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Sofia's 1 - 5 combined

My capture...Sofia's story ! extreme content !

Such a beautiful sunny spring day. A walk seemed like such a refreshing idea. People often tell you not to walk alone, you
just never know what could happen and there is safety in numbers.
I tried to find someone to walk with me, but none of my friends were around. Deciding not to waste the beautiful afternoon, I set out for a leisurely stroll.
The view of the mountains is outstanding, and the cool lake beckons one to jump in a take a swim. A person could not ask for a more perfect day. I stripped to skinny dip since no one was around. Wanted to keep my clothes dry so I laid them on a rock. The water was incredible, so perfect I lost myself in my enjoyment.
That is when everything changed. I heard several snapping noises, which startled me. Quickly scanning the area, I didn't see anyone. Just as I exhaled the breath I had been holding, I saw him. He came from behind a big thick oak tree. As he approached me, the hair on the back of my next stood up. He was a good looking man but there was something is his eyes. Something cold. I tried to go for my clothes before he got to me, and he sped up his advance. He reached me before I reached my clothes and grabbed me by my arm, gently at first but as I tried to retreat, his grip became stronger, almost to the point of pain.
I was in a panic. I was trembling from both fear and the chill of my wet naked body. Without a word, he pulled me to him, kissed me hard and threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
I pleaded with him to put me down, to tell me where he was taking me and what he planned. He ignored my pleas, briskly walking toward someplace I was sure I didn't want to go.
Noticing a van at the edge of the woods, I started thrashing, kicking, scratching...anything I could to try to get away.
I knew that if he got me to that van I could end up anywhere. As I fought to get off his shoulder I could feel him laugh. It seemed he enjoyed "a little fight" in his women, and fight I did. It was no help though, he was much too strong. This man actually sat down on a stump, bent me over his knee and spanked me like a child until I cried like one. He said "we could have done this without the spanking" then laughed out loud as I sobbed. "You made this harder for yourself by fighting me, but thank you. I rather enjoyed that myself" he said. Crying hysterically, I hoped he would let me up, but he didn't. He started to rub my aching ass. Then to my horror, he held me down with one hand as he fingered me with his other. I tried so hard to wiggle away and he walloped me again, harder than before. Blood dripped from my lip
because I had bashed it on his leg as I tried to fight him. How could this be happening to me. What would this man do to me next. Before I had the chance to finish that terrifying thought he stood, bent me over and fucked me from behind. Like a wild animal he fucked me with a rage I had never felt. Hurting, crying, begging. I felt like I couldn't breath he pounded so hard. He pulled out of me and I gasped for air. Without any warning he slammed back into me but this time he took my ass. Viciously he probe me where no other had ever before. It hurt, the more I cried the more he liked it. Would it ever end. He used me over and over. Bit me. Hurt me. Violated me with no regard for my well being what so ever. This was not a man, he was more animal. I know I bordered on consciousness, as he grabbed me by my hair put his shirt over me and dragged me the rest of the way to his van. A voice in my head screamed for me to fight, do something, get away. I wanted to but I had nothing left. No strength, no will, he had broken me and I just wanted this to end.
The last thing I remember was being told that I was a "hot little diversion" for his day, but that it was time to "turn me in for training". Training! What is training, what does that mean? Where is he going to take me? What will happen to me next? Training?


My Training...part 2 of Sofia's Story ! extreme content !

I feel so groggy, where am I. Did I dream it or was I put on a plane? Voices echoed in my head. "Will have her there by morning", "training",again with the training. Dear Lord what does this mean?  "minor damage", minor! I hurt everywhere! He hurt me! He hurt me rang over and over in my head, I sobbed.      
Where am I? Is someone here? Help me! Help me! Same thought over and over, Oh please someone help me!      
It's dark and damp and cold where he has me. The only light is from a small, high window like in a basement. There was a bed, a cabinet, a padded stool and a wall of chains and straps. Where am I?      
The room is very small and there is a door near the left corner. I cautiously head toward the door. I slowly open it, surprised that is was opening at all. As the light from the little window shines into the space I realize that it is a small bathroom with a shower, toilet and a sink with a mirror. I reached for the switch and a dimmed light lit the area. I walked toward the mirror to see my aching lipt that had been hurt in my capture. Is that really me in the reflection? I don't recognize my face. My eyes are...unlit. I am broken, dirty, sore, alone, scared and a prisoner. Where am I? Why was I brought here? Will he kill me? Oh, please help me, please help me!      
