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The Children Of The Sun (The Covenant II)

Who is this unrecognizable Earthly Queen who professes her spirituality told in truth † †  
The skies are questioning her scrolls on earth she is not practicing our Heavenly Creed, in the darkness of her Luna pursuit †  
† †
Archangel Gabriel, when was the last time, our Earth Angel child has visited beyond the clouds †  
Her responsibility to lead The Children Of The Sun in their pilgrimage that gives them hope in the weary of their miles †  
Troubled souls who are devoid of faith and smiles † †
† †
Heal and give comfort by the ordainment of her hand †  
To the indignant, every race, woman, child, and man †  
The Superior Angels, are questioning this realm where her heart, mind, and the silhouette of her soul does reside †  
We need her to fight our battles, give uprise to our mission, but not lose her wings as her divine sword collide †  
† †
Dear maybe what they are saying rings true †  
Archangel Micheal has been shadowing and even he cannot get through †  
† †
Stones and boulders thrown, Archangel Gabriel that is not how Planet Earth spiritual wars are fought †  
Iíve heard from several Angels in council, who have also become concerned she has converted back to those ancient ways, in a dimension she once sought †  
She was taught their ways, in exchange for the power of her mind, once she was caught †  
Your Highness Angel, The Children Of The Sun, we uphold the light in the darkness †  
Swords raised, we slay, and then the tip must be rested, and we do not expect anything less †  
Our symbolic secrets are given to us by the universe † †
Not to be mistaken for any manmade curse †  
Itís a gift, we cherish once ordained from above †  
A stigmatic to take the agony of humanity when it becomes devoid of cosmic love †  
† †
The Sea Kingdom speaks to the Heavens, it looks as if she has aborted her mission †  
I have heard their echoes on the winds, the pollution, the deep-rooted toxins † †
Her sacred scrolls must be levitated to the mind, it is the creed of their wishing †  
It has become the Utopia of their intuition †  
And within the commandments of our Creator, we protect the Heavens, the Earth, and the Sea †  
It's our oath found in our tradition †  
† †
Please address this, time is of urgency †  
The four elements of the galaxy, we offer do not forsake This Realm, from Earth, to the depths of the sea †  
† †
So, shall it be written so shall it be done †  
You have our most humble promise as we bow to the Children of The Sun †  
† †
† †
My Angel Child, where are you †  
Mother, is that you..
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Third Quarter Moon: Half of the moon is visible from Earth

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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