Blind Chase

I chase poetic strokes
Breathe lyrical notes
Inhale intellect with deep passionate  tokes

You are something special
I tried to see through the pride
But each day I got pushed further to the side
Made to feel like I was a nuisance
Interest was where you lacked sense
So....Ill do what I do best,
And slip into non existence
Being my worth,
feels to be just about that limit

I am not a trend
It eventually bores me being the same as society
The filters on my life are just a blind spot
This was all new but worth a shot
I was hoping for a friend....
not a once in a while propriety
I wasn't asking for priority
I would have been happy as just a minority
But instead I was chasing a tale with no beginning and no end

I know twice more about you
than you do me
Always asking questions,
trying to "learn ya"
And dig deep
If you knew me,
you'd know that's not me
I'm shy like a sheep
Yet you lit a flame in the form of chase
In which I eventually gave way
But.... you never cared enough
To once randomly ask me,
how was my day?
What are my children's names?
Was my childhood violent or tame?
Favorite color? Food? Video games I play?
All questions I asked the way
Despite my pathetic attempts to conversate,
It became painfully obvious our interest levels were not the same

Taking it slow requires two for the tortoise race
I was alone in the "get to know ya phase"
Once the heat mellowed down,
I was forgotten or replaced
No ill feelings,
please do not get my emotions misplaced
I'd just rather not communicate
With a soul who does not desire my brain
When I soulfully feel we were a match made in poetry's hall of fame
To keep chasing your lack of interest in me would only bring to me oblivious pain

It's hard to want and not be wanted
Be the only one that chases it
To feel "stalker" like in the game we playing
Because I was tuning the instruments of our sentiments
But the director and the credits were not displaying
Post dramatic to our traumatic energetic manes
Lame intertwine of reused pick up lines
All to break the ice
Which now holds me trapped under
Watching through drowning, frozen eyes

In the craziest way
I miss you when the wind sways
Even though your presence never factored  into my day
Your soul is embedded into my equation
I miss our forethought plays and lyricist precision
I just wish I was worth a level more than a tired mission....

My soul is starving from my unrealistic visions
I can only hope it's fed one day,
in due time,
with golden precision


Written by Lyrical_Aptitude
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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