There was a bar of soap and a towel on the little sink. I grabbed the soap and started the shower. I needed to wash that animal off me. The man who had violated me so evilly that I will remain forever changed from the person I once was. He stomped my spirit and raped my soul. The water felt so good, I scrubbed. I washed my face, I scrubbed. I washed my hair. I scrubbed.I washed my skin. I scrubbed. I scrubbed myself raw trying to remove his smell. The water started to get too cold, so I got out and dried off. Dried my hair as best I could and ran my fingers through it to untangle knots. The towel was not big enough to wrap around myself and the shirt I had smelled of him. I headed back toward the bed for the sheet. As I entered the room, I felt a presence. In the fading light from the window I saw no one. Took another step toward the bed and a hand grabbed me from the dark corner. I jumped and screamed. He wore a black mast just big enough to hind his face as he glared at me with dark cold eyes. I tremble from my gasping cries of fear. Oh no, what will he do to me help me, no no no. I must have passed out because I came to on the bed. I looked around the room. What little light there was came from the open bathroom door. On the stool across the room was a tray with food and water. I was afraid to eat it, but I was starved and I figured if I was lucky, it would kill me. I knew that if death was the objective, no one would have spoke of "training". I ate the food and guzzled the water. I walked over toward the cabinet to look for clothes. The only thing in it was a leash and a collar that were hanging on a hook inside. Clinging to my sheet I went to sit on the bed. It was so quiet. I was so scared. What was my fate?      
For I don't know how many days, nothing. By the hair color I knew there was more than one man. As they brought me my meals, masked, I still saw no faces. They didn't talk to me. Didn't answer when I pleaded to them with question after question. I don't know how long this went on if felt like forever. Tray after tray, day after day. Nothing. So alone. Please someone help me. Is there anyone who can save me. I cry til I fall asleep awake eat and cry and cry again. Where am I? Help me!      
I somehow know today will be different. I hear several voices. Some louder than others. Maybe some kind of quarrel going on. I hear a loud noise. I startle. What is happening. Has someone come to save me? Oh please save me! Footsteps draw nearer and I cling to my sheet. I hear a hand hit the doorknob. I hold my breath. The door open and closes quickly and the light from it causes my eyes to hurt and I can't see who entered. I shake with fear. Oh no what is next?      
He walks up to me and holds out his hand. I reluctantly reach for it and he pulls me to my feet. "Well my dear, this is day one of your training. The more you put into your training the more you will get out of your time here". My time here? Training? Help me! Then this masked man walked over to the cabinet and removed the leash and collar that was hanging inside. He walked back over to me. He directed met to remove my sheet. I cried and beg him to let me keep it wrapped around myself. He nodded and waited. I froze there. I couldn't move. Crying. Scared shitless. With such stealth I gasped. He grabbed me, pull the sheet from my body, threw me over his knee and spanked me. Spanked me. No no no not again. I kicked and swung my arms and screamed and cried and pleaded. He heartlessly continued his spanking. Harder, harder no no. Harder. I cried and cried. Harder.      
I awoke, chained to the wall. My ass was on fire. While passed out this man collared me with a locked collar. Naked. Cold. Scared. Alone. Crying. Aching. Someone help me please!      
I don't know how long I hung there before the door opened. I squinted and looked up. Two men. Two. Oh now now what? They approached me. The dark haired man grabbed me. Started kissing me. Sucking at my nipples. Pawing at me. Oh no!      
Sobbing, I was helpless. The man with the lighter hair walked closer to us. He bent down and ate of my body as he locked his hands on my ass and held me in place. Both men pawed at me. Bit, sucked, fucked and spanked me. Please kill me now please. I don't want this. Kill me...please.      
Then they both just stopped. They were finished...for now. One unlocked my chains and grabbed me by my arm. Pulled me toward the bed. Pushed me down and walked out. They walked out the door and locked it. Again. no contact but food. Again and again day after day. Beaten battered fucked hurt. When will this end?      
The door opens today and three masked men enter. How many men are here? Oh no no no no. I cried out. Begged them to kill me. Instead, they pulled me to my feet. One of the men attached the leash to my collar and ordered me onto all fours. To afraid not to do as I was told, I complied. A man who was behind me smacked me, hard, once on each cheek. I jumped and cried out. They warned me to be silent. I was then led around this little room like a pet dog. Around and around over and over. He stopped. I stopped. The third man who was sitting on the stool ordered him to walk me over to him. He did so. I was ordered to lay across his lap. He held me down and played with my clit. Fingered me. Rubbed my ass. Spanked me with one hand as his fingers pierced me core over and over. At first I fought. Then something snapped. I was defeated. I was gone. A wanton, dripping with lust woman was in my place. He spanked me and rubbed me and finger fucked me to climax. What was that? How could I come so hard. What is wrong with me. What have they turned me into.      
One of the men helped to lift me up. He moved me face to face to him. Reached down grabbed me by my hips and lifted me off my feet to straddle his waste. Another grabbed my arms, pulled them behind me and tied my hands. The other men  helped to position me and I was entered in one deep thrust. Someone probed my ass with their fingers as I was raised over and over and slam by a hot hard cock. What is happening to me? I came over and over again and again. NO NO NO this is not right. No...I was brought to orgasms so many times I could not see. Could not move. They stopped. Laid me across the bed and left the room.      
Day after day. Over and over they used me. It was the only human contact I ever got. Day after day. Orgasm after orgasm. With every orgasm a new aspect of my training was instilled. Day after day orgasm after orgasm I was "trained"  fucked, "trained" fucked. I am to be sold as a sex slave!      
A sex slave. A sex slave. Never again to be free.      
