems to me that I want to end everything. That I just want to run away from reality. Complicated to comprehend at first, hard to live through. Something that I can never change. I cut my wrists to make my pain and stress away. I do it to make me feel better. Lonley, cold, I walk down the hallways in my school and get called a freak, emo, a loser. Those words don't seem to look like they hurt me...
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Published on 5th December 2010 7:32am
Written by Abra (Abracadabra)

your scent fills my lungs
and i vomit
cringing from the poison
you injected into my heart
so long ago
before my world knew
what emo was
you made me one  
turning torture into the gun
that wakes me every morning
cold against my head
wracking up the agony
until each second is a...
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Published on 16th January 2011 11:43pm
Written by Katelyn Berry (katie0317)
My emotions revolve around me.
Noone can see the orbitation.
I try to run, they catch up.
I try to hide, they find me.
I can't get away from what's inside.
Sad, happy, mad, my emotions
they are. They are like gas in a car
Sometimes they run out (Emotionless), but most of the time
stay for a while. Will they ever go away?
Is it all in my head. Do I
need to lay down? I fall asleep
they're in my dreams. Are they trying to
tell me something? Am I in danger? Will something good
come my way? Will something...
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DU Poetry : Emo Poems

Published on 28th January 2011 11:57pm
Written by Leaking Abattoir (ImperfectedStone)
I'm sat alone for another night.
I thought it would please the wife...
My knife.
We've stopped sharing DNA.
It's my favourite image to see him at the kitchen sink
in a pair of sweats. Six Am.
My favourite scent is the smell of toast that he put in for breakfast. Six-fifteen.
I hate my reflection in the morning, I look like Russell B and we sit over tea
and toast talking about films, books, politics.
[I hate that topic...]
I devour the way...
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Published on 2nd April 2011 7:48pm
Written by Contagiouselixir
your previous disregard of etiquette
is comprehensible given your
current superfluous
state in the cosmos.
your legerdemain deceives
few and your
pathetic incapacity is
a sham. breathe in
heavily the ashes of
those that expired before you,
waste away and unite
with their remains.
vanish into the depths of
oblivion where your tears
are silenced by
the transgressor.
lay with him in your circumvent
glory for eternity.
maybe this time he won't slay you....
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