[un]restricted guidelines (remix) - featuring Naajir

let me see if I've got this right {w}rite
you wanna poetically please me
well, baby, go ahead
I’d be happy to indulgently spread
but you better do more than just tease me
cuz a creative mind is the most potent aphrodisiac
the ultimate turn on
so if we're gonna do this
here’s how it goes...

drop it on my tongue
all those rigid consonants & creamy vowels
working their delicious way in
leaving me all hot & bothered
fanning my lyrical flames
face flushed
crossing my metaphoric legs
as my muse snatches up the inspirational pen
running amok
etching a mess all over this burning page
the voice of your quill tickling her fancy
making her all nipple tingly & squirming antsy
ready to get down on all fours
practically begging
let's see what you've got
use your keen penetration to stroke her hungering places
relentlessly plumbing her cerebellum
soaking in her lusty expression
kitty claws extended
tearing at parchment pale sheets
matching you beat for beat
as she's howling her shuddering release
remnants of the merging still trickling
while you throb
taking steadying breaths...
...thinking it's over

but wait

just watch
as she glances backward
tossing you a saucy wink
ready for another round
if that's what you're saying...
sure, baby, I'm down
gimme a bit of phonetic foursome yours
romping all over the poetic bed
pen to pen
making my passionate {he}art beat
are we talking ‘bout the same thing?
if so…
yeah, I'm good with that
as we let our lyrical bodies do the talking
but that’s where it ends
there will be no fucking with my head

I disagree...
as i decree this edict

there's nothing like a good mind fuck
cuz it's a two way street affair
now watch how i spin your words backwards
fast forward your hips and spine
grin while you turn and wink
to my verbiage...elbowing...hogging space
deluxe doggie deep behind you
as adverbs punctuate and adlib


i've licked you with my elixir
dripped you with my hot steaming endings 
you stretched out your tongue...
awaiting my epilogue
to smear you in new beginnings

never teasing
...always easing on spread parchment
haunted with calligraphic claws
awaiting to interface with my graffiti laced adjectives
......objectified...male gazed by
my shadowed self

glazed in midnight proses...
here to make you shimmer an shiver our writes strips and
barbwires salacious entanglements  

...a lyrical liason of epic proportions
an erotica feast
table laden with exquisite delicacies
all that sweet cream for little muse kitty
spread & ready
like those candles that never go out
the quill reignites...
...endless flame always lights
sparked by the rub down
starting a mental meltdown
infused into cerebral stimulation
rocking to the joining of our vibration
swapping stroke for stroke
exploring every position
hotwired & livewire
knocking down walls
shredding decency with greedy claws
laving thought with temporal tongue
here kitty kitty...come & get us some

well...hell...when you put it that way...
I'm all in!

Written by WillowsWhimsies
Author's Note
Reimagined & given new life with Naajir's fiery quill! Thank you Naajir for the inspiration & the new perspective!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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