Trained, primed, ready. Addicted to sex. Needed it like I needed the air that filled my lungs. Sold. Sold to the highest bidder to be his sex slave. Who am I. I don't remember my name. I don't care! Fuck me. Fuck me. Who will be my master... What will the "sale" be like? I don't care I just need to be fucked. Please don't leave me all by myself anymore. Fuck me please. Who am I? Where will I go next?      


My holding...part 3 of Sofia's story ! extreme content !

I am to be sold as a sex slave!        
A sex slave. A sex slave. Never again to be free.        
Trained, primed, ready. Addicted to sex. Needed it like I needed the air that filled my lungs. Sold. Sold to the highest bidder to be his sex slave.  
These thoughts played in my mind over and over. After I ate breakfast from my morning food tray, I showered. Settling down on my bed, I heard there approach. All three. My body tingled with excitement. Masks securely in place, they surrounded me. With a tenderness they had NEVER showed me EVER they chained me, secured my arms and legs, spread wide. The three masked men, my three masked men, started to caress every inch of my skin. They kissed me, sucked on me, tasted of me. One after another, sometimes two at a time they fucked me. Fucked me slowly, almost sweetly. Gently they unchained me. One sat on the stool, pulled me toward him to straddle him as I faced him and he penetrated me and kissed me with fire. He slowed. Paused. Another of the men poked at my ass, inching in with care. Deep, deeper. In. Out. Then they both started to move. One in, one out. One in, one out. Rocking me. Fucking me deep and slow and tender. The third locked his fingers in my hair and pulled my face to hiss for a deep, hard kiss. Tugged my face away and pushed my head down to his dick. He slid into my mouth slowly at first. Then all three, as if by some unknown to me cue, picked up the pace. My mouth fucked. My ass fucked. My cunt fucked. Oh the sweet sweet torture. In and out. Again and again. Over and over. Orgasm after orgasm. What is this? I can not remember anything so...loving. Is this love? I don't know what love is but this is...fucking intense. One last long, skin tingling, breath stealing orgasm was wrung from me and then...STOP.  
One lifted me, carried me over to my bed and sat me down. Each one walked over to me and kissed me tenderly on the mouth with...sorrow? Oh no! What now? After the last kiss, one spoke. "Today is the day. You will be transported for holding until such time as the date of your sale has been established" No no no, don't send me away. I don't want to leave you. No no. This is screaming in my head and I dare not speak it aloud. "We will miss you. Your training went very well you will make a fine pet" Pet. Pet. I don't wanna go be a pet. No. I wanna stay with my men. No no no no.  
"you may go shower and for the trip, you are to put this dress on. You have fifteen minutes. Then you will be sedated. You will obey all who you encounter to avoid discipline. Do you understand?" I shook my head as I fought to hold back the tears stinging at the back of my eyes. My heart was shattering. This is all I know. This is...home. I don't want to go.  
I quickly showered and dressed as I was instructed. Just as was explained to me, I was given a shot. As I drifted away, I could smell them, my men. Never to smell them again. Gray, gray darker darker...  
My eyes flutter. Squint to see. Where am I? No no no. What is this? Where am I? Why are they doing this to me? Please don't leave me all alone in here! Oh no, where am I? Where is everyone? Please, please someone come. I hate to be alone. Please don't leave me alone. I will be a good girl. I will obey every command. Please please I need someone. I need to be fucked. I need to be loved. I need to be fucked. Please please.  
Here I am in a miserable, cold, damp cave like space. My arms spread wide and tied by my wrists up high. My legs spread, my sex exposed and open. Tied by my ankles to a wooden cross. I am cold. I am scared. I am alone. Someone, anyone, please come talk to me. Please come touch me. Please come fuck me. Please. Please don't leave me hanging here, all alone. PLEASE. I hung there. Waiting. Hoping. Longing.  
No one. No one. Waiting. Waiting. I began to cry. I didn't know I could still cry. I was sure I had used up all my tears. That I could not be hurt any further. That any part of me that would and could cry was...dead...gone forever. Yet I cried. Waiting. Crying. Waiting. Waiting. Why won't someone come to me? Why? I promise to be a good girl. I am a good girl. Oh please please.  
I ache. My arms hurt. My legs hurt. I am spread so wide. I hang here. I can't move. I feel myself start to fade. I feel so tired. I don't know how long I have been hanging here at this point but I have nothing left. I am empty. I need. My eyes are getting so heavy and I can no longer hold them open. I drift off. Hanging by my limbs, sleeping.
Click, screech, boom. Startled, I yank at my restraints. Oh the pain. I am so sore. What was that? Where am I? Who is he? There is someone here. There is someone here. I am not alone. I am not alone. I look up, but don't dare speak. I wait for him to make the first move. He wears a mask but his covers everything but his eyes. I can't see his hair color, his mouth. Nothing but eyes. Deep dark brown eyes. What next?  
He reaches down and unties one ankle and then the other. Unties each of my wrists and I slump to the ground. My arms and legs seem not to want to move. They start to tingle and the tingle hurts. He pulls me up from the ground and tries to have me walk with him. My legs just won't work. Again I slump. He sweeps me into his arms and carries me out the door to another door. Opens it and carries me in. It is a bathroom, but not. There is toilet in one corner with a sink beside it. In another corner there is a shower stall. As I look around I notice that equipment like a...doctors office was in the room as well. An exam table with stirrups. A tray of shiny metal objects beside it. Oh no, what is this?  
