The philosophy of Capitalism!

By Stanley Collymore    
Treating people with respect    
and having empathy with    
them crucially makes    
people less able to achieve success in    
a genuinely capitalist-oriented society,    
which of itself obviously only equates    
to solely achieving and exercising the    
power, clearly attendant with it. Quite    
discernibly to those with eyes willing    
to see and actually acknowledge the    
unquestionably aberrant philosophy;    
incorrigibly and irrefutably decadent    
also, immoral concepts, obsessively    
and simply continuously, passed on    
as ethics while compulsively taught    
and drilled into those, at the likes of    
Eton and Winchester; precepts that    
subsequently are massively topped    
up and quite didactically reinforced    
evidently, by Oxbridge elitist unions    
effectively like the Bullingdon Club!    
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
23 June 2024.    
Author's Remarks:    
Acquiring wealth, of whatever distinctly effectively, essentially, evidently and, in essence obvious dimensions, generally attendant also with power and prestige simply through one's quite undoubtedly innate abilities and have these crucially complimented and rather reinforced by one's hard work, and the conscionable payment of all requisite taxes are truly not only laudable characteristics quite clearly in themselves but should simply be greatly admired, complimented and widely emulated!    
Achieving some or even all of the really aforementioned benefits through rather devious, conspiratorial, very deceitfully engineered, dishonest and exploitative means are neither attributes effectively within themselves nor anything actually remotely to be admired, or obviously be praiseworthily boastful about!
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Published | Edited 24th Jun 2024
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