Critical of Jeremy Corbyn? A bit rich coming from you Boris Kemal-Johnson!

By Stanley Collymore

I'll take no advice from you on
leadership qualities Boris
Johnson as the rather
stinking rot regarding this hypocrisy of
yours both undoubtedly and firmly set
in literally under your own position as
Prime Minister. Evidently however, as
regards, Jeremy Corbyn, and actually
the really vile, vitriolic slurs, and total
untruths that you and also your quite
nasty kind, obviously disingenuously
as well as dishonestly too, so lyingly
and also very fatuously pour on him;
let me actually frankly, and honestly;
simply admiringly state, that Jeremy
Corbyn, politically and similarly as a
distinctly evidently decent citizen of
our United Kingdom was irrefutably,
unquestionably still is, and naturally
actually always obviously will be an
honourable, thoroughly distinctively
principled, and actually courageous
human being who quite ethically as
well as bravely, obviously still as he
has always done; wants to do; and
see others likewise undertake that
role, of very tirelessly doing what's
morally, beneficially; and distinctly
honourably simply best for Britain.

Obviously not like you and your
chums Boris Johnson, along
with your quite undeniable
paymasters within the British tabloids
and MSM who undoubtedly, when for
even somebody like you with all your
numerous and unquestionably really
egregious failings began and simply
carried on publicly, emerging; chose
whether than specifically effectively
tackling you about them essentially
and purposely undertook instead to
back you; even, when at the evident
height of your disappearing acts, to
Chequers, you distinctly simply left
the running of the country, to them;
as you discernibly essayed without
a solitary look, to so unwarrantedly
write some simply irrelevant, book!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
21 June 2024.

Author's Remarks:
Exactly how this guy Boris Kemal-Johnson has the brass neck to claim what he's said about Jeremy Corbyn - after his own carry on - is totally beyond me; and I suspect as well, evidently all those literally likeminded folk, who can and do think for themselves!

Furthermore, the stark difference between Jeremy Corbyn a genuine Briton that loves and has always morally and honestly, truly wanted the best for his country, and a USA born Turk masquerading and similarly also proseltysing himself as the quintessential Englishman, which you're not, couldn't be more glaring and offensive Boris! Yet you, as an immigrant to the UK, unquestionably detest immigrants, who clearly have more melanin in their actual skin tone than you and your sort do, justifiably coming to live in the UK; a country which quite evidently, your Turkish grandfather and a principal advisor to the then Ottoman ruler actually persuaded him to distinctly join Germany and go to war against Britain and its very actually altruistically, non-white "colonial" servicemen during World War 1. A war in which white British historians like to say that 800,000 British servicemen died but wilfully and conveniently omit the clearly  significant numbers of non-whites who as well needlessly lost their lives, fighting for what? That the grandson of this distinctly odious bastard could rather subsequently in the 21st Century become PM of the UK with his racist hatred of the descendants of these brave men who so sacrificed their lives in both these stated so-called World Wars, only to be accorded the very same vile discriminatory treatment. While prats like you Boris cosy up financially and in other ways to the contemptible killers that constitute the discernible descendants of Ukraine's odious World War 2, Waffen SS mass murderers and concentration camp desecrators, and have no problem likewise like your sort, in having their kind as quite welcomed "refugees" in the UK, supported by the gullible British taxpayers. When it's well known that most of Ukraine is clearly war free; so much so that yourself equally Sophie Windsor and quite discernibly too, an Italian woman in her SIXTIES can also go there unimpeded to have IVF treatment and thus literally distinctively become the world's oldest mother! Just obviously, as many so-called Ukrainian "refugees" who are in Britain also routinely go back home on their holidays.

But in your sick mind Boris, and those just like you, Jeremy Corbyn very conscionably and obviously longstandingly supporting the Palestinians who're being discernibly systematically genocidally wiped out in their own indigenous country, just exactly like the Aborigines in clearly delusionally Terra nullius Australia still rather racially are, is to be abhorred and vitriolically as well thoroughly abused for his principles!

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