He tells me to strip, brush my teeth and shower and I quickly oblige. As I exit the shower I notice he is putting on rubber gloves. Is he a doctor? What is he going to do to me? Will he hurt me? Oh no. No. No I hold my breath and slowly dry myself. He instructs me to come over and lie on the exam table. I tremble. I don't want to move but my training takes over and I obey like a good girl. I climb up and he places my legs into the stirrups. I feel his finger as it presses at my entrance. He moves it away, and then rubs a gel around my opening. Slowly he inserts a cold, hard metal device and I can feel it start to spread me. Click click, I hear as a feel a slight pain deep inside. Then he pulls it out. Rubs something on a slide of glass and places it on the tray beside him. He removes my legs from the stirrups and they dangle down in front of me. Helping me down from the table, he gently rubs my cheek. He looks into my eyes. He bends down to my face and licks my bottom lip. I tingle. Oh yes. More. More. Please more. He kisses me, bites my lip, hard. Just short of pain he nibbles sucks and tastes me. I feel myself heat up, feel the moisture build. His fingers plunge into me. Stroking me, rubbing me, pushing in and out. He then turns me and bends me over the table. Reaches around and palms my tits. Squeezes them, pinches my erect nipples. As he bits down on my shoulder one of his hand lowers to my clit. He rubs pinches oh so good. He positions the head of his dick and slides in little by little. He is so big. Big like I've never known. Big, thick hot. He works in oh the sweet sweet pain. He pushes in, pushed deeper, deeper, balls deep. Oh so good. So tight. He starts to slide in out, in out in out. Rubbing my clit as he hits harder harder oh yes yes. So good. I blow. Again and again and again. Oh my, will he ever grow tired. Again and again. Orgasm after orgasm. He fucked me senseless. I felt so fucking good, so well fucked I sighed. Another thrust two, harder, three, harder four...he comes. Done. He pulls out, sends me back to the shower and then dries me off. I am then taken back to that room. NO no not here. No please. Don't leave me here. NO. There is food waiting for me so at least one more person must be here with us. I sat and ate as he just watched me. When I was finished he held out his hand. I hoped we would be leaving this room. Or that I was at least about to get fucked again. No that was not the case. He tied me back to the posts. Spread wide, and walked out of the room. He turned out the lights. Oh no. Oh no. I cried and cried. It was so dark. I was so scared. Why? Why?  
Day after day for I am not sure how long I hung there. I was untied for the bathroom, the shower, food or to be fucked. Other then that, I hung.  
I feel like a robot. I have my instructions. I have a routine. Eat, sleep, bathe, fuck, hang. Eat, sleep, bathe, fuck, hang. Days go by. Over and over Eat, sleep, bathe fuck, hang. I need more. More. When will this end. I need, stability. I need to know my place. I need to belong somewhere. Oh help me I need to be owned. I need a master. Someone to depend on to take care of me. I don't want to hang here forever. Why can't they just sell me. Sell me get this over with. Please please please. Eat, sleep, bathe, fuck, hang. Eat, sleep, bathe, fuck, hang. No more, No more. I need love. I need. My life has been reduced to a fuck toy that hangs from posts and awaits the next fuck. I need more. Who would have thought I would long to be owned? Who could have ever imagine that being a sex slave would be my fondest wish? These men I guess. Seems they know exactly what they are doing. Day after day. Minute by minute. Second by second. Fuck after fuck. Orgasm after orgasm. Loneliness, desperation and need sets in until you long to be exactly what you were captured to be...a sex slave. That is me. I long to get a master. There is nothing on this earth I want more. Oh master, where are you?  
The door open. He comes in. "it's time" he says as he approaches. "I am going to fuck you good, one last time. Then you can shower. I have a robe for you to wear until we get to the sales location". He kissed me and fucked me within an inch of my life and sent me to the shower. I felt relief. Finally I would get a master. Someone to care for me. My own master. What will the sale be like? How do they decide on their choice? Where will it be held? So many questions my mind raced. It's time. He sedates me. It's time. Here we go...fading...what will the sale be like? Fading...fading...what is next?  

My Sale...part 4 of Sofia's story ! extreme content !

Darkness. Quiet. Where am I? Alone, oh no. Sale, the sale. Am I there now? Darkness. Alone. No, not alone. I can hear breathing. Breathing? Where am I? Is someone here with me?  Please find my master. He must be out there somewhere. Who will buy me? Master. Master? Sex slave, sex slave, sex slave. Darkness. Darkness. Please. Please someone come. Someone come touch me. Please take me out of this darkness. Please fuck me. Please, pick me, fuck me. Get me out of here, love me, buy me, fuck me. Please I need a master
Suddenly, bright eyes squeeze shut, so bright. As my eyes adjust I realize it is a spotlight. It is shining on me. Lighting me as I am displayed. I dare not move my head. My eyes scan the room. Others. OTHERS! Others who are all bound and displayed. All under their own light. All gracefully, eerily quiet. I now knew we were the merchandise, and that it was time for the sale. My sale. A master. A master for me. A Master.
