Role Play

Living in an asterisk
Mastering maverick
No explaining after it
Just letting it happen
The life that I find
In your eyes before your mind
In your sighs
In your disguise
Shapeshifting positions
Who are you?
She that lays next to my cerebellum
The pressure before swelling
The rough draft before spell checking
The message before the edit
I picture you
As the nude behind the censor bar
The guardian to where my senses are
The tempted spar
Of discretion and desire
Attended the descention into fire
The catalyst of ignition
The switching of listening
To glistening
Moist in the midst of the
Grip of
Your lips love
Measuring your kiss love
Sure that I won't miss love
Nights like this love
Early curfews
Fused with the inertia
You birthed in the person
That wonderful burden
And yes I need a black
Not a question of hands...what do I do with my back
When the thrust of us...causing me to react
In meditation
Not quite of conversation
Not quite of presentation
Not quite of risky statements
But of the hand that wrote these pages
The faces you could be making
The time we could taking
Advantage of
A mannish love
Without the ish
The lingering of a kiss
Without the myths
The actualization of all that is
No false promises
Of exaggerated ability
Don't specialize on disappointment
Just on you feeling me
Adding another d
To our two dimensions
Form function and physics
Something for giving
Satisfaction in the pleasure you're feeling
Girl don't you know danger when you see it
How long since an lol has needed?
Turned up and on.. I'm geeking
High on the mixture of our elixir
In the evenings
In the mornings
You get the gist
Occupying my dreams without permit
But let's be honest
Am I really going to contest the effect of a woman
That doesn't emasculate
Doesn't pass the plate
That laughs the way. ..
Okay you get the gist
You deserve a name
Besides the person I claim you to be
Coworker with me
Lurking to see
If a message betrays the perception
That I've trained them to see
You know huh?
Partial creole huh?
Fine frog legs and gumbo
Hog head and tobasco
Relax yo...
I have a recipe to feed the soul
Not mass produced
Like the meals we've had to get used to
"Let me have your number 2"
We're numbering in twos fours and sixes
Exploring dishes
That haven't been resisted
Since the invention of kitchens
The face that identifies the mind
The waist that signifies the line
That dignifies the sublime
As you do it justice
As we think about the birthing
it's been conceived for certain
It develops behind curtains
Afraid of a new thing
A "your can't undo" thing
A"i worked too hard to lose"  thing
As I mentally rub your belly
Examining explaining expelling
The panging pain of you telling
Me to sever
The person from the pleasure
The for from the ever
The left side from right side
My days from the night time
And the right time
And the right guy
Exists somewhere in the division
We square though
I'm all there though
Both sides in plain clothes
I have to be where my brain goes

Written by simpliKING
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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