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507301 poems posted since 2013[/b]
Many gals here stated  dicks as long  as 10 inches  few r really.....
Mandalinos Amazon kind  ..99.99percent are sixish wind
ask the Internet and the two docs  who placed it on world wide record  
Masters and Johnsons  ask me,okay any
[b][color=Blue]all males are masturbators YES ALL..including 0.09 percent liars

sad you know nothing about my desire
you are an explosive temptation
an everlasting burning fire....
burn me and my soul entire

Thank you friends
and all readers
for making my record

as 507301 TILL today's morning 5 Oct 2017   [b]ALL READ  NONE LIKE YET READ DAILY ASK EM WHY!

I am an imaginary sexy lover poet
basically across the Internet
to help all young ones going astray

the purpose of this site ...appears to be well---cumming orgasmically... for young gals and guys ...not yet passed their teens... but some  unhappily married also join in
all need  a happy CUMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmING

If you do find my works too mention it
..I shall score them off

those who add me on are welcum
poetry exotic for me
is like only  well cumming

As you read me just know...
I am a simple sexy imaginative satisfied goat...  
poetry keeps me afloat...

when you erect
a picture erotic
just remember
the factuality
young ones  
have yet to know of it

A novice after many years
trans world experience
of a variety of poetry
more Romantic than vulgar
or corrupted
Sexy yes
but sublime no rash words in mind  
Call a spade a spade
a vagina too
not a cunt

I am just a guide to sexidom

when you erect
a picture erotic
just remember
the factuality
young ones  
have yet to know of it


how happy...
I feel under the pressures of time
poets do reel
and a glance at my poetry  
they all do steal

I normally compose
sexy poetry
better say Romantic  
decent vocabulary
but never a bad word should reveal
the love lust and sexy desires
which burn within each
one has a flaming desire
to dance
prance and romance
a poet of delight
am I
and by now you know

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LBD* by LilDragonFly
Sintillate by LilDragonFly
La Mer Triste by LilDragonFly
Bookbinding by LostViking (Lost Viking)
Life Deceived You by flowergirl
Honey Pot by LilDragonFly

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