We all remain quiet and motionless as we remained on display under the lights. Voices echoed in as men and women started to enter the room we were held in. Women, two of them. Buyers. Buyers! As each person entered they did a "walk through". They actually jotted down...notes? questions? What for sure they had been writing, I will never know. No one touched us, they just walked around as if window shopping. EVERY BUYER wore a mask. A very tall masked man entered and called for quiet. As a hush fell over the room, my heart raced. Master are you here? Is someone here for me? To love me. To care for me. To fuck me. To buy me. To own me. To make me their personal sex slave. Am I to be sold today? OH please, please let someone want me. I don't want to live like this anymore. I need a home. I need care. I need sex. I  need a master. I need sex. I need an owner. I NEED TO BE FUCKED!
The masked master of ceremony started the sale. I was not sure what to expect. A masked naked women took pieces of paper from the buyers and approached the host. He took them and started with the first piece. He opened and read it. Made a motion with his hand and a buyer came forward. His interest was in the woman who was two over to my right. Steeling peeks the best I could, I saw him look, touch, kiss her. He rubbed her breasts. He spread her, poked and prodded. Kissed her again and nodded toward the host. He said "very well, she will be escorted to room one for your final...appraisal. Upon completion of your evaluation, there will be someone available just outside the door to finalize your transaction". He then turned to say the last part to all. "If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, please tell the escort outside the door of the room you are in. The unsatisfactory slave will be placed back among the others for examination by the next prospective buyer. However, you will be excused at that time to await the next sale before your next appraisal". "Understood? Any questions"? No one asked him any questions and as the other woman was being escorted to a room for appraisal, the host continued on. Two more buyers, a third, fourth and then there he was. The fifth buyer of the day stood before me. He did not examine me in quite the say way the other woman had been. He lifted my chin, told me to look up. Our eyes met. His were deep dark brown, but the remainder of his face remained hidden from me. He reached up and caressed my cheek. I felt my face move into his touch. His warmth. I froze. Oh no, don't move, don't react. You are merchandise on display. Stay still. Still. Oh please pick me...please be my master...please give me a home...a Master. He moved his hand away and as I started to fear he would walk away he ran his fingers through my hair. Slid his hand across my skin. For a second time he put his fingers under my chin to pull my face toward his. I looked into his eyes. I tried to look away, to  drop my eyes and not look directly at him. I tried, but I was...stunned...wanton...drawn in to their intensity as he looked into my soul. Then it happened. He nodded at the host. The host said, "room 5 please" and I was escorted to the room for final appraisal. As I was being led away, I heard the host announce the need for an intermission, as the appraisal areas were temporarily full.
In the room was a bed, a chest at the foot of it with a leash and collar on top, next to an envelope. A plain dresser on one side and a X on the opposite wall. The closed door in the far corner, I was sure was the bathroom. As I was led in, it became clear that I would be bound to the X on the wall to await the buyer. The buyer who I hoped to be my Master. As my anticipation began to drive me wild, the door opened. He came in and I could see now just how tall he was. Tall and built big. He looked so strong. Will this be my master? He walked up and again caressed my cheek. It was so tender, so warm, so needed that I sighed. He bent in and kissed my lips. Gently at firs. A kiss that grew deeper and hotter. A kiss that made me need. A kiss that had the voice in my head screaming to be fucked. Oh please fuck me, please pick me, please fuck me, please take me home with you, please fuck me, please be my master, PLEASE FUCK ME!
His hand began to slowly trail over my body. Rubbing my skin. Leaving behind a heated wake wherever he touched. He kissed and nipped at the skin down my jaw, down my neck. Trailed to suckle and bite at each nipple. Fuck me fuck me fuck me. As he suckled, I could feel the result of my excitement as it dripped down my leg. I ached for this mans touch. For him to taste me, to fuck me. For him to want me. For him to choose me. He dropped to his knees before me. With his fingers he held me open and slid his tongue down from my clit to my ass. Poked. Sucked. Licked. Nibbled. Drove me into a state of utter desire. Then he stood, pulled his pants down and trailed the tip of his dick across my entrance. Back and forth. Back and forth he rubbed. Ah so good...yes...yes...ah...then in one smooth thrust he entered me to the hilt and stopped. I think he...hissed. He just stood there. Buried deep inside, he held there. Oh please move, move so I can feel. Move. Move. Plea...he pulled out. Wiped himself off and zipped back up. I felt like my heart had stopped. I held my breath. Why did he stop. Oh no. No. Why did he stop. He turned and walked out the door without a word. I dropped my head and hung there crying. Oh no no please come back. Please don't leave me here. No. No. No.
