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The Alchemist's Bride {Written with Howling Whelms}

They fall  
With such intensity..the density  
Akin to tiny drops of Mercury  
Laced with Sulfur  
Beautifully hued beads  
Dripping into the cerebral chapel  
Like scalpels slicing open  
Seeds of nocturnal musings..  
One would willingly nominate  
To dominate all that is  
Ever was..ever will be is this Spiritual oddessy  
To be spoken of most modestly  
Still...the irony nor the oddity of it  
Does not escape the notice  
Of a control freak now just a freak...  
Of Nature  
Heralded by a conjuring mist  
Her whims wailing beneath  
It's lazy omnipresent breeze  
Rendering its intended  
Captured..within a hazy rapture  
Of a shape shifting dream-scape  
Filled with imbued horizons morphing  
Into hidden temples and caves secreted  
Throughout the Amazonian terrain  
Her despotic demeanor lurking  
Behind an exotic demureness  
That dictates to the oral...delicately  
Morals no longer debased  
Replaced with the sine qua non  
Of these rites...respect and discipline  
He a devotee pledged to the sacred arts  
As her commandments flog the Soul..  
Come hither  
The will withers further away as  
Serpents slither towards  
Crimson silhouettes  
Heat seeking  
The menagerie peeking  
Their eyes lit like a thousand fireflies  
Dancing amongst the shadows  
Cast by the gathering of oaks  
Branches uproot themselves  
Vines entwine extremities  
The night beams with excitement  
The Owl's gaze fixated  
Upon this long awaited ceremony  
This gathering a farewell of sorts  
A wedlock foretold in memories reclaimed  
Where amnesia relinquishes  
It's innocuous hold  
The latent Warlock awakened at last  
Taken through a Seven Fold Labyrinth  
To meet at its end his betrothed..  
The Alchemist's bride waiting...  
Tho untethered to monogamy  
'Tis just his postulancy  
Be time honored by  
Her emerald-mahogany presence  
Baring the most sacred  
Stones and crystals as dowry  
Her myriad of minerals  
Inducing such seminal verses  
Where he who submits shall rise  
Abandoning the petrified weight of self  
Thus blessed with the skeleton key  
To unlock Her many mysteries  
Hidden in plain sight  
Seen as the elixir of innerstanding  
Initiating a menage a trios  
Of entelechy copulating intimately  
With intellect and intuition  
Under a Blood Moon moving faithfully  
In it's preordained rhythm  
Becoming perfectly aligned  
.....and soon.....  
All shall be righteously divined  
Through the engagement of atoms  
Traveling harmoniously within  
Freely throughout  
Her Celestial circumference  
Her gift of Labradorite the window  
Unveiling the ascension between  
Dimensions as something old  
Yet something new  
They are not dead, per se, .. but as a vision condemned  
they are to be reality’s seeds, for the journey of this  
mystère was foretold during the black sun .by a neurotic  
village Oracle,.who said it would be a 'serenading  
staccato’d fate'  
.. .  
With sufferings of implicit thrashings & having traveled  
many blood moons with her ethereal feet stalking grounds,  
she was slowly being filled with strengths, as her eyes  
would appear upon stars to unlearn their constellations in  
truly seeing who they are.{Simply maculate opioids}  
beneath their pentamerous skeletals, faithfully preordained  
in guiding by shedding rhizomes of light thru sordid  
revolutions concentric with starvational solitude ..Still some_  
thing odd, unrelenting, bold, daring, too tasteful unutterably  
powerful was the encasement of her spine. --Which has  
been there since worlds ago  
But now time has come for he whom has submitted ‘thyself’  
to rise  
And it is here that I stand. .as an elemental confidante to  
sever your spiritus from its physical umbilical cord- all shall  
watch -be pleased in joyful musing-, as you become  
un'suppressed.. .unsurpassed by any other. Thy rise shall  
be wise & gains abundant.. So like others before, bend at  
your knees on this botanical bed to hail the divine pa’lace  
below my waist.. patiently, accept the extracts of morpho_  
logical succor roots & majical liquescent therein by taking  
this sacred vow'  
be enticed not only by my taste & smells but of knowledge  
that is yours to behold. Now, slowly up, cover my breast  
with your hands; come into my entire as befitting attire .But.  
before you enter me completely .. let nature speak unto your  
inevitable becoming, thru ‘intimate anamnesis’ as the waves,  
collidings & rocking of our esoterical blends soon interprets  
revealings that are only meant for your internal eye to see,  
though I can discern the quaking of my soils, as 'all' to feel  
terrains shudder in shifts beneath them . You are the  
adorned made whole- All that you have been- are & will be  
‘Heed. . there are twenty & two sacrosanct spheres of  
énergies that calls out to evolving collective depths that can  
make 'ancient traumas & the living lands bow’ . Hence, in  
this rise is the soul’s ability to 'multiply thus divide'. So know  
you must . that these moons are your phases of legacy -  
{The inheritance of secrets}  
.. .along with precious gifts of coals, stones & metals, dew  
salts, magnetic gems & vials of enriched cloy & mineral oils..  
not to mention a copious estate of herbs & spices- for  
pleasure or taste, obedience or freedom..  
All of importance .each to serve your 'will' thru transformations,  
as each power of holding will be that of regal & at times  
revolting. But must take care, for you are a breed of uniquity  
with omnipotence even over those unaware. . Still my novitiate  
you have far to go in perfecting your craft . So for now .  
.. .Welcome home...  
Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 10th Nov 2022
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