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Chapter 10 - Prayer at the Park

Chapter 10 – Prayer at the Park    
David had left early for work. They’d both been tired the night before, but Brittney felt rested after her shower and a little breakfast with her girls. It was a beautiful day and they reminded her they wanted to walk down to the park.      
While the Bella and Grace played, Brittney looked at their flexing limbs as they climbed. Bella was 8 years old and Grace, 7. She marveled at the beauty in their faces. How could so much of God be held inside such little parts of his creation, she thought.      
She whispered softly to herself as their laughter filled the air, “Oh God, protect these precious ones from the infidelity of their mother.”      
That was all she said. She wasn’t sure if she believed in God, but at that moment, she felt thankful for her daughters, for creation, and for her existence in the world, even the painful parts. She looked up again at the girls who were now blurry shapes through her tears.      
“Let’s have some water,” she called, and they came to sit on the bench with her and drank from their sippy cups. They seemed to want some cuddle time and snuggled under her arms leaning their heads into her breasts. She looked down at the admiring eyes that met hers. How could she deserve such love, she thought. Brittney kissed Bella on her forehead and Grace on the birthmark just below her eye. She had always kissed that little blemish because she wanted Grace to know it was part of what made her beautiful. Once when Grace asked why she had a mark on her face, Brittney said, “That’s God’s little stamp of approval he put there when he made you.”    
The ping of her phone startled her from her thoughts. Probably someone from the hospital giving her an update for the next week, she thought. “Now go play girls,” she said, motioning toward the playground.”    
She opened her phone and read. When can I see you again? I’ll meet you anywhere, anytime. Just remember, my days are numbered. If I’m lucky, I might have as many as 18,000 days left in me. If I’m not so lucky, I might have as few as 1. LOL.  You probably have 19,710, so spend a few on me. - David      
Brittney stared at the text, remembering their conversation in her hotel room when David convinced her to have sex with him. A flood of feelings flowed through her body, and she felt a tingle in her chest. Brittney looked up embarrassed by the blushing she felt in her face. She was relieved that no one was close by.   
She read the text again and sighed, letting out a long, slow breath. She let her fingers drift down and remembered the weight of David pressing against her. God why was something so wonderful so wrong? she thought to herself.      
Brittney closed the screen on her phone.
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