As the door opened I tried not to cry any longer. I knew it was time to go back on display. To wait. To hope. To yearn. When I looked up it was him. Not my escort. Him. Had he left something behind. Why was he back? Dare I hope. Dare I wish that he came back to take me. Came back to take me home and be my master. Dare  I hope? He walked into the bathroom and I knew then that he must have left something behind. My shoulders slumped. I dropped my head and tried to hold in my sobs until he left. Why don't you want me. Why. Why... Suddenly I felt my feet being untied. When I looked down the escort was about to untie my other ankle when I felt a tug at the ropes around my wrist. I looked over and he was  the one who was at my wrist. Not an escort. Him. He untied both hands and I stood before them. Now what? What happens to me now? He walked away, I squeezed my eyes tightly to try to hold in the tears that were desperate to escape my eyes. That was when I felt it. Felt something at my neck. I opened my eyes and the buyer was collaring me. Then he attached a leash to my collar. Could it be. Will he take me home? Will he be my master? Is this it? Will I be loved? Will I be cared for? Will I have a home? Will this be my master? Oh please. Oh please. When collared I am to be on all fours so I got down at his feet and lowered my head. Waited. He did it. He really did it. He started to walk. He walked me down the hall. He walked me to the display room. Then, HE DID IT! He walked out the door, leading me along behind him. He did it. He walked me to his car. He did it. He did it. He bought me. I am his. He owns me. I am his. He is my master. My master. I have a master. I have a master. I am his sex slave. His. My masters. His!
I wonder where we will live. What kind of master will he be. How will he treat me. How will I serve him. He led me into the back seat of his car. He said, "we will be going home now. In an effort to avoid a conflict, you will once again be sedated. You will lay across the back seat, where you will remain until we arrive at my home. There is a chance that you will be revived before we get all the way there. If that be the case, you are not to sit up or look around. You will remain laying down and keep your eyes closed until I tell you otherwise". He then asked,  "Now, do you understand?" I nodded my understanding and he said one last thing. "In the future, from this moment forward you will answer me with your voice and not a gesture of you head" that was the last thing I heard as the grogginess started to take hold. As everything darkened more and more I wondered what was next. What is in store for me. What now...oh master...what is next?


     My Master...Sofia's story part 5 ! extreme content !

I heard and felt a gentle hum. My body swayed slightly as I lay
across my masters seat. The noises of the road as we traveled toward...home. Home. I am going home. Home with my master. My new life begins today. My excitement makes it hard to force my eyes to stay shut. I struggle, but I obey my masters instructions. What kind of man is my master? What kind of home will we live in? How will he treat me? What will he expect of me? So many questions crowding my mind as I wait for us to arrive. I could feel the car slowing. My heart starting beating wildly at the thought that we were close to home. Yes. Yes, this is it we stop. We are home.
Home. What will happen to me now? Master...?

Hearing the front car door open and then close, my anticipation grew stronger. Home. We are home. My master and I are home. The door next to my head opens. I hold my breath. I don't dare open
my eyes without being told to do so. My master touches my cheek, and lifts my hand into his. "Are you awake?" he asks me and I almost shake my head, but remember his last words to me. "In the future, from this moment forward, you will answer me with your voice and not a gesture of you head" and I softly answer "yes".
"Look at me", I do. As he helps me out of the car, I can't help but stare. He is strikingly handsome. Older than I had imagined, but nonetheless stunning. "This is my home. Our home. Come with me." As we walked toward his beautiful home, the incredible beauty of grounds around me took my breath away. Spectacular was the first word to come to mind. Isolated, the second. Wooded...everywhere. I could hear the sound of water. Maybe there is a lake or stream nearby. No neighbors. Nothing but trees. We head to the front door and I wonder what is behind those doors. What does fate have in store for me now?
We enter, it smells like...cinnamon, and citrus. To my left is the great room. Decorated in woodsy green colors, with deep blue and cream blended in. A big beautiful fireplace. Directly in front of me was the entrance to the eat in kitchen. It was a nice
sized room with stainless steel appliances. The colors echoed the great room and the space had big open window with an amazing view of the back of the property. I could see a pool and a patio area. It was really very beautiful here. There were three bedrooms. Each had its own bath and there was a bath at the end of the
hall, across from a door for a room we did not enter. What could be in there? Why wasn't I shown this room with all the others? What was hiding behind that door?
The master bedroom was in deep masculine jewel tones. Warm and modern. Beautiful, wood dressers and a matching cabinet piece.
I wondered if I would stay in here with my master, or would sleep somewhere else. Would he make me sleep alone? I hate being alone. I hope he doesn't leave me alone. He led me back to the kitchen and told me to sit on the bar stool at the counter. He asked me if I was hungry and when I answered "yes Master" he grinned. "My name is Jason. Master Jason." He then asked me, "what is your name?" Simple question, right? No. Not a simple question. Who am I? What is my name? What is my name? I don't know my name. Oh no! What is my name? "Answer me when I speak to you", he snapped. I look up..."sorry Master Jason! I don't know. I don't remember my name. I don't know. I lost me along the way countless months ago. I try. I really try, but nothing. I am a sex slave. A sex slave, addicted to sex. Trained to obey and to please. That is all I know. I am sorry".
He didn't reply. Turned around and finished getting our dinner. "For the first couple days, as we acclimate you to your surrounding and my expectations, I will prepare our meals. However, that will be one of the duties expected of you. Understand?" "Yes Master Jason, I do", I answered. We ate a cold dinner of salads, various cold cuts and what I believe was homemade soup. Everything was very good and I was content and full. Happy? He told me to clean up and do the dishes so I did.
