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The Queen’s Homecoming (Part I)

My King, what is this that you request of us      
Give me a moment to inhale and exhale, that is the first must      
Has the Royal Apartment been sanitized      
My Queen has been in battle, and I do not want the stench of her journey to change the comforts, once I ease between her Creole thighs      
Do you trust her, word has it, she has battled a Witch a Demoness, and a Jinn      
A heart through the ages of centuries who has had my mind, in my best interest since the beginning of time, we are the Hebrew origin, before sin      
My Lord, it has been brought to our sovereign security force, she will be coming through the portal      
However, her heart may belong to a mere Earthly mortal      
What Queen declare a war in her own name      
It could be, My Lord, to keep her King’s mind, heart, and soul awoken and sane      
Then this reunion shall be useless to her and I      
I think you have lost the credibility of your wings once you abandoned your Golden sword, and fell from the sky      
Just as any Sire, who knows his mission unto his monarch, not led by his loins, but the necessity found in the sacred gift of his powerful hands      
A Faded memory in this 3-D dimension, which is the lowest    
 A place where hearts would never come to understand      
It is written by law, when a man is driven by lust, his mantras speak of fleshly greed where he stands       
He cannot lead the people to the glory and heal strife between woman and man        
And my loyal subjects are sure of… this.. this.. gist        
Listen my King, really listen, silence is golden in its purest state of mental bliss      
Prevailed intellects in trials and tribulations, and the comfort of its need      
It heals wounds, the assurance for humans when one emotionally grieve, the heart requires rest when it bleeds        
Ancient moments cannot be rewinded by the tongue who boast      
It goes forward, and cannot give repentance to lost souls, moreso than most      
Prepare my Horse, if what this monarch is saying is true      
Then she will be the one who faces my wraith, then my truth
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 5th Dec 2023
Author's Note
Third Quarter Moon: Half of the moon is visible from Earth

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