Coltan chemical formula is a mixture of two materials, †
Itís clear they donít care about the Congolese and why they keep treating them like animals,  

Because with them mining their bodies for the mixture of Fe,mn nb206 columbites and Fe,mn ta206 tantalite,  
you can visually and audibly understand this message from the comfort of your cellphones or be protected by airbags in your car and using the products from the cemented carbides,  

The records shows of 6.9 million people being displaced in Congo in the growing conflict that was enforced to have them divide themselves,  
A humanitarian project that is dubbed the worlds largest displacement and humanitarian crisis yet the governments and their mercenaries only share the wealth amongst theirselves, †

The slayer Tshombe taken from Spain to strategically replaced the first Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba, this tactic was designed by Tshombe masters or investors,  
Can you see how long theyíve been using the US tax payers dollars to massacre our sisters and brothers? †

Anyways, itís still going on today, same shits just different toilets  
Donít pardon these shits  

ďThis is for educational purposes onlyĒ let me first use the popular disclaimer, †
But this is a cold-blooded act on the part of your Western powers, †

Is it the wealth of the DRC or its strategic geographic position?  
I almost forgot how greedy you people can get, please pardon my discretions, †

Even the moon is slowly moving away from this madness because itís doing all it can, †  
I urge you all to try collect as much oxygen to last longer when the tides stop rushing to the sand.
Written by Asani
Published | Edited 8th Nov 2023
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