As I was finishing, he came back into the kitchen with two glasses of red wine. As he handed me one, he said "you are only to drink with me and when I give it to you. If we have guests, and we will, you will usually not be allowed a drink as, you will be, shall we say, to busy to drink on those occasions. For the most part, you are mine. No one touches you but me unless it is under my direction and for my enjoyment. There will be times when I just want to watch. When I want to watch and then join in." he paused. Looking into my eyes, "sometimes I just want someone to enjoy watching me as I drive you to places in your mind that you can only imagine. I may just allow them to "prep" you for my use. From time to time, I will just let them sit with me as you pleasure yourself for our viewing pleasure. So many options. But above anything, you are mine." I kept my eyes locked to his, my heart was pounding with joy...he said "you are mine"...he said it...I am his...I have a master. Master Jason. I struggled to maintain my emotion. I wanted to shout with joy. With relief. With hope. I have a home. Still gazing into his eyes, I gasped
as he touched my cheek. He caressed it gently. I allowed myself to move into his touch. My eyes closed. I sighed. He kissed me.  Master Jason kissed me. Kissed me tenderly, licked my lips, nibbled and pulled them with his teeth. Our tongues teased and twisted. He suckled, I suckled. The kiss grew deeper. It became like a hunger. He took the wine glass from my hand and sat it on the counter with his. Turned back to me and using my hair to direct me back to his mouth, he kissed me hard. Biting at my
lips, sucking them into his mouth, driving me wild. He pushed me to my knees and thrusts his hot dick between my kiss swelled lips. Oh Master. Master Jason tastes so good. He is big and thick and it's a bit of a struggle but I handle it. Once I adjusted to his size he slid in and out, in and out. Such a sinful flavor, but I love it. Master Jason pushed harder. Slamming at the back of my throat. The sound of joy in his breathing, his stifled moans turn me on and I suck harder. I wrap my hand around him and stroke as I suck. I squeeze a little, pumping furiously in rhythm with the sound of his breathing. Sucking. Pumping. Sucking. Squeezing. I wrap my other hand around his balls and I feel them convulse. He gasps, as I continue. Harder and faster, suckling, stroking, squeezing, suckling, stroking harder faster deeper over and over. Master cums hard, scorches the back of my throat with his cum as he grabs my hair and holds my head in place, buries his dick deep in my throat and I suck him dry.
Pulling from my mouth with a sigh, he reached down to help me to my feet. Yanked me into his hard, sweaty body and devouring my mouth in another kiss. Master Jason seems to love kissing and he is so good at it that he saturates me with nothing but his kisses. He grabs me around my waist and plops me down on the bar counter top. "Lay down flat on you back for me, let you legs dangle over either side of the counter." I did as instructed. He pulled me a little more toward the end of the counter where he stood. "Lift your arms above you head. Grab hold of the other end of the counter. Hold tight and don't let go. No matter what I do you hold them there. Try very hard not to let go, as in the future, once I am sure you are fully aware of what I require  
from you, you will be disciplined if you let go." My body shivered at the thought of discipline, but I tried to let it go, I wanted to be in the moment with my new master. To enjoy whatever he had planned. To satisfy his every wish. His every wish. Mine was second, nothing was more important than the thought of pleasing Master Jason. His every wish is my command. I am his. He owns me. This is my master. MY MASTER.
Master Jason went over to a cabinet and brought over a brown plastic bottle...chocolate syrup. He poured some into a container and sat it beside my head on the counter. Walked over to a drawer and came back with a glazing brush. He dipped the brush into the container and brushed some of the chocolate across my lips. Told me, "lick your lips, I want to watch your tongue as you taste it." I slipped it out just a little, took a tiny taste...mmm. Then I slowly licked it off as I looked deeply into his eyes. He watched attentively as I teased him and licked away the chocolate. He bent down and kissed me, gently. Then he painted my lips again. "my turn". Master Jason licked and sucked and kissed all the chocolate away. As he again dipped the paint brush and coated it with more chocolate he said, "your mouth and chocolate are delectable, imagine how the rest of you will taste my little slave. If the rest of you is as delicious, I may become as big as the house before long." With that, he began to paint me with chocolate. He painted my nipples, making sure they were covered. The brush felt very...prickly. He dipped the brush again and painted a trail down to my mound. He painted each lip...prickly. He painted my clit. Dipped the brush again and soaked me in chocolate syrup. He took the brush and container over and sat them in the sink. When he turned back around the hunger in his eyes stole my breath. Master. Oh master. Is this what happy is? Oh Master Jason. He greedily licked and sucked the chocolate from my nipples. Moaning with delight as he fed on his chocolate covered slave. His tongue followed the chocolate trail he had painted all the way down to my lips. Enthusiastically, he cleaned the chocolate from each side. Careful not to touch me where I wanted him most. It was heavenly torture. When he licked me from opening to opening I thought I would cum just then. He pulled my clit between his teeth and lapped at it with his tongue. He licked and sucked his chocolate treat passionately. I was in utter awe of the sensations this man made me feel. My Master. Master Jason licked deep inside me. Fucked me with his tongue, alternating with biting my clit. Tongue teeth. Tongue teeth. He put his fingers in me. Moved in and out. Once. Twice. Three times. Then he used my own fluid