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Poet Introduction

When poetry  drops  on  white pages  like thunderous  dark  clouded  drops of sixty-per-cent  acid.

About Me

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hollow halls, echo absence          
like empty picture frames          
hung delicately          
in wide-gallery-spaces  

Re-INtroDuceD - Re-IntroSpectIoN -

Well Hello, 

Thank you for visiting again' love what you've done with your hair! This is my Jouska.

"I am a flawsome, technophile, pansexual, pistanthrophobic, libertarian, coryphee, ambivert, Polyamorous individualist.
(My Psychiatric accounts are insane!)

My writing is fictional, free-verse. My style includes methaphores, similes, personification and aliteration to bring completely made up stories. They have no parallel with real life.

I am widely opinionated on liberty, religion and spirituality, hence accused of being "open minded". The problem with an open mind? There is always someone trying to fill it! 

I have two children. Both girls who live in co-habitation with their mother, they are my entire being and purpose. I spend my life finding unique ways to install the positive into their C - drives.  

These poems are for DUP...

When poetry  drops  on  white pages  like  thunderous  dark  clouded  drops of  sixty-per-cent  acid.

Home 1.

Mysterious enchantment
in a movement
of celebrating
the birthright
of talent

Where freedom of speech
is not
just a tag-line
but a lifestyle
a action
a truth
to be

A place
where in
solidarity writing's
where in
is heard

In my
quietest moment
of solemness
I know I am safe
I just quietly read
in a place
I call


Home 2.

Leave inhibitions  
at door  
Pack fears  
into ink-pots  
on to parchment  

Words come alive  
while candles float  
through forums  
of open minds  

Put friendships  
in type-face  
in rhyme  

Share darkest  
freedoms trust  
shove anger  
into titles  
set spirits free  

leave inhibitions  


I L<3ve, Just L<3ve Metaphores! Metaphores ROCK BABY!

Would you be an absolute darling and read a book called "The Road To Mars" by Eric Idle. Consider it an uncharitable cause...

Thank you ever so much for the kindness!

Blue Skies @You

Did I mention I'm in Love?

Manipulating the choices of children, hurt only your future self!


P.S. Haha! I love this profile page, I get to just troll myself, here!