pablo,  honey


ah pendejo, gringo with your parlour tan, indiana jones hat and dusty, rugged backpack
why don't you come here and look inside senor:
house of adobe, painted sea blue, bed, hbo, hot water and woman: local mehicano mohito mamacita
very hot very good will cry, beg, lick, suck. poor bitch wont say no, senor. film, photograph. okay.
all in all two hundred senor good time with wine on the house. not the cheap piss, good red wine. special.
for you, yeah. all ages-sixteen to sixty. big small all.
powerful, ese? ah you looking for funny games, they cost extra
different place, a  shack with secret basement, no hbo. just woman, toy and lamp with furniture, comprende?
price depends what you want to do. hard stuff, fine. but no piss or shit stuff, no good. i take you there.
no police guarantee, touristas good friends, we help,si.
my name, pablo, ese. twenty three married with kids. she, good woman, waitress at the joint. good mama, legit.
no sir, good marriage: catholic church, not much money, trying to make some, you see. you want dope. good shit.
good clean meth and you fuck like a bad dog you see. no kidding. also fancy shit, good coke too, argentine yes.
tell me senor you want boy or may be shemale, good ones. they come evening charge more, si.
pussy is cheap, si senor, very cheap.  
ah, mehico good, beautiful, poor people, angry youth-all bad.
are you cop, senor: no, why all this question, secret camera or recorder, no shit. pablo, not dangerous. no.
just safe, pablo works for group cartel people dangerous. who eli roth, movie, no senor, no time.  
torture , no comprende. dont understand. ah murder, cutting up. no. not good. clean neighbourhood
good hard working people industry good; touristas good, all good. americano european come here  
party drink fuck, make money. we make some money. all happy, all good. si.
you want photograph, okay. good camera. senor; big camera, okay smile. like it si. japansese, very good.  
age, comprende. ah si twenty yes. we married early. you got a woman senor. why not, woman make life good,  
men go down drain into the sea with no woman. no joke. america, no never. big place, expensive. seen pictures  
si friends and cousins in there, no mafia, work in parlours, si. good people. so senor tell me what you want.
you want good time, strip show, anything. pablo can help, si. my wife, ah her name is lela, si. parent's parents lebanese.  
are you recording? no, like my voice, why questions? okay. twenty dollars, no joke. time is money, senor. what! si si.
she calls me pablo honey. no joke, ten dollars. you can find me here. see you. si.
stupid whitetrash, motherfucker, bastard, waste of time. thank you, pablo. kiss my ass gringo. rich cunt from rich country. asshole
si senor, ah, first time in mexico, good, very hot. si yes english. you want fun, good time. yes. my name, pablo, si, you can.
ah good, no. no woman. i am single, good free man. si, you want woman. tell me, you no cop. no touristas, good people,
clean neighborhood. okay weed. sure. money first. i get you sample, good shit, si. ah, pablo honey. si. you ask anyone, they say.
nice day, pendejo, si.
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