mixed chocolate moisture to lube my ass. While he continued to fuck me with his tongue, he also gently probed at my ass with his fingers. Spreading my cum around, gently pushing in a little, prepping me. Then he pushed his finger in...ah. Fucking me with his tongue, fucking my ass with his finger. In and out in a mind blowing rhythm. When he used his other hand to pinch hard on my clit, I screamed out my bliss...oh Master...oh yes...I came with a wild abandon. Panting like an animal as I exploded. Master Jason said, "take my hand" and he eased me down off the counter. Turned me around and bent me over one of the stools. He bent into me and sucked and bit at my shoulder, kissed up my jaw and pulled my head to the side to kiss me, wildly. My lips ached from his deliciously hard kissed. With his knees he spread my legs wider. Pressed his dick on my clit. Slid it in my creamy chocolaty heat. As he slid in he reached around me and pinched my clit. Mater Jason fucked me within an inch of my life. It was a wild, almost desperate fuck that pushed me through three more orgasms as he pounded relentlessly and prodded my clit. When he came, he panted, collapsed onto my back and caught his breath. He pulled out an helped me up. His dick was covered with me, with himself, with chocolate. I went to my knees and crawled up to lick up my share of the chocolate. I slid my tongue around his balls, lapping up the sweet goodness. Slurped my way up his shaft and licked him clean. He helped me to my feet and led me into the master bathroom. We showered. He washed every inch of my body tenderly. He gently massaged my scalp as he washed my hair. I in turn did the same for him. I was lathering his dick and balls with soap when he put a firm grip on each ass cheek and lifted me up to straddle his waste. As he held me up against the tiles he fucked me again. Oh master. Yes. Yes. Master Jason had the stamina of 17 year old and he was mine. All mine. My master. And I am his. His every wish I shall grant. I am his slave.
He stepped out of the shower first, dried off and wrapped a towel around his waist. He then reached for my hand, pulled me closer and dried my hair and my body with such care that a tear ran down my cheek. I hoped he would lead me to his bed now, but we walked past it and out the door. He opened the door across from his and walked me in. "For the time being, until there is more trust between us, until I am sure that I can trust you, you will sleep here. The closest neighbor is 13 miles from us, if you pick the correct direction to head in, you would still be lucky to make it past the bears. When and if I decide to give you my trust, and I would very much like to. We will discuss moving you into my room. Your will be chained until such time as our trust is established to avoid the temptation to try to escape." Escape...does he not understand that he is my everything. That I want nothing more than to please him. To grant him his every wish. To love and be loved by him. Doesn't he feel it?
He tells me that there are clothes and other items in the drawers and in the closet for me. That the bathroom was stocked with any product I would need and that I should let him know if I needed anything else. He told me that I would get the chance to look through my new things tomorrow. He said, "sit here" and pointed to the stool in front of a beautiful vanity table. As I was told, I sat. He walked over to the taller dresser and opened the front door. When he came back over to me he had a flat box in his hand. My master handed me the box, "open it". I opened the box and inside was a silver collar. Plain but dainty. There was a small lock with a key in it. I looked up. He smiled slightly and reached into the box to remove the collar. As he undid the lock, opened it and placed it around my neck, he said, "this is a temporary collar. I will have a personal collar designed for you when you have proven your obedience to me. Make no mistake, I own you. You are mine. I will use you to fulfill my every wish.
However, it is my fondest wish that we will grow to love one another. That in your submission you will also find that you want to be mine. That there is nowhere else you would ever want to be. When that time does come, if that time comes, we will have a formal collaring ceremony that will bind us forever." He locked the collar securely and put the key in his pocket. Reached out his hand and I took it. He walked me over to the bed. Tucked me in so sweetly another tear escaped. He reached down on the floor and pulled up a chain. He hooked it to my collar and kissed my forehead. I wanted to beg him not to leave me all alone in here. Beg him to take me to his room or stay with me, but I did not want to ruin an amazing home coming so I said "yes Master"
He smiled again, a full smile this time. He bent down kissed me hungrily on the lips and said, "goodnight my sweet little slave, sleep well. Tomorrow we will pick a name for you together. We will work on assuring that you know everything that is expected of you. There are things you should know, but not today. There are things you won't know right away, but we will work it out together. When I think you are ready, one day, I will take you into the locked room. Show you what happens there. What I do in there. What I will do to you in there. Not today my little slave, not today". As I started to drift off into sleep, my mind went over the amazing day. The joys my master and I shared. The joys I hoped to find in him forever. Then a chill ran down my spine and I shook a little. The locked room. What is in the locked room. What will my master be showing me in that room, doing to me in that room. When will I find out? What does master Jason mean when he talks of discipline. How does he exact his punishments. What does master do in that room. What comes next. What will happen next. What will he do to me? Can we have love? Will we? Can I really and totally be his every wish? What comes next?

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Part 6